Microsoft: Coming to a smartphone near you

On Saturday morning I rolled over in bed, reached for my iPhone and quickly realized it wasn't some twisted dream. It had really happened. I was a Microsoft smartphone userFor years, as I spent more and more time on my smartphone, I ran into Microsoft less and less.

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Microsoft want to help you choose or OWA over Gmail

Microsoft wants to help you choose or OWA over Gmail

Microsoft Outlook For Apple Watch One-Ups Apple’s Native Email Client

Microsoft Outlook is now a fully-featured Apple Watch app. An updated version of the iOS application released today added the new smartwatch functionality, which includes the ability to quickly glance at your inbox from the Apple Watch face, access pre-written replies, emoji and voice dictation,

Microsoft assigns personalities to Outlook email-rules to keep your mailbox neat will soon support third-party apps to make managing email more productive

Outlook on the Web gaining more intelligent address book and flight confirmations

If you’re an Office 365 user who also accesses your Outlook information on the Web, then Microsoft has some updates coming up that should add some intelligence to your process. The Office blog spent...

Microsoft To Shut Down Sunrise Mobile Calendar After Integration Into Outlook Completes

Microsoft announced today it will roll out new versions of its flagship mobile email application, Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android, which combined, reach nearly 30 million users, the company says. The upgraded app on iOS largely received visual tweaks and fixes,

Microsoft may soon allow you to save your Outlook email attachments directly to OneDrive

According to Neowin, Microsoft is testing a new feature where you can save your Outlook email attachments directly to your OneDrive account. The new feature is only available to some users and has not been rolled out to all Outlook users as of yet,

An in-depth look at how the Office 365 Outlook Web App could be improved

We’ve gathered our thoughts on how Microsoft could improve Office Web App, and the five main areas where this tool could use some honing.Read more:

Comparing Gmail with which email service is better? (editorial)

Microsoft has uploaded a new video from the team highlighting some old and familiar features. I, an Outlook user, opted in as soon as it was launched (even got an awesome email address without having to add 43532 at the end of my name),

The IRS is launching a website to check the status of your stimulus payment

Knowing how the gears of government grind, the stimulus checks Congress has pledged to Americans can seem like a nebulous promise that may never actually materialize.But lo! The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not accepting that bureaucratic fate for our future money. On Friday,

Google and Apple team up to support coronavirus contact tracing

Who gave you the coronavirus, and how many people did you give it to?As a pandemic sweeps the globe, charting the course of the coronavirus is vital public health work. On Friday, Google and Apple announced a combined effort to facilitate contact tracing — that is,

Dr. Fauci knows which actor he wants to play him on 'Saturday Night Live'

Dr. Anthony Fauci could be getting the Saturday Night Live treatment soon, and though the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases hopes he's not portrayed on the show, he does know which actor he'd like to play him.In an interview with CNN's New Day on Friday morning,

How to properly clean your groceries

Coronavirus has changed how we handle our food. Here are a few techniques to help you clean canned and packaged foods, produce, and grocery bags. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Groceries, Food Safety, Techniques, and Coronavirus

With who knows how much more social distancing to go, a 4K TV is a must

News about the expected number of coronavirus deaths is way more optimistic than it was a week ago. But there's a catch: These numbers can only stay down if we keep social distancing up. This means that the current,

Run out of things to watch? Here's how to get a Starz subscription for cheap.

"Too many video streaming services" was a popular complaint in the Before Times. But now that we're all stuck inside for the foreseeable future amid the coronavirus outbreak, it's far too easy to plow through our queues and run out of shows and movies to watch.

Get some peace while working from home with Bose noise-canceling headphones

TL;DR: Clear your mind from all distractions and grab Bose's Noise Canceling Headphones 700 or their QuietComfort 35 headphones — both on sale for $50 off at Best Buy.Working from home during these stressful times is certainly a blessing. But that doesn't mean that it's always easy.

A talented Jack Russell Terrier puts your dog to shame

Move over, Air Bud.Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier has more tricks up his sleeve than David Blaine. From riding a scooter to playing the piano, this talented little terrier can do more than 35 amazing maneuvers that make you wonder just what can't he do.See also:

Apple's new Photos app for OS X Yosemite arrives in developer preview

Apple released on Thursday a developer preview of its new Photos app for OS X Yosemite. The app is part of the new OS X 10.10.3 beta available to members of Apple's Developer Program now.First previewed at WWDC 2014, Photos is a replacement for both iPhoto and Aperture.See also:

How indie game developers can adapt for Facebook

Colin Creitz, an engineering manager at Facebook, knows the ins and outs of putting indie game entertainment software on Facebook.As a former indie game developer himself, Creitz knows first-hand what challenges game developers can face when going up against much larger games studios.See also:

索尼MWC 2014预告:红纱笼罩下美女与新产品

安锋网 2 月 23 日消息  在 MWC 2014 世界移动大会召开前两天,索尼放出了新品发布会预告,预告片名为“非凡事物即将到来”。  


虽说闯红灯是人们不可认同的行为,然而当发生一些紧急情况时闯红灯又应该成为一种情有可原的违规行为。不过,来自美国佛罗里达州的Jacob Alcahe就没那么幸运了。

[图]约合¥1226 华硕ZenWatch在Play商城上开卖


趁热打铁的逼真渲染 :iPad Pro 触控笔鉴赏

最近关于 iPad Pro 的传闻不少,所以知名概念设计师 Martin Hajek 也趁热打铁设计了一系列关于 iPad Pro 的新作品,而且还是带有触控笔的。

[视频]国行 Xbox One 对比 PS4

感谢爱否FView的投递「FView体验评测」要说2014科技界的大事,Xbox One和PS4的游戏主机进入国内市场肯定能上前列,刚好FView有个疯狂的索粉:易碎,还有一个资深的微软粉:轩Sir,一场对比评测呼之欲出,但结局却往往出人意料……



Pope Francis rocks Weezer and U2 covers on deluxe edition of new album

Check out Pope Francis covering Weezer, 3 Doors Down and U2 and on the all-covers deluxe edition of his new pop album. Read more...More about Watercooler, Videos, Pope Francis, and Pop Music



Reveal-Plugin-for-Xcode 自动结合 Reveal 进行 UI 分析 - KenmuHuang

下载地址:还记得之前我们如何使用 Reveal UI 分析工具进行实时查看 UI 的结构吗?如果忘记了,可以查看此随笔进行回顾:Reveal UI 分析工具简单使用使用步骤:为工程添加「Revea...

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard for iOS reaches closed beta, revealed in first look video

Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard for iOS is now in closed beta testing with a limited number of users.The post Microsoft Word Flow keyboard for iOS reaches closed beta, revealed in first look video appeared first on WinBeta.

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