When super-soaps collide: Neighbours recreates Eastenders

LONDON — Welcome to East Erinsborough, half Eastenders, half Neighbours.Cast members from Australia's long-running soap made the short sketch for the much loved British soap,

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When super-soaps collide: Neighbours recreates Eastenders

LONDON — Welcome to East Erinsborough, half Eastenders, half Neighbours.Cast members from Australia's long-running soap made the short sketch for the much loved British soap,

'EastEnders' becomes first British soap to cast a trans actor in a trans role

LONDON — BBC's EastEnders has become the first British soap to cast a transgender actor in the role of a transgender character. Kyle, who will be played by Riley Carter Millington,

Woman demonstrates 100 years of Iranian beauty in one minute

Every style tells a story.The third installment of The Cut's "100 Years of Beauty" video series focuses on historical beauty trends in Iran. Iranian American model Sabrina Sarajy gets her hair, makeup and occasionally her hijab fashioned in the iconic style of the decade from the 1910s to the 2010s.

John Oliver tackles some very important issues in 'Would You Rather'

Would you ratherWould you rather have screaming nipples or a tongue that constantly interrupts you? Only John Oliver could make one of these options sound remotely desirable.The comedian answered a series of "Would You Rather" questions submitted by fans while backstage at The Tonight ShowSee also:

Supremely chill capybaras soak in a hot tub together

Seven capybaras are living their best lives while cozied up together in a steaming hot tub at the Saitama Children's Zoo in Japan.On cold days, the zoo lets their pack of giant rodents take long soaks in hot tubs filled with yuzu fruits.

What would parents do to their kids if they ridiculed a senator? Give them ice cream, apparently

Wednesday's CNN town hall on gun violence was always going to be a heated affair.But the forum also presented numerous opportunities for the students, teachers and parents of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, to confront decision makers about inaction on guns.SEE ALSO:

'Lady Bird' gets censored for Australian release

For a country which throws around the c-word like it's going out of fashion, Australians won't be able to hear it said in the critically-acclaimed Lady Bird.Greta Gerwig's Oscar-nominated film has been cut by Universal Pictures to satisfy an M rating in the country,

Get ready for the (legal) gloves to come off in net neutrality fight

The battle to save net neutrality is about to heat back up. The Federal Communications Commission is on the verge of officially publishing its order demolishing the rules that protected a free and open internet, and activists actually have a reason to look forward to it. Why? Think lawsuits. 

A flooded river turned this hiking trail into an underwater fantasy world

When Brazil was hit with heavy rains a few weeks ago, the Rio da Prata and Olho D'Água rivers overflowed into the rainforest surrounding it. The flooded forest created an underwater paradise that looks like it's straight out of a fantasy video game. Unlike most murky floodwater,

Move over, Eminem. Stormzy just delivered the politically charged freestyle of the year.

Stormzy is one of the hottest grime artists in the UK. Live at the Brit Awards on Wednesday night, he took aim at Prime Minister Theresa May for her response to the Grenfell Tower fire that killed 71 people.

Divers find undetonated WWII bomb lurking in city harbour

There's a bunch of things you'd expect to be submerged in a city harbour: Garbage, the odd shopping trolley, a car wreck or three.But perhaps not an undetonated World War II-era bomb.SEE ALSO: In 1964,

Trump spotted holding list of ways to sound human while talking to shooting survivors

In the wake of a school shooting which left 17 people dead in Parkland, Florida, the White House held a listening session with President Trump and the victims and parents of gun violence in schools on Wednesday.Apparently, Trump needed some notes on how to sound like a compassionate human. 

Dove's Twitter Oscars program attempts to reverse damage of negative tweets

People turn to social media to discuss how celebrities look while walking the red carpet at the Oscars, but the comments, of course, aren't always positive.Not only do we often see critical tweets about actresses in their gowns,

'Superbug' outbreak at LA hospital linked to 2 deaths

Contaminated medical instruments are to blame for infecting seven patients — including two who died — with an antibiotic-resistant and potentially deadly "superbug" at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, hospital officials said. A total of 179 patients may be infected.

What hiring managers are really asking in interviews

Interviews are fairly anxiety inducing, especially when your interviewer has what can only be described as a professional poker face. You could drive yourself insane trying to figure out what exactly is going on behind that diplomatic smile.To save you from the agony and to help you better prepare,

互联网格局巨变 BAT焦虑了

中经摘要: BAT三巨头迫切希望用自己巨大的流量资源、客户服务能力和支付能力,将线上的垄断优势延续至移动端以及 […]

Google Video Quality Report shames slow US ISPs streaming YouTube videos

Do you know how good video streaming is for your ISP compared to others in your area? Google's new video quality report can show you.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/30/google-video-quality-report-shames-slow-us-isps-streaming-youtube-videos/










Qi 无线充电很讨人喜欢,因为省去了凌乱的线缆,用户充电时也无需每次都将 USB 线缆对准手机端口才能进行充电。如果你的手机或者平板电脑支持无线充电,恭喜你,你很幸运。

老古董再上战场!Power Glove控制定格动画

对于 00 后来说,任天堂 Power Glove 这款红极一时的游戏外设,他们大概连听都没听过吧?从 1989 年推出至今,20 多年过去了,你曾经爱不释手的 Power Glove 现在闲置在哪呢?  

微软正式公布Windows 10移动版技术预览版

微软早些时候正式公布,Windows 10移动版技术预览版即将推送给参加Windows Insider计划的用 […]



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