New Windows 10 build and Windows 10 for mobile preview will not arrive at the same time this month

We are all well aware that sometime this month, Microsoft plans to release a new Windows 10 build for desktops. We are also aware that Microsoft plans to release a Windows 10 for mobile preview build, for testing on Windows Phone devices, sometime this month.

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Office to release Universal apps preview for Windows 10 phones this month

By the end of this month (just in time for Build!), Microsoft is planning to release the first previews for "Office Universal apps preview for Windows 10 for phone". Microsoft is working to release a more touch and mobile friendly Office 2016 suite,

New Windows 10 build and Windows 10 for mobile preview will not arrive at the same time this month

We are all well aware that sometime this month, Microsoft plans to release a new Windows 10 build for desktops. We are also aware that Microsoft plans to release a Windows 10 for mobile preview build, for testing on Windows Phone devices, sometime this month.

Upcoming Windows 9 Tech Preview set to be updated twice a month with new builds

Microsoft is currently cleaning up current internal builds of Windows 9 (Threshold) for a public technology preview which is slated to launch at the end of September or beginning of October. This preview will include a new feature which allows users to upgrade builds to newer more recent ones,

Windows 10 news recap: Preview for phones released, no new desktop build yet, and more

The biggest news of the week was the release of Windows 10 for phones preview. After what seemed like an eternity, Microsoft finally pushed the big red button unleashing the Windows 10 preview for phones on Thursday, February 12th. The preview was made available on Lumia 630, Lumia 635,

No new Windows 10 build for desktops in February: Microsoft is still 'working on it'

February has been an exciting month for Windows Phone users, with the release of Windows 10 for phones technical preview for those who are a part of the Windows Insider Program. Unfortunately for those on a desktop itching to get their hands on a new Windows 10 build,

There's one bug preventing the roll out of the next build of Windows 10 Technical Preview

Last month, Microsoft released the Windows 10 technical preview for phones, but an update for its desktop counterpart is yet to be seen. We've seen a number of leaked screenshots of the upcoming builds, but there's no word on when Insiders will be able to give it a test run. Earlier this month,

Windows 9 (Threshold) technical preview on track for late September

Microsoft is planning to release a technical preview of Windows 9 (threshold) in late September or early October to anyone interested. This is similar to what Microsoft did with Windows 8.

Windows Server 2016 build 1051x coming next week

Windows Server 2016 is the server version of Windows 10, as we reported recently Microsoft is planning to release a third technical preview of Server 2016 sometime this month. According to leaked documents, the third technical preview is set to arrive sometime next week.

Microsoft Releases Preview Of Its New Browser ‘Project Spartan’ In Fresh Windows 10 Build

Microsoft wasn’t kidding when it promised to ship Windows 10 builds more quickly. Today, less than two weeks after its last iteration, the company has kicked out a new build that contains an important new feature: Project Spartan.The new build’s number is 10047,

Windows 9 news recap: Modern UI 2.0, Tech Preview to be updated frequently, and more

It's been a busy week here at WinBeta with lots and lots of Windows Threshold news breaking ground. We learned about an updated Modern UI, a new rapid release cycle for the preview, when the preview will launch and what it will be called.

Here’s what’s new in OneNote for October 2018

The new features list for OneNote will streamline the Mac, Windows 10 and Online versions and bring them more in line with the way OneNote 2016 functions.

Minecraft held a virtual music festival last month, and called it Coalchella

A group of Minecrafters and DJ's started the first major music festival in Minecraft, humorously named Coalchella.

Apple announces October 30th NYC event, new iPads and Macs expected

News just in, Apple has announced a Special Event, for October 30th. This image looks like Simpsons with Marge at the bottom, but expect more artistic flair from the event. Is there a hint of Apple going back to its roots? New Apple iPads and Macs are expected, with Face recognition,

Samsung shows off its Surface-like Galaxy Book2

At first, second and even third glance, the Samsung Book 2 looks in most respects, just like a Surface Pro

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box and three more Valve games are now Xbox One X enhanced

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box bundle, Portal: Still Alive, Left 4 Dead and its sequel Left 4 Dead 2 are now enhanced for the Xbox One X, with a 9X resolution bump, better textures and smoother performance.

Analysts expect Microsoft to bounce back from recent stock woes with earnings report next week

Analysts believe there's at least a recovery on the way for Microsoft after it reports its quarterly earnings next week.

Microsoft invests in Pennsylvanian wind energy though partnership with TransAlta Renewables

Microsoft has signed a deal with TransAlta Renewables to purchase 90 megawatts of cleaner energy over a period of 15 years.

Users can now share photos with offline contacts on Skype for Android

Over the last year, Microsoft has been beavering away creating a number of apps for rival operating systems Android and iOS. Though these apps have been met with some despair by Windows Phone fans, users on other platforms have been quick to reward Redmond's efforts in these areas.

Outlook app for Android and iOS blocked by EU parliament on privacy grounds

One of the real hot topics over the last few years, as more and more of us shift our operations to the cloud, has been that of privacy. With corporations the world over offering to take our data and store it in unknown corners of the globe for a nominal fee, security becomes a major concern.

Windows Phone recovery tool confirmed, will roll back from Windows 10 Tech Preview

We're anxiously awaiting the release of Microsoft's first attempt at Windows 10 for phones, promised for February, but expected hopefully in a matter of days or weeks.  We already know that Windows 10 will run, or at least most of it will, on just about all current Windows Phones,



Russian Soyuz Spacecraft Malfunction Delays Arrival at ISS by 2 Days

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft suffered an apparent malfunction in orbit late on March 25, forcing its three-man crew to circle the Earth two extra days before reaching the International Space Station as planned, NASA officials say.

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威锋网讯 4 月 30 日消息,根据《彭博社》的最新报导,苹果最快将于今天开始发行新一期的债券。



Blue Downloader brings torrents to iOS, Apple approves app

When people hear the word BitTorrent, they tend to leap to conclusions, some which are inevitably wrong. The fact is, the technology is used to distribute all sorts of content...Read more:

Another NFL Domestic Abuse Arrest: Arizona Cardinals' Jonathan Dwyer

Jonathan Dwyer, second-string running back for the Arizona Cardinals, is the latest NFL player to be deactivated by his team after reports Wednesday that he was arrested for domestic violence.


威锋网讯 11 月 12 日消息,苹果旗下 Beats 本周三正式对其 Solo2 耳机产品线进行了更新。新产品命名为 Solo2 Wireless,其主要特性就是添加了无线蓝牙连接的功能,售价 299 美元。

If You Buy a New Chromebook, Google Will Give You 1TB Free Storage

Google is offering 1 TB of free storage space for two years for people who buy new Chromebooks between now and the end of the year. Read more...


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