Twitter sucks at dealing with trolls and CEO says it's all his fault

Dick Costolo knows Twitter has a problem with abuse and trolls and says it's entirely his fault.That's according to a memo the CEO reportedly sent to employees earlier this week in which he accepts responsibility for the problems and promises changes are on the waySee also:

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Twitter sucks at dealing with trolls and CEO says it's all his fault

Dick Costolo knows Twitter has a problem with abuse and trolls and says it's entirely his fault.That's according to a memo the CEO reportedly sent to employees earlier this week in which he accepts responsibility for the problems and promises changes are on the waySee also:

Why Twitter struck a deal with Google

During Twitter's fourth quarter earnings on Thursday, CEO Dick Costolo confirmed the reports: Twitter and Google are partners once again.Costolo declined to share many details about the deal, which was widely reported on Wednesday. That left plenty of unanswered questions,

Twitter’s CEO And Other Top Shareholders Won’t Be Selling Shares

Twitter this morning signaled to investors that its founders and board still believe in the long-term value of the company, with news that CEO Dick Costolo, plus co-founders and board members Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, as well as Benchmark Capital,

Costolo Says Twitter’s Future Is More Curation, Relevance And Media

Onstage at Code in Southern California this morning, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo fielded questions about whether he’d be keeping his job in the face of outside criticism and angst over the rate of user growth for Twitter. “The board and I are totally in sync,

Twitter’s Latest Addition Makes It Easier To Report Threats On Its Service To The Police

At the end of last year, Twitter began to focus in earnest on upgrading its suite of tools designed to help users dealing with abuse, threats, and other forms of harassment that took place on its service. Today,

Twitter is Paying Executives Not to Flee the Struggling Company

Twitter has endured an exodus of executives and managers from the company's ranks following its IPO. And those departures have become such a problem, the Wall Street Journal reports, the company is turning resigning leaders into corporate ghosts.Read more...

Twitter Confirms New Google Firehose Deal To ‘Distribute Traffic To Logged Out Users’

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo today confirmed that Twitter has signed a firehose deal with Google, which will bring Tweets back into Google searches. The relationship was reported earlier this week,

Twitter Grows 5.8% To 255M Monthly Users, And 78% Of Them Are On Mobile

Twitter just released its earnings report for the first quarter of 2014, saying it has grown its monthly active user base to 255 million. Will that be enough to avert more awkward questions about growth during today's analyst conference call? Well, maybe ...but probably not. This means MAUs grew 5.

Twitter Poaches Googler Philippe Dauman To Lead Commerce Partnerships

Twitter has not yet officially launched commerce services but it continues to build out the systems it will need to have in place when it does. The latest development on that front is that it has hired away Philippe Dauman Jr from Google to lead commerce partnerships. Dauman,

Following COO Resignation, Twitter’s Head Of Media Chloe Sladden Departs

Following the resignation of Twitter’s chief operating officer Ali Rowghani, Twitter’s Vice President of Media Chloe Sladden has also announced her departure.“Now it’s time for my next chapter. #staytuned #thankyou #sleep,” Sladden tweeted.

Cannabis-loving couple gets married at a weed dispensary on 4/20 at 4:20pm

Crystal Lara and Anthony Torres got married at Mint dispensary in Arizona to celebrate 4/20, which has always been a day of celebration for the bride and groom, as cannabis has been a way to cope with the stress the couple has endured. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Cannabis,

'Game of Thrones' premiere was pirated over 50 million times

The season eight premiere of "Game of Thrones" was HBO’s largest night of streaming activity ever, with over 17 million viewers tuning in. But those numbers were dwarfed by the over 50 million viewers that tuned in illegally. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Game Of Thrones,

Kit Harington describes 'breathtaking' moment he met Emilia Clarke

In an interview with Esquire, Kit Harington reflected on his time filming Game of Thrones and his first time meeting Emilia Clarke. Read more...More about Entertainment, Celebrities, Mashable Video, Hbo, and Game Of Thrones

Say no to plastic water bottles: Brita filter pitchers and others are on sale for Earth Day at Walma

Not so fun Earth Day fact: The planet's CO2 levels are out of control. Earth Day is a great way bring some attention to the crisis — but to really offset that carbon footprint, we need to be actively thinking about our usage on the daily.It could be a smart thermostat to reduce electricity usage,

Apple could release a 5G iPhone as early as 2020

Apple may not have a 5G-ready iPhone in people's hands this year, but all signs point towards a 2020 debut for the highly anticipated device.TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo seems to think so, anyway. Kuo is known for being generally spot-on when it comes to all things Apple,

Dyson’s V6 Vacuum is $100 off on Amazon

Nobody *wants* to do it, but we all have to: Vacuuming. There’s just no getting around it — dust bunnies, pet hair, crumbs, and all other sorts of nasties will inevitably accumulate and we eventually have to do something about it (unless you don’t mind living in filth).

Raptors head coach becomes next best NBA meme with a priceless reaction shot

We are in NBA playoff season folks, and that means new memes...cue Nick Nurse cracking his knuckles and getting ready to wow us.Nurse is the head coach of the Toronto Raptors, and a veteran in the "priceless facial reactions" department.

Google buys Launchpad Toys as it seeks more kid-friendly products

Google is buying the kids app-maker Launchpad Toys, the startup announced Wednesday.

Netflix is heading to Asia with a launch date set for Japan

Netflix is expanding into Japan towards the end of 2015, marking the first time that the Internet video service will be available in Asia.The move announced late Wednesday marks another step toward reaching Netflix's goal to stream video on Internet-connected TVs, phones,

Twitter reportedly strikes deal for tweets in Google search results

Thanks to a deal recently struck between Twitter and Google, those tweets will have a larger audience than ever before.According to Bloomberg, Twitter has reached a deal with Google that will make its 140-character updates from users — all 284 million of them — instantly searchable.




执行力也是一个颇具争议的名词,几路观点各执一词,有说执行力差是执行者的能力问题,也有说执行力差是管理者目标不明 […]

Microsoft reveals Azure cloud migration strategy

Microsoft has begun moving two data centres and "thousands of servers" onto their flagship Azure cloud platform, in a move towards shifting all of Microsoft's services into the cloud.Read more:

300,000 Chickens Killed By Attacks on Farm Alarm Systems

In the past two weeks, attacks at 16 South Carolina chicken houses have left over 300,000 chickens dead. Farmed chickens rarely live good lives, but these deaths were especially horrible: Someone with inside knowledge of the houses temperature alarm systems,

文章: 轻松“撰”钱 ——JSR 354为Java引入金钱与货币的完美支持

目前最完善的Java金钱与货币支持即将问世。JSR 354细则小组组长Credit Suisse's Anatole Tresch介绍了在此之前的诸多不便之处、开发这些新API的动机以及一些例子。 By Anatole Tresch Translated by 段珊珊

Xbox App on Windows 10 更新,加入多项必要功能

如果你是 Windows 10 技术预览的测试者之一,那就可以享受这次 Xbox App on Windows 10 更新所带来的新功能了。首先,Microsoft 为其加入了「game hubs」,让用户得以在里面看到朋友玩游戏的成绩和活动记录等。

魯芬扮魔人布歐 – Perfect Match 啦 !

藝人魯芬、林芊妤(Coffee)及喬寶寶,今日出席PlayStation 動漫節活動,宣傳《Dragonbal …The post 魯芬扮魔人布歐 – Perfect Match 啦 ! appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.



短网址服务设计 - 大CC

短网址服务设计 背景 短网址服务,用来将输入的一个长网址转换为一个短网址(比如附录中的案例),当用户请求这个短网址时,服务查询出真实的url; 设计这么一个短网址服务,需要考虑哪些点?

McDonald's starts serving truffle fries in Singapore

SINGAPORE — You can now get truffle fries in McDonald's outlets in SingaporeWell, sort of. The truffle flavour comes in a shaker pack like what you get with the restaurant chain's previous promotional flavours such as cheese and seaweed.

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