A day in the life of the Windows 10 development team

From Microsoft holding preview launch reveals to the rampant speculation about it's future relevance as software company, some would be hard press not to accidently stumble on Microsoft news on the internet these days.

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Microsoft needs to kill the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview program

There is a micro-cliché about sausage making that has been conversationalized to represent legislative procedures here in the US. Something to the extent of, “Legislation is like sausage. You want the outcome, but you...

A day in the life of the Windows 10 development team

From Microsoft holding preview launch reveals to the rampant speculation about it's future relevance as software company, some would be hard press not to accidently stumble on Microsoft news on the internet these days.

Microsoft introduces the talented team behind its new Edge browser

Microsoft’s official Windows YouTube Channel has posted a video introducing the team behind the new Edge browser for Windows 10. Through this video, we get a glimpse of the attitudes and mindsets of the various talented...

Microsoft bids farewell to Nokia's DVLUP Developer Ambassadors team for Windows Phone

Microsoft has canceled the Developer Ambassadors team for Windows Phone (a part of the DVLUP program), consisting of a group of experts who have helped numerous app developers create amazing apps and games for Microsoft's mobile platform.

Microsoft wants to convince the world that they have become a different brand

Can Microsoft redefine their brand?

Dear Readers: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thank you for a great 2014!

Hello! My name is Zac Bowden, and on behalf of the entire team at WinBeta, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for sticking with us throughout this epic past year. We’ve come so far, and have done so much! You and I sat together as we witnessed the birth of Windows Phone 8.1,

Surface design lead compares early Surface prototype to a 1974 Volkswagen

There was a point in time when many believed the future of Microsoft’s tablets would be reserved for a project called the Courier. In some regards, holdouts and die-hards still think the Courier project is where Microsoft should invest.

Scandalous software: how should Microsoft deal with problematic apps in its stores?

Microsoft VP talks about OneDrive ‘placeholders’ vs ‘selective sync’ in Windows 10

Just when users had begrudgingly accepted Microsoft’s terms with OneDrive’s less-than-ideal integration with Windows 10, it looks like the company may be gearing up to throw users another curveball. Re-appointed head of Microsoft’s coalesced...

Windows 10 is finally taking the Windows Store seriously

Ahead of the highly touted Windows Store unification, the Windows team is finally sharing with users their plans to improve the Windows Store app catalog. With the 'One Windows' strategy, Microsoft has made a huge, but logical, bet on combining the stores from Windows Mobile, Windows 10,

Satya Nadella hauls in a $25 million paycheck for a record fiscal year 2018

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hauled in a massive paycheck for the fiscal year 2018 which was recently revealed in Microsoft’s Annual Proxy Statement after a year where several milestones were met by different Microsoft businesses. Salary,

Bill Gates remembers his friend and Micrsosoft co-founder Paul Allen

I met Paul when I was in 7th grade, and it changed my life.

Microsoft gets another low score from iFixit for Surface Pro 6

Surface devices are notoriously hard to repair, and as it turns out the Surface Pro 6 is unfortunately no exception.

Windows Insiders are Welcomed to Microsoft HQ

Simon Allison is back from the Microsoft Redmond Campus, here is what he had to say…..The Tour of the campus was an Amazing Experience.  Some of you asked how did I enter the contest, what did I have to do and what did you see whilst I was there? The Windows Insiders Bug Bash […]

Office 365 seeks to stop over 8 million business email phishing attempts with new low miss rate

Although the company wasn't quite up to par with competitors at first, the service has been quickly improved and has now blocked over 5 billion phishing attempts.

Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps to get a slightly lighter dark mode

Microsoft appears to be slowly tweaking its dark mode on Windows 10 to make it look slightly less dark, and the Outlook Mail and Calendar apps are the latest app to get a new dark grey background color.

Microsoft list changes to clipboard history, Settings crashes under Known Issues for Windows 10 Insi

Windows 10 Insider preview build 1862 aka 19H1 was just released to Insiders

Microsoft explains why some high end phones won't initially receive the Windows 10 Technical Preview

Some users of high end Lumia phones may be frustrated that the Windows 10 Technical Preview is not available on the Lumia 930, 1520, and Icon.

Lumia 930 and 1520 will not initially receive Windows 10 Technical Preview

Today will be full of news about the Windows 10 Technical Preview for mobile devices. Unfortunately Windows Insiders with the highest end Lumia phones will not be part of today’s update. Microsoft’s support page for the Technical preview has a list of supported devices. They are the Lumia 630,

Windows 10 for phones preview now available for Insiders, get downloading now!

After what seemed like eternity, Microsoft has finally pushed the big red button that unleashes the Windows 10 preview for phones! Although, do keep in mind that Microsoft's new mobile OS is still in development and is pretty rough round the edges, so if you are planning to install this preview,

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Fascinating visualization of the most viewed porn videos by category

PornHub seems to be the porn benchmark of the internet. Here you have a fascinating visualization that shows you the most viewed videos in relation to their category. On the left you can see all the videos ordered by views (3.

Nest's Smart Thermostat and Smoke Detector Just Got Smarter

Nest Labs, which Google recently acquired for $3.2 billion, opened its smart Nest thermostat and smoke detector to developers in June to make more products work together in the home, from washing machines and garage doors to lights and cars.Now, more than 4,

Black Friday '14: E-commerce Pages Far Slower Than They Were in 2013

An anonymous reader writes Black Friday news kicked off this weekend quite early when Best Buy was hit with a massive outage, but it turns out that was only half the story. The top 50 e-commerce websites were slower overall this year compared to last,

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