Facebook bug would have allowed hackers to easily delete your photos

Many of us have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of photos logged on Facebook. A nefarious bug on the website — that has since been mended — would have allowed hackers to arbitrarily delete them.A blogger named Laxman Muthiyah discovered the issue.

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Facebook Might Have Just Fixed the Apple TV's Dumb Login System

Logging into apps on the new Apple TV currently involves entering a password with an onscreen keyboard, a process that makes the TSA look organized and efficient. It’s Apple’s screwup, but Facebook might have just come to the rescue. Read more...

Want to chat on Facebook mobile? You’ll have to download Messenger

Facebook has begun to notify its mobile app users that in the near future if they wish to chat to their friends then they will need to download the company's new Messenger app instead.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/10/want-to-chat-on-facebook-mobile-youll-have-to-download-messenger/

Let’s Face It; Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft All Have Weaknesses

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures made waves recently when he told TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden that by 2020, (that’s less than 6 years, folks), Apple won’t be a top-3 tech company–and Google and Facebook would be.

Has Facebook’s acquisition just killed the Oculus Rift stone dead?

Facebook’s latest purchase has caused virtual turmoil, with wrath spilling from every corner of the Internet, and Zuckerberg really not helping.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/03/26/has-facebooks-acquisition-just-killed-the-oculus-rift-stone-dead/

Google, not Facebook, should have bought Oculus Rift

The wrong tech giant has snapped up the Rift, sadly – Mountain View would likely make better use of the VR goggles in the future.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/07/google-not-facebook-should-have-bought-oculus-rift/

Facebook Wants To BE Your Phone Number With New Message Requests

Someone might want you to call them, but if you don’t have their random string of digits, you can’t. And you could miss something extremely important if a person you’ve never met really needs to reach you. Facebook has a plan to fix all that.

In Public Q&A, Zuckerberg Says Facebook Isn’t A Waste Of Time, Won’t Launch A Dislike Button

In Mark Zuckerberg’s second public Q&A, Zuckerberg discussed how Facebook won’t add a dislike button button but wants to give more nuance to how people share emotions and reactions, and explained how he doesn’t think connecting with friends is a waste of time.

How The Facebook Bubble Is Driving Online Startups Into The Arms Of Offline Advertising

Facebook advertising played a big part in my startup’s rapid growth. So big in fact that in our first two years of operations, all other online advertising platforms combined did not provide as big a growth contribution to the business as Facebook singlehandedly did. And yet,

Facebook bug would have allowed hackers to easily delete your photos

Many of us have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of photos logged on Facebook. A nefarious bug on the website — that has since been mended — would have allowed hackers to arbitrarily delete them.A blogger named Laxman Muthiyah discovered the issue.

Here’s Video Of The Cyber Attack That May Have Spurred This Week’s Facebook Outage

This past Thursday, a number of Facebook users worldwide were unable to access the social networking site worldwide for about a half an hour. Such an outage is big news for as large a site as Facebook, and at the time,

Save nearly $200 on this affordable alternative to the Dyson bladeless fan

Have you always wanted a Dyson bladeless fan, but can't justify taking out a second mortgage to buy one?  Well, you're in luck, because the EdenPURE 360 Bladeless Fan is a pretty great alternative, and it's now available at the massively discounted price of $84.99.

10 weekend gadget sales to watch

Looking to do some shopping? Here are 10 gadgets on sale this weekend:Pionears Wireless Earbuds — 23% offThese little beauties boast a range of up to 33 feet with three hours of listening time — plus,

This story of a widow, a lake, and a rose will restore your faith in humanity

Hope you have tissues nearby. The Bishop Vesey's Grammar School rowing club found a rose attached to the locked gate at a nearby lake, with the most heartbreaking note accompanying it. SEE ALSO:

Chubbs the massive 15-foot gator is terrifying golf course guests again

Chubbs the gator is back, everyone. The massive 15-foot alligator first made a name for himself when he casually strolled through Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida in 2016. In a viral video, Chubbs ambles through the green fields, unbothered by the audibly freaked out course patrons. 

Amy Schumer supports protesting NFL players by saying no to Super Bowl ads

The Super Bowl is the biggest night of the year for two things: Pro football and very expensive commercials. Amy Schumer has decided to use one to influence the other.Her concern stems from ongoing protest actions in which certain players kneel, raises fists,

Twitter quietly fired a suspected Saudi Arabian spy in 2015, report says

We've all seen what can happen when nefarious interests weaponize a social media platform like Twitter. Now imagine how much worse it would be if some foreign agent actually got a job at the company.That's what happened in 2013, apparently.

One 'Daredevil' Season 3 scene has viewers going nuts

Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix has been known since its debut season for expertly-choreographed and visceral fight sequences. Season 1's three-minute hallway scene went viral. In Season 2, the show pushed itself further with a five-minute stairwell shot. In Season 3,

'Evolve' shows big promise, but might still need finessing

As I jumped out of the aircraft into the murky forest again, after a couple hours of a dozen similar jumps, I thought Evolve might be really growing on meIs this game fun?While it's a question important for all video games,

Wife of Paris gunman is with ISIS in Syria, group says

In their latest monthly online magazine, Dabiq, the Islamic State (ISIS) claims the wife of one of the Paris attackers is with them in Syria.See also: France awards citizenship to man who hid hostages in fridgeHayat Boumeddiene, the common-law wife of Amedy Coulibaly,

So iPhone 6 Hairgate is actually a thing — at least in Canada

Travel back in time to Oct. 2014. The iPhone 6 had just come out and a rash of alleged issues with the smartphone (which has gone on to be insanely popular) started to hit the web.The silliest of these "issues" was Hairgate. You remember Hairgate, right?

How to upgrade your PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8.1

Official support for Windows XP ended yesterday – so now’s the time to look at an OS upgrade. We’ll show you what you need to do…Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/09/how-to-upgrade-your-pc-from-windows-xp-to-windows-7-or-81/

编辑推荐是苹果把 Beats做成 iTunes 用户级别服务的王牌么?



1965-2012年间,美国上市公司的翻覆率,即行业龙头丧失其领先地位的比率,增加了40% 。此外,企业在标准普尔500指数上停留的平均时长已从1937年的75年降到了2011年的18年。老牌企业维系自身主导地位的难度越来越大。

中国医院和癌症患者将受益于医科达的 Versa HD 放疗系统

先进的治疗系统现已在医科达第二大市场问世 北京2014年9月30日电 /美通社/ -- 继美国和欧洲批准医科达 (Elekta) 的 Versa HD™ 直线加速器之后,中国食品药品监督管理局 (CFDA) 已经批准该放疗系统可在中国销售与营销。

微软的“促销理论”:一切都是为了Xbox One的销量

9月末,国行Xbox One正式登陆了国内市场,于此同时我们也收到了一封来自国内市场的贺电:国行Xbox On […]

Kristen Wiig dance moves slay during Sia's Grammys performance

Sia is in this phase of life where she does not want people to see her face, so she has enlisted the help of various performers to wildly convulse on stage while she inconspicuously sings in the backgroundDuring Sunday's Grammys performance of "Chandelier,

Play the Battlefield Hardline trial on Xbox One now through EA Access

Battlefield Hardline, the latest game from EA, is set to launch on March 17th, but if you're an EA Access subscriber, you can start playing a trial version now.  The game, a "TV inspired" crime drama, is set in Miami, and you can lead your crew in single player action as Detective Nick Mendoza,


早报导语 又一个富豪加入裸捐大军了,苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)在接受《财富》杂志采访时称,他 […]

真的很大:iPad Pro高清上手图+视频来袭

一直以来,iPad 都带给人们一种与众不同的体验:看似简单,用起来却引人入胜。现在,凭借宽大的 12.

Brussels, a city still under high alert, embraces a return to normalcy

Schoolchildren in Brussels returned to their classrooms on Wednesday, after a two-day shutdown, under the vigilant watch of military personnel and police carrying automatic weapons on the streets of the Belgian capital.

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