UK nurse who contracted Ebola was wearing a visor instead of goggles

LONDON — The UK nurse who contracted Ebola while working in Sierra Leone likely caught the virus because she was using a visor instead of goggles while treating patientsSee also: Diary of UK nurse with Ebola reveals devastating suffering in Sierra LeonePauline Cafferkey,

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Empty Streets in Sierra Leone as Government Enforces 3-Day Ebola Lockdown

Formerly bustling streets and markets across Sierra Leone went empty Friday, as the country began its three-day lockdown to curb the spread of EbolaAuthorities in Sierra Leone are requiring the country's 6 million residents to stay indoors, as they enact new measures to fight the deadly disease,

Fourth Doctor Dies of Ebola in Sierra Leone

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — Sierra Leone has lost a fourth doctor to Ebola after a failed effort to transfer her abroad for medical treatment, a government official said Sunday. The loss is a huge setback to the impoverished country,

Sierra Leone's last known Ebola patient gets a dance party

Surrounded by dancing medical staff in the Sierra Leone city of Mankeni, the last person confirmed to be treated for Ebola,danced her way down a red carpet to celebrate her release from an Ebola treatment center.

Sierra Leone Enforces Multi-Day Ebola Lockdown

Sierra Leone's government will be enforcing a multi-day lockdown, in the hopes of curbing the Ebola outbreak, which has killed more than 2,000 people across West Africa.Citizens of Sierra Leone will not be allowed to leave their homes for several days.

Surgeon with Ebola coming to U.S. from Sierra Leone for treatment

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — At first, Dr. Martin Salia thought he had malaria or typhoid. A surgeon working in Sierra Leone, he told his wife back in Maryland that he had a headache and fever. He had two negative tests for Ebola, his wife said. Then the third came back positive.

4th Doctor Dies of Ebola in Sierra Leone

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — Sierra Leone has lost a fourth doctor to Ebola after a failed effort to transfer her abroad for medical treatment, a government official said Sunday, a huge setback to the impoverished country that is battling the virulent disease amid a shortage of health care workers.

Sierra Leone surgeon dies of Ebola in U.S. hospital

A surgeon who contracted Ebola while working in Sierra Leone died at a Nebraska hospital on Monday.Dr. Martin Salia, who was diagnosed with Ebola last Monday,

Sierra Leone's children return to school in wake of Ebola crisis

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — Thirteen-year-old Aminata Lappia is from Matoi village in northern Sierra Leone. Since her parents died of Ebola last year she has been living at the St. George's Interm Care Center (ICC) with her five brothers and sisters.Aminiata and her siblings are among the 1.

Sierra Leone cancels Christmas festivities as Ebola crisis continues

Sierra Leone is banning Christmas and New Year's celebrations across the country this year due to the widespread Ebola outbreak.Announced by Palo Conteh, head of Sierra Leone's government response to Ebola,

'Ebola is spreading before our eyes': A week in Devil Hole, Sierra Leone

DEVIL HOLE, Sierra Leone—She is under the large tree at the north end of the village. Everyone knows it.See also: Eyewitness to Hell: Life in Ebola-Ravaged LiberiaLying there in the dirt, blood oozing from the corner of her mouth. Occasionally her hands reach out,

Her tweet echoed Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but her story had a much different ending

They both got kicked out of different Washington, D.C. area restaurants on Friday. But only one suffered unjust treatment.While White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders used her government Twitter account on Saturday to criticize a private business that politely asked her to leave,

Beyoncé's 'APESH*T' dance inspires the only good Twitter challenge

*Beyoncé voice*: Have you ever seen the crowd...of Beyoncé stans draped in white sheets and dancing to their idol's latest single? No? Let us introduce you to the #APESHITCHALLENGE.Per Twitter Moments, it's a meme inspired by the first single from Jay-Z and Beyoncé's joint album EVERYTHING IS LOVE.

All the 'Game of Thrones' players dressed up for Rose and Kit's wedding and we can't look away

Jon Snow and Ygritte finally tied the knot, everyone! And all your Game of Thrones faves were there to celebrate.On Saturday, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie — who fell in love after playing on-screen love interests — got married in Scotland, and yes,

Shout-out to this fan who hid in the bushes to watch Rose Leslie marry Kit Harington

Now that the royal wedding is well in our rearview mirrors, it's time to fawn over the second most important wedding of 2018: The marriage of Jon Snow and Ygritte (or, rather, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie.)The current and former Game of Thrones stars married in Scotland on Saturday before friends,

This moon blob meme was the one good thing on the internet this week

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about the only nice thing that happened on the internet this week. First up: A very cute meme.It was a tough week.Between the reports of horrific conditions at the U.S.

Restaurant bombarded with Yelp reviews after refusing to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, is being bombarded with online reviews after refusing to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Donald Trump's press secretary, and her family.On Friday night, Jaike Foley-Schultz, who claims to be a waiter at The Red Hen, 

'Ant-Man and the Wasp' reviews hit social media, and the keyword is 'fun'

Marvel fans: Get excited.People got to check out Ant-Man and the Wasp for the first time on Friday night, and while reviews will have to wait until next week, the inevitable tweeting has begun. And if the initial reaction from critics is any indication,

1 in 2 people in the UK will develop cancer

LONDON — Half of all children born now in the UK will develop cancer at some point during their livesSee also: Why women are smearing their lipstick for Instagram picsThat's the stark new finding from Cancer Research UK, which was published Wednesday in the British Journal of CancerIn the past,

Miles of segregated cycle superhighways approved in London

LONDON — Some great news for cyclists in the capital was announced Wednesday, as Transport for London (TfL) approved plans for a network of cycle superhighways in the city.The scheme will introduce two brand new cycle routes and will upgrade six more lanes across London.

You can rent an igloo on Airbnb for 10 bucks

Feeling adventurous? Don't mind sleeping in coldish environments? We've got a cool Airbnb listing for you: A guy in Cambridge, MA, is renting out an igloo in his back yard for 10 bucks per night"Comfortably fits one, or two if curled up. You can use the house bathroom and kitchen if you need.


倪光南指出,云计算在让这个世界变得更加扁平,而随着它的发展,IT和信息资源将迎来全球范围内的再分配。 在这个过程中,中国要打造自主可控的云计算产业链以及中国云计算应从制造转向创造。


不景氣的年代,現在只能退一萬步改追求小確幸。 不過有一種生活中常遇到的小不幸,小到不足以PO上FB抱怨,但碰到就覺得不蘇湖呀… 閱讀全文



Rumor: Cortana to make its way to Xbox One, Windows 8.1 or 9; will launch in India in the coming mon

How the cloud aids business growth

This HP whitepaper looks at how, when working to the accepted definition of cloud computing, the technology allows organisations to efficiently grow. Read more:


小编按:2010年成立,从Android ROM开发,到推出自有品牌智能手机,再到今天向智能家居领域延伸,小米 […]

A Game Called Zyro Uses Flying Drones As Intelligent Tennis Balls

If you thought drones were only good for spying on people or filming incredible crashes, you're only half-right. A new Kickstarter wants to turn quadcopters into intelligent tennis balls, badminton shuttlecocks, and even frisbees so players won't need proper courts, line judges,

Game On:巴比肯艺术中心的游戏展

1998 年,Rockstar 的联合创始人 Lucien King 与苏格兰国家博物馆主管 Mark Jones 爵士交谈时,提到了一个新鲜的想法:举办一场电子游戏艺术展。当两个人寻求帮助时,得到了巴比肯艺术中心的响应。


视频演讲: 计算广告技术之大数据下的短文本相关性计算


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