Google Wallet Goes International: Gmail P2P Money Transfer Now Live In The UK, Silent On Payments

Google Wallet — the search giant’s payments business that competes against PayPal and Apple Pay, among others — is today taking its first step outside of the U.S.,in the form of money transfers.

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National Geographic is working with YouTube and DayDream on its latest VR series

National Geographic and YouTube are launching a new series of virtual reality experiences starting today with a virtual exploration of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Lydia introduces credit lines

French startup Lydia announced a partnership with Banque Casino today for small credit lines. Starting tomorrow, Lydia users in France will be able to borrow as much as €1,000 in just a few seconds. While Lydia started as a peer-to-peer money transferring app,

Google CEO Sundar Pichai thinks Android users know how much their phones are tracking them

Google CEO Sundar Pichai thinks Android users have a good understanding of the volume of data Google collects on them, when they agree to use the Android mobile operating system. The exec, who is testifying today in front of the House Judiciary committee for a hearing entitled:

Digital Ocean launches its container service

It’s KubeCon/CloudNativeCon this week, the world’s largest confab for all things cloud-native, containers, Kubernetes and DevOps. Every company that’s doing anything remotely related to those topics is announcing news at the sold-out event.

Daimler is buying nearly $23 billion of battery cells to power its electric vehicle offensive

Daimler plans to buy $23 billion worth of battery cells by 2030 as the maker of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and commercial trucks prepares to bring dozens of electric and hybrid vehicles to market. The German automaker didn’t disclose which companies would supply them with batteries. However,

Huawei, Google, and the tiring politics of tech

The defining question of the 21st century is pretty simple: who owns what? Who owns the telecommunications infrastructure that powers our mobile devices? Who owns the OS that powers those devices? Who owns our data? Today,

Verizon to take a charge of up to $6.7B due to Oath and redundancies

Verizon, the telecoms giant that is the parent of Oath (and therefore owns TechCrunch), has been through the re-organizational ringer in recent quarters and today it announced the full financial effect of that process. According to an SEC filing, the company will take charges of up to $6.

Restaurant Discovery App Zomato Acquires Turkey’s Mekanist For Cash

Zomato, the Restaurant discovery service which competes with Yelp, has acquired Turkey’s Mekanist. The price was not disclosed but it has been confirmed as an all-cash deal. The move will take Zomato from covering 27,500 restaurants in Istanbul and Ankara to more than over 50,

Singapore Property Site Lands $2M From Sequoia And Facebook Co-Founder Saverin, a property rental and sales site that launched in Singapore last November, has scored a deal of its own after closing $2 million in funding from Sequoia and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. The round values the young startup at $10 million. Read More

Microsoft’s Office For Android Tablets Comes Out Of Preview

Last November, Microsoft launched a beta of its free Office apps for Android tablets and announced that it would make them generally available for Android tablets in early 2015. It’s now early 2015 and today Microsoft is living up to its promise by launching Word,

A weird black ring appeared in the sky in England and then disappeared

This is bizarre. A 16-year-old girl saw a giant black ring in the sky above England and captured it on video. After three minutes of floating around like a cloud, the black ring disappeared completely. So far, experts have no idea what it was.Read more...



中国版Cortana下周到来 中文名或为“小娜”

威智网 7 月 25 日消息,微软将于 7 月  30  日(下周三)在北京举行一场名为“新动·行动”的新闻发布会,届时将正式发布中国版 Cortana。

Intel Capital Backs 16 Startups With $62M, Will Invest $355M Overall In 2014

Intel Capital has been one of the more prolific tech investors in Silicon Valley, with the total number of companies that it has backed since 1991 now approaching 500 startups and some 700 rounds of funding. Today it disclosed another 16 on the list,

C语言取随机数 - 烦嚣的人



本文作者刘育辰目前在零售行业移动互联网领域创业,曾经拥有 4 年零售行业从业经验,颇有些心得体会,特撰文浅谈零售行业结合移动互联网演变方向及标准化的思路。


怎样让冰冷的金属、塑料、电线或者数据信息变得生动起来,让大家能够以更加独特的视角感受到它们的存在,这应该是所有 […]

iOS-面试助攻(三) - DDChina

《分析JSON、XML的区别,JSON、XML解析方式的底层是如何实现的(延伸实现原理)》(一)JSON与XML的区别: (1)可读性方面:基本相同,XML的可读性比较好; (2)可扩展性方面:都具有良好的扩展性; (3)编码难度方面:相对而言,JSON的编码比较容易; (4)解码难度:JS.

Xbox One手柄键位更改功能到来 尚不成熟

微软之前已经承诺将为 Xbox One 带来手柄键位更换功能,但没有公开它什么时候到来。随着 Xbox One 更换 Windows 10 系统,玩家们惊喜地发现新功能竟然已经来了。



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