Ads for USA Network's 'Dig' come to life using augmented reality

The storyline for USA Network's forthcoming thriller, Dig, might revolve around an ancient conspiracy, but the show's ad campaign is very much a nod to the futureUnveiled Monday, the campaign all hinges on the Dig Decoder app, which brings select online,

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Pixar 宣佈製作 Toy Story 4,1&2 代導演重新執導,預定 2017 上映

Toy Story 在第三集己完滿結束,觀眾都知道劇情方面已告一段落,較難有正傳。今日 Pixar 為 Fans 帶來了好消息,宣佈將製作 Toy Story 4、並預計於 2017 年 6 月上映。

Google Ordered to Remove Links to Stories About Google Removing Links to Stories

Europe’s “Right to be forgotten” laws have come to an apex of dumb: The UK’s Information Commissioner’s office has ordered Google to remove links to stories about Google removing links to stories. My brain hurts.Read more...

The Difference Between a Great Story and a Shitty Story Is Often Really Tiny

Hollywood people often say that it’s a miracle there are any good movies at all. Because so much can go wrong, and so many random things have to go right, for a movie to avoid being a hopeless disaster. I can believe this,

Immerse Me: How To Get Lost In A Story (Story Not Required)

The media we use to tell stories has evolved considerably in the millennia since our ancestors swapped their first campfire tales. Regardless of the form stories take, the storyteller always has the same goal:

试水同场景照片分享功能Our Story,Snapchat不再“阅后即焚”?

如果一提起 Snapchat,脑海里出现的还是“艳照”,那你就大错特错了。

开发人员看测试之细说JBehave - 大数据 小世界


Snapchat’s Newest Money Maker Is A Sponsored Our Story For Samsung And The AMAs

Snapchat took its first shot at monetizing its Our Stories collaborative Livestream feature tonight with a Samsung-branded look at The American Music Awards. We were tipped off to the AMA Our Story, and Snapchat confirms to me that it was paid by Samsung to show it.

Storytelling App Steller Becomes More Of A Social Network

A beautifully designed mobile storytelling app Steller was introduced earlier this year to deliver on a simple premise: that our smartphones can do more than serve as our cameras or a quick way to post images to social networks like Facebook or Instagram,

Snapchat’s New Year’s Eve “Our Story” Will Be Its Biggest Yet

Snapchat is preparing to launch its biggest “Our Story” feature yet this New Year’s Eve, documenting worldwide celebrations using curated user photos and videos from cities like New York, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Russia and more.

Telltale Games releases Minecraft: Story Mode trailer

Today, Telltale Games and Mojang, released a new trailer for Minecraft Story Mode, Episode One: The Order of the Stone. As with previous Telltale games like The Walking Dead or Back to the Future,...The post Telltale Games releases Minecraft: Story Mode trailer appeared first on WinBeta.

12 cool classes to take on Khan Academy for free

There were times I’d be sitting in my college classes frantically scribbling away in my notebook, hand cramping, making sure I had every note from the lecture recorded for when I’d have to study for the inevitable exam.

A guide to helping boomers sign up for their COVID vaccine

Seniors over 65 can now receive the COVID vaccine in many states, but navigating sites to actually sign up for a vaccination appointment can be challenging for the less tech savvy. At least 10.6 million people in the United States have received one dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine,

Twitter suspended Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Do you even have to ask why?

Twitter moved to temporarily suspend Marjorie Taylor-Greene on Sunday, locking the recently elected Georgia Congresswoman out of her account for 12 hours."The account referenced has been temporarily locked out for multiple violations of our civic integrity policy," a Twitter spokesperson said.

Apple's Tim Cook: Parler could return 'if they get their moderation together'

Tim Cook has finally faced some questions about Parler's suspension from the App Store and what it would take to come back. His answers toe the company line, but are nonetheless revealing to hear from the Apple chief executive."We've only suspended them, Chris,

GitHub fired a Jewish employee who called out 'Nazis.' Now, it's reversing that decision.

When an employee of GitHub was fired after alluding to the fact that Nazis were out and about in Washington, D.C. on Slack on the day of the assault on the U.S. Capitol building, as Business Insider reported on Tuesday, coworkers rallied to his defense, appealing to the Microsoft-owned company.

After Twitter banned Trump, misinfo on the site fell dramatically

In the week following Twitter's permanent ban of President Donald Trump, media intelligence company Zignal Labs found that the spread of misinformation on the social media platform took a sharp fall.Between Jan. 9 and 15,

Facebook's latest ad ban in the name of inauguration safety is pure performace

Facebook really needs to pick a lane.The social network took the step on Saturday of temporarily halting ads for certain weapon accessories and protective gear. Ads for guns, "weapon enhancements" like silencers, and ammunition are already banned outright,

Beyoncé fans mis-bey-haved on Beck's Wikipedia page

Multi-platinum recording artist and ethereal goddess Beyoncé doesn't actually need anyone to come to her defense — not Kanye and not her legion of devoted fans, affectionately nicknamed the BeyHive.

Boston shatters all-time records as snow keeps falling

Snow is falling yet again on New England and portions of New York state, bringing up to one to two feet (or more) of the white stuff to some areas and making Monday morning commutes potentially hazardous.As Bostonians would say, it's another wicked pissah of a storm.See also:

The moving personal stories behind Beyoncé's Grammys performance

Before Beyoncé performed her moving rendition of "Take My Hand, Precious Lord" at Sunday night's Grammys, she and the men's choir behind her took time to reflect on the song's meaning as it relates to their personal lives and to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.



802.11协议帧格式、Wi-Fi连接交互过程、无线破解入门研究 - .Little Hann

相关学习资料Linux黑客大曝光: 第8章 无线网络无线网络安全攻防实战进阶无线网络安全 黑客大曝光 第2版


作为升级内容的一部分,苹果两款最新版本的操作系统——OS X Yosemite和iOS 8——都将为用户提供查看小部件的轻松方式。

[视频]小米4 VS 荣耀6:1999元国产旗舰手机怎么选?



现如今,几乎每一家社交媒体和广告公司都就“超级碗”广告趋势及效力发布了自己的报告,而 Chute 与 Ditto 合作推出的报告是其中更令人感兴趣的一份。

Transfer Playlists Between Streaming Music Apps With Soundiiz

Ditching Spotify for Rdio? Giving Tidal a try alongside Deezer? If you’ve got carefully curated playlists in one streaming service then you might be reluctant to start again from scratch with a new one, but Soundiiz lets you transfer your song lists between apps with the minimum of fuss.Read more.

[图]Nexus 6P和iPhone 6s等众旗舰规格比较

今天在旧金山召开的新品发布会上,谷歌正式发布了Nexus 5X/6P两款新机型,其中由华为代工的Nexus 6P采用了铝质机身,5.7寸分辨率为2K的AMOLED屏幕,USB Type-C端口,搭载高通骁龙810(v2.1版)1.

谷歌昨晚"墙"倒众人"推" 小扎呼吁卸心墙拥抱爱 ...

在微博时代,每个人的生活都深深的被知识浪潮所影响,而互联网则是永不过时的课堂。TechWeb团队将每天挑选出精彩评论,以飨读者。正文分割线你的心有一道墙,但我发现一扇窗熟悉的歌词,就在昨晚,很多被被墙习惯 ... ...

Trump: London's mayor Sadiq Khan 'an exception' to Muslim ban

LONDON — Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has signalled that London's first elected Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan could be exempt from his proposed controversial ban on Muslims entering the United States. SEE ALSO: Donald Trump opines on British politics,


新浪科技讯 11月3日下午消息,2016年中国联通合作伙伴大会高峰论坛在青岛举行,百度公司董事长兼CEO李彦宏在论坛环节就运营商生态、创新、物联网,和联通的未来发表了看法。李彦宏李彦宏谈到生态时表示,联通等运 ... ...

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