Microsoft boosts employee health with Zipongo pilot program

Microsoft is looking to help their employees eat healthier with the help of a special pilot program created with the Zipongo phone app, available for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. The Zipongo pilot program is taking place at Microsoft’s City Center office in Bellevue, Washington.

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New in-meeting share experience is coming to Microsoft Teams next month

Microsoft is planning a big design refresh for the in-meeting Share experience in the desktop version of Teams. This should make it easier for presenters to find their desired content more quickly and easily.

Fall Guys isn’t coming to Xbox Game Pass despite the Xbox team teasing it on social media

If the Xbox team teased the arrival of Fall Guys on Xbox Game Pass on social media earlier this week, the game's publisher has since denied any plans to bring the game to Microsoft's game subscription service.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ review: Windows Mixed Reality is one of Microsoft’s most underrated products ev

Back in 2017, Microsoft unveiled a newly rebranded initiative known as Windows Mixed Reality (which I shorthand as WMR.) With that, Microsoft’s partners like Dell, HP, and Lenovo,

Microsoft looks to bolster the self-driving car market with new Cruise and GM partnership

Microsoft appears to be re-entering the automotive market in a significantly greater capacity than it has been previously. A few years back,

Yammer adds diverse skin tones to reactions on the web and mobile

Microsoft has announced a new update for Yammer that brings the ability to choose diverse skin tones for reactions. This new inclusive reactions feature has begun rolling out globally to the web and mobile client, and it will soon be available to all users.

Star Wars Battlefront III rumors have a lot of fans excited for the video game sequel

The Star Wars Battlefront video game franchise has been getting a lot of buzz recently which has come as a bit of a pleasant surprise given that the latest game in the series, Star Wars Battlefront II,

Star Wars: Squadrons’ latest update is now live on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows

The latest update for the Star Wars: Squadrons video game is now live on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X family of consoles and Windows PCs. While this update doesn’t add any free content such those seen in the recent The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The High Republic updates, it does fix a […]

Microsoft's Danah Boyd on why brands struggle with the teen demographic

If you're a brand throwing money into the coffers of SEO and SEM mercenaries who stalk the internet with promises of hits, clicks and ROI among a teen demographic, then Microsoft's Danah Boyd has a few observations that may help stem some of that spending. 

Can Microsoft stem the rising tide of frustration and abandonment long enough to debut Windows 10?

Why, Microsoft?This question is becoming all to frequent these days among Microsoft product users. The vocal minority are now becoming the increasingly frustrated majority with each passing day.While some stories like, 'I've given up on Windows Phone',  

App Update Roundup: Viber, CNN, OnStar RemoteLink, and more

Did you know that smartphone owners use an average of 27 apps and spend around 30 hours on them in a month? Browsing the web, playing games, connecting to social networks, watching cat videos, etc.,and all these tasks require apps need support and up keep.

NASA Halts Work With Russia's Space Agency

This is a developing story. We will continue to update as more information becomes available...NASA and Russia have worked together for years in space, but that relationship may be radically changing as the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorateThe U.S.

Windows 9’s Preview May Not Touch Down Until October

Remember that upcoming Windows 9 event that Microsoft is hosting on September 30? It might not mark the actual release of Windows 9’s technical preview, as was long expected. According to Paul Thurrott, that bit of code might not become available until October. Read More

Excel动画教程50例(三) - 尛鱼


国行iPad Air 2发货加快: 一个工作日可到位

苹果在悄然加快iPad Air 2的供货速度。目前iPad Air 2的发货时间已经加快到一个工作日,不过目前只针对16GB版本。至于容量更大的64GB和128GB版本,其预计发货时间仍然是1-3个工作日。



Lumia Denim 更新却没份:查看手机从属地

最近最火热的更新消息就是有关 Lumia Denim 更新,但目前 Lumia Denim 还是在逐步向部分地区和设备推出,还没有全面覆盖。

[Scheme入门]2 算数运算 - Hom_Ketg

1、quotient、remainder、modulo和sqrt函数quotient用于求商数(quotient)。函数remainder和modulo用于求余数(remainder)。函数sqrt用于求参数的平方根(square root)。以下是一些示例:(quotient73);Value: ...

北海道教育局首創 每月 2 次「不打機日」

對不少學生來說,週末在家的一大娛樂就是打機。不過日本的教育部門和家長教師組織早前決定由 2 月起,將每月的兩個星期日定為「不打機日」,希望學生少玩遊戲機。





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