Moto 360 Leads As 720K Android Wear Devices Shipped In 2014, Says Canalys

Consumers didn’t want for choice in smartwatches last year, but that doesn’t mean they’re gobbling up the devices: Research firm Canalys reports today that only just over 720,000 Android Wear-based devices shipped in 2014, which is around 16 percent of the total 4.

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Google Assistant Actions up 2.5x in 2018 to reach 4,253 in the U.S.

In addition to competing for smart speaker market share, Google and Amazon are also competing for developer mindshare in the voice app ecosystem. On this front, Amazon has soared ahead – the number of available voice skills for Alexa devices have grown to top 80,000 the company recently announced.

SoftBank and Mubadala grow closer

The Japanese conglomerate SoftBank and Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi state investment company, have a closely intertwined relationship, and it’s one that the two are further cementing. According to the Financial Times,

VPN protocol WireGuard now has an official macOS app

WireGuard could be the most promising VPN protocol in years. It lets you establish a connection with a VPN server that is supposed to be faster, more secure and more flexible at the same time. The developers launched a brand new app in the Mac App Store today. WireGuard isn’t a VPN service,

YouTube under fire for recommending videos of kids with inappropriate comments

More than a year on from a child safety content moderation scandal on YouTube and it takes just a few clicks for the platform’s recommendation algorithms to redirect a search for “bikini haul” videos of adult women towards clips of scantily clad minors engaged in body contorting gymnastics or taking an icebath or ice lolly sucking […]

Apple could be looking for its next big revenue model

Apple has always been an evolving company. While it never really invented any product categories, it always seemed to make those product categories work better and smarter. It also found a way to make us want them, even when they were more expensive. Today, the WSJ reports,

Daily Crunch: Stop repeating this privacy lie

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Stop saying,

Netflix cancels ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher,’ its last Marvel shows

Netflix is no longer in the Marvel superhero business, with the cancellation of “Jessica Jones” and “The Punisher.” The writing has been on the wall since last fall, when the streaming service canceled its other three Marvel shows — “Iron Fist,” “Luke Cage” and “Daredevil.” Plus,

RoboCore Is A Core For Your Robo

Krakow-based RoboCore has just launched on Kickstarter and is looking for a mere $50,000 to help you build better robots.The device is essentially a brain for your robotic projects. It is compatible with LEGO MindStorms and allows you to control multiple servos and sensors.

Microsoft Confirms Sunrise Acquisition, Adds Depth To It Mobile Productivity Offerings

Microsoft is buying the mobile productivity reputation it seemed disinclined to build for itself for so many years, and the latest addition to the roster is Sunrise, the calendar app that managed to raise $8.

Coursera Partners With Google, Instagram, 500 Startups And Others On Students’ Capstone Projects

About a year ago, online education platform Coursera launched “specializations” — its version of college credentials. To graduate from the programs,

百度首席科学家 Andrew Ng谈深度学习的挑战和未来

7月7日上午,百度首席科学家Andrew Ng应邀做客中国科学院自动化研究所并做了《Deep Learning:Overview and trends》的学术报告。





因拨打虚假911电话 34岁男子被判5年监禁并处罚金8万美元

来自美国内布拉斯加州奥马哈(Omaha)的34岁男子Jason Allen Neff于日前被判处5年监禁,其罪名是因为拨打虚假的“911”报警电话,声称在某处住宅内发现了类似于炸弹的恐怖威胁,随后特警队员和当地的执法队员迅速对他所报告的地址和住宅进行了全面搜索,造成了无谓的警员浪费,且让受害者受到了无谓的惊吓。

Adorable Kid President starts first-ever 'Tell-A-Thon' to end child hunger

One of YouTube's funniest and wisest kids is using his fame to spread awareness about an important topic: child hunger in the U.S.Robby Novak, better known as Kid President, is teaming up with ConAgra Foods to host a summer-long "Tell-A-Thon,


自2011年谷歌的Chromebook发布上市以后,其在北美市场颇受欢迎。现在微软的Windows 10即将正 […]


你会选择相信谁,我,还是你那台撒谎的 iPhone?在恋人眼中,证据确凿的出轨无疑是让人心碎的。对于生活在21世纪的这一代人来说,想要发现恋人出轨的证据,显然并不困难,捉奸的科技成本变得十分低廉。

Bears Enjoy Long Walks on the Beach, Munching on Clams

Long claws make for excellent clam-digging.

微软再曝新机 Lumia 650在网上被曝出

微软在近期已经发布或推出了三款手机,分别是 Lumia 950,950XL 和 Lumia 550 。目前来说,这三款手机能够具体在市场上取得怎样的成绩还不好说。但是现在,微软似乎并不满足,而在近期,网上曝出了有关微软新机 Lumia 650 的一些图片。  根据相关人士的估计,这款手机应该会在 2016 年早期被正式发布。从配置上来说,应该会略高于最近推出的 Lumia 550 。具体来说,这款手机被传将拥有 5 英寸的 720P 分辨率的屏幕,金属边框,高通 410 处理器,1GB 的内存和 8GB 的储存空间(可扩展)。

亿航科技发布载人无人机“亿航 184”

2016 年拉斯维加斯国际消费电子展(CES)开幕第一天,我们见到了许多相当炫酷的产品,但“亿航 184”(EHang 184)也许是当天亮相的最吸引人眼球的产品——这是一种由中国无人机厂商 亿航科技(EHang)开发的人身大小的飞行器产品。 是的,你没听错,这是一种能载人的无人机。… Read More

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