We May Have Jupiter To Thank For the Nitrogen In Earth's Atmosphere

An anonymous reader writes: Nitrogen makes up about 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. It's also the 4th most abundant element in the human body. But where did all the nitrogen on Earth come from? Scientists aren't sure, but they have a new theory.

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We May Have Jupiter To Thank For the Nitrogen In Earth's Atmosphere

An anonymous reader writes: Nitrogen makes up about 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. It's also the 4th most abundant element in the human body. But where did all the nitrogen on Earth come from? Scientists aren't sure, but they have a new theory.

4 Ways Tiny Microbes Changed Life on Earth Forever

This is the microbes' world—we just live in it. Throughout the history of Earth, microbes have radically reshaped life on the planet, from creating the very air we breath to wiping out almost all life on Earth. Don't underestimate the power of tiny,

Scientists Measure Spooky Drops in Air Pollution Over the Middle East

Air pollution is decreasing over parts of the Middle East. But researchers say that for most Middle Eastern cities, the clearer air is actually a symptom of conflict, not a sign of progress.Read more...

The Ice of Pluto is More Diverse Than We Realized

We give up: Pluto is out to surprise us. This time it’s the ice. We thought it’d be easy once we confirmed ice caps of methane and nitrogen, but the story is much more complicated. The entire world has methane ice, but it’s concentrated at the equator and relatively thin at the pole.Read more.

The Truth About Your Flammable Farts

Contrary to popular belief, it’s probably not methane leaking from behind that reckless “bros” light on fire (known as pyroflatulence); rather, it’s most likely primarily hydrogen.Read more...

Inside the Chamber Where NASA Recreates Space on Earth

Inside Building 32 at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas sits Chamber A, a marvel of engineering, cleanliness, and design. It's also the closest you can come to being in space without strapping into a rocket.Read more...

10 Tiny Creatures You Didn't Realize Were Controlling Your World

The world’s greatest power players include some much smaller titans than you’d expect. Armies of tiny creatures labor every day to shape the world, without most of us ever noticing. Here are ten creatures you can barely see—but you can’t live without.Read more...

The Nights Are Filled With Glorious Auroras This Week

The aurora borealis is one of the most stunning light shows on Earth, but normally, it’s a treat reserved for the hardy souls living at the coldest edges of the world. The last few nights, however, people across the Northern and Southern hemispheres have enjoyed dazzling, colorful skies,

Google Straps Aclima Sensors To Street View Cars To Map Air Pollution

If a city knows what intersections are full of smog, it could add trees or change stop light schedules to improve the air its citizens breathe. Google Earth’s Outreach program that equips non-profits and public-benefit organizations with data wants to give the world these insights. So today,

How Will We Even Know New Lifeforms When We See Them?

If we met new life – on this planet or the next – would we know it when we saw it? Matthew Francis investigates.Read more...

Supreme Court Gives Tacit Approval To Warrantless DNA Collection

An anonymous reader writes On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a case involving the conviction of a man based solely on the analysis of his "inadvertently shed" DNA.

What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft?

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft spent billions purchasing Mojang, the studio behind the game Minecraft, and while it's unlikely to start work on a sequel anytime soon, rather than continue development of the game, it's worth considering what a Minecraft 2 will look like. After all,

Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions

An anonymous reader writes 14 years after the Anna Kournikova virus took advantage of users' ignorance about file-name extensions in order to wreak worldwide havoc,

Khronos Group Announces Vulkan To Compete Against DirectX 12

Phopojijo writes The Khronos Group has announced the Vulkan API for compute and graphics. Its goal is to compete against DirectX 12. It has some interesting features,

Inside the North Korean Data Smuggling Movement

Sparrowvsrevolution writes A new Wired magazine story goes inside the North Korean rebel movement seeking to overthrow Kim Jong-un by smuggling USB drives into the country packed with foreign television and movies. As the story describes, one group has stashed USB drives in Chinese cargo trucks.

NVIDIA Fixes Old Compiz Bug

jones_supa writes NVIDIA has fixed a long-standing issue in the Ubuntu Unity desktop by patching Compiz. When opening the window of a new application, it would go black or become transparent on NVIDIA hardware. There have been bug reports dating back to Ubuntu 12.10 times.

Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email At State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules

HughPickens.com writes: The NY Times reports that Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state, according to State Department officials.

The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

HughPickens.com writes: Five years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad and insisted that it would do many things better than either a laptop or a smartphone. Will Oremus writes at Future Tense that by most standards, the iPad has been a success,

Facebook Censoring Images of the Prophet Muhammad In Turkey

An anonymous reader writes: Immediately following the Charlie Hebdo attack, Mark Zuckerberg said, "...this is what we all need to reject — a group of extremists trying to silence the voices and opinions of everyone else around the world. I won't let that happen on Facebook.

Security-Focused BlackPhone Was Vulnerable To Simple Text Message Bug

mask.of.sanity sends this report from El Reg: The maker of BlackPhone – a mobile marketed as offering unusually high levels of security – has patched a critical vulnerability that allows hackers to run malicious code on the handsets.

高科技烛光晚餐 用蜡烛给蓝牙音箱供电

说到浪漫,那肯定得有烛光晚餐和音乐。如果有人想将两者合二为一,并不让人感到奇怪。于是,用蜡烛来供电的蓝牙音箱 The Pelty 真的来了。  


1.传微软将推Android版Lumia智能手机 据《印度时报》网站报道,微软将推出基于Android操作系统 […]

多功能聊天室-项目规划实现图 - samuelwnb

网络编程项目规划最近在练习一个项目吧,大概给6天的时间来完成它,其中涉及到了数据库的知识,网络编程,linux C等等,大考验的时刻到了!我知道PM们的项目规划图绝对比我的高大上,但是咱也不能没有自信对不?

Twitter’s Timeline Could Get (More) Algorithmic

Twitter has changed significantly over the past 8 years. With every new product manager and leadership cadre there have been attempts to make it more accessible to new users and more sticky for existing ones.

交易完成: 微软25亿美元收购Minecraft开发商

威智网 9 月 15 日晚间消息,微软今天正式对外宣布完成了对《我的世界(Minecraft)》开发商 Mojang 的收购,收购总价为 25 亿美元(折合人民币约 153.4 亿元)。  

[图]维基百科向Android用户推送更新 阅读体验获大幅提升


Windows 10移动版内测只适用少数手机 首批手机系统本月发布

微软正在积极准备接下来的 Windows 10 智能手机技术预览版(Technical Preview),但究竟哪些手机将运行这一操作系统以及哪些手机会包含所有特征,是目前颇受关注的一个问题。


管理一家餐饮店,你可能只要面对十多名员工,但是如果是上百家餐饮连锁呢?而且还是一家除了餐饮还有其他业务的大企业 […]

微软正在开发WiFi服务: iOS用户也能够使用

威锋网讯,微软意外地泄露了其最新 WiFi 热点服务-微软WiFi的细节,这个全新的服务可以让用户无障碍地使用 WiFi。  微软今天在该服务的网站上意外曝光了相关细节,虽然很快便被撤下,但还是被细心的网友所发现。


// 谢 @袁霖 邀。// 阅读与主题相关部分请直接跳过注释部分。/*来说点望远镜的故事。1608年,荷兰眼镜制造商Hans Lippershey把玩镜片的时候,无意中把两片镜片放在一起,竟然发现远处的物体被拉到了眼前。

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