Furbacca is the most epic 'Star Wars' Furby in the galaxy

Like so many Star Wars cosplay fans before it, Furby is dressing up like everyone's favorite wookiee.Hasbro brought its next-generation Furby to Mashable for a visit, and he's an adorable, furry creature that speaks wookiee just like Chewbacca and even hums the Star Wars theme song.See also:

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Furbacca is the most epic 'Star Wars' Furby in the galaxy

Like so many Star Wars cosplay fans before it, Furby is dressing up like everyone's favorite wookiee.Hasbro brought its next-generation Furby to Mashable for a visit, and he's an adorable, furry creature that speaks wookiee just like Chewbacca and even hums the Star Wars theme song.See also:

Let go, Luke! 'Star Wars' toy trains young minds to harness Force

It is a fantasy Star Wars fans know well: to use the Force.Alas, the Force in real life is usually resigned to daydreams and jokes about droids, which aren't the ones you're looking for. But something that could, at least,

Google and Mattel gives the View-Master a virtual reality overhaul

NEW YORK — The iconic View-Master toy from the early 1900s is getting a massive overhaul with the help of Google and virtual reality technology.Mattel’s new View-Master looks more like an Oculus Rift headset than the original, which launched 75 years ago. The device,

Finally, you can play Cards Against Humanity online

Cards Against Humanity fans no longer have to lug around a deck to play their favorite crass and quirky card game. You can now play it on a smartphone, tablet or computer web browser for free.Thanks to a website called CardsAgainstOriginality.com,

Lego 'Jurassic World' makes official debut

NEW YORK — Lego has been teasing a few early looks at its upcoming movie "Jurassic World," but just debuted the entire collection on Saturday at Toy Fair 2015. It was well worth the wait.Lego is partnering with Universal Pictures to bring the colorful bricks to the Jurassic World franchise,

Moff Band turns imaginary sword fights, air guitar into reality

NEW YORK — Every little kid loves imaginary sword fights and playing the air guitar, but there's only so far this type of game play can go without the use of sound effects.Now, in one of the most innovative — yet simple — toy concepts we've seen in awhile,

15 Toys And Action Figures That Have Consistently Gone Down In Value

This weekend, toy collectors will swarm to the Convention Center in San Diego, in search of rare and limited edition toys. Because we all know toys are a fantastic investment! Right? Not always. Here are 15 toys and action figures that have gotten more and more worthless.Read more...

The 10 best gifts for new and old 'Doctor Who' fans

Doctor Who fans are especially hard to shop for.Like many franchises, Doctor Who has a plethora of official and unofficial material that directly relates to the show — Blu-rays, comics, books, audio adventures, and more — but in the case of Doctor Who, there's just so much of it.

Facial recognition tech spreads to car rentals

Why take out your wallet and photo ID if a camera and software program can scan your face, verify your identity, and send you on your way in 30 seconds?That's what Hertz rental cars is asking with its new partnership with Clear,

102-year-old woman may just be the oldest skydiver ever

This badass lady didn't let her age stand in the way of a thrill. Irene O'Shea became what seems to be the oldest person to skydive at 102 years old and 194 days. The previous oldest skydiver, according to news reports, was Kenneth Meyer, who landed a jump in 2017 at 102 years and 172 days. 

Facebook is still trying to find new places to put ads

It might seem like there's already tons of ads on Facebook, but the company is still searching for new places to put more of them. The latest method that's materializing is in search results, where Facebook is now experimenting with ads, the company confirmed. SEE ALSO:

Cosmonauts brought a knife to a spacewalk

Let's be honest, spacewalks, as a whole, can be pretty boring to watch. Yes, it's one of the most dangerous things an astronaut or cosmonaut can do in space: floating out into the void with just a relatively thin spacesuit to protect them.But at the end of the day,

Puma is reissuing a 1986 fitness-tracking 'smart shoe'

The nostalgia carousel keeps going round and round, and brands have happily hopped on for the ride.Puma announced Monday that it would reissue a little-known shoe with a technical twist from 1986: the RS-Computer Shoe. The shoe, then and now,

At the Google hearing, Congress proves they still have no idea how the internet works

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s long-awaited Congressional hearing took place on Tuesday.Pichai testified before Congress on Google+ data breaches, the controversial Chinese-censorship friendly search product, and perceived anti-conservative bias. But,

#MuslimLivesMatter tweets criticize early media coverage of Chapel Hill Shooting

After three Muslim college students were killed Tuesday in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, some people took to social media to criticize what they perceive as scant media coverage of the incidentUsing the hashtags #MuslimLivesMatter and #ChapelHillShooting,

Three Muslim students killed in the Chapel Hill shooting lived to help others

In the wake of the tragic shooting deaths of three Muslim college students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a portrait of three young, hopeful Americans has emerged.Social media profiles and information shared by the colleges and their families reveal that the victims of the triple murder,

Kanye West plans song with Taylor Swift, explains Beck controversy

It seems Kanye West has turned over a new leaf that's just as verbose and head-scratching as his original leafThe rapper sat down with Ryan Seacrest Wednesday and discussed everything from recording music with his former arch-nemesis Taylor Swift to praising Beck,



Oculus已收购Xbox 360手柄设计工作室Carbon Design

虚拟现实公司Oculus VR今日宣布,其已经收购了一家名为Carbon Design的产品开发工作室,而后者曾为微软公司打造过Xbox 360游戏机。Oculus表示,其希望交易能够在今年夏末达成。

[动态图]指纹识别不再鸡肋 Touch ID在iOS 8上的首次深入运用

尽管iOS 8的早期开发者预览版已经放出好长一段时间了,相关的新特性和特殊功能已经挖掘的差不多了马不过在上周末iOS 8用户Gabriel Nevado在Vine上传了一段视频,展示由1Password应用制作的Safari扩展允许他通过Touch ID来登陆他的亚马逊帐号。


作为一名产品设计工作者,设计出来的产品经过不断地努力,由构思逐步变成了仿真的原型,兴致冲冲地盘算着找资源召开产 […]


【意外?苹果应用商店泄新款iPad截图】10月16日消息,苹果公司周三(当地时间)在iTunes Store应用商店中无意外泄了iPad Air 2和iPad Mini 3的截图,预计该公司将在周四召开的发布会上推出这两款新产品。

The Truth Behind Interstellar's "Scientifically Accurate" Black Hole

You've probably heard that the black hole in Interstellar was a simulation of unprecedented scientific accuracy. You may also have heard that its creation led to an "amazing scientific discovery" having to do with the shape of its accretion disk, which loops over and under its dark, central shadow.


尽管这两年苹果在全球大火,赚够了钱,市值也屡创纪录,不过始终没有入选“股市晴雨表”道琼斯工业平均指数(Dow Jones Industrial Average,DJIA,简称“道指”)。


大数据时代,数据的分析及挖掘在企业的经营过程及业务管理中,逐步发挥出越来越显著的作用。无论是在产品的构想、原型 ...

lol我的英雄联盟年度总结地址 lol年度总结2015活动网址

lol我的英雄联盟年度总结地址 lol年度总结2015活动网址,LOL2016我的英雄联盟年度总结总共对个人的赛季得分情况,击杀小兵、输出、好基友等情况作了一个总结,最后是可以分享到朋友圈的,大神们就赶快去接受朋友们的 ... ...

机海战术并不会毁了苹果 乔布斯在世也支持

3月14日消息,据科技网站ZDNet报道,“简约”一词一直是苹果最引以为豪的核心竞争力,它是苹果产品客户体验的最佳代名词,从苹果的产品设计,到软件体验,甚至到旗舰店的装潢风格,都一直贯彻这一形容词。此外,该词还一直体现在苹果的产品线上。  不过最近几年苹果貌似正在背弃这一原则,本月21日,苹果将发布全新的4英寸iPhone和9.7英寸iPad,这家公司的产品线正在变得前所未有的庞大。  2007年第一代iPhone诞生时只有两种型号,分别为4GB和8GB版,但到了iPhone 6s系列,这款产品的型号却直接达到了120款(仅美国市场就有2种大小,4种颜色,3种容量和5大运营商的版本可供选择)。

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