Eligible Microsoft users will receive Wi-Fi around the world

Microsoft and iPass have come to an agreement to provide iPass Wi-Fi service to select Microsoft users. iPass is the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network with over 18 million hotspots around the world. Users of iPass can access Wi-Fi internet in many airports, hotels, and during many flights.

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Microsoft lays off some of its Mixer original programming staff

Microsoft appears to have laid off several employees that were part of the company’s Mixer original programming staff.

Windows 10 news recap: Windows Update will tell you if your PC isn’t ready for May 2019 Update, What

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Windows Update can now tell you if your PC isn’t ready for the May 2019 Update If your PC isn’t ready to take on the May 2019 Update, […]

Microsoft news recap: Xbox is one of the top brands for 2019, Outlook website gets new themes, and m

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Xbox is one of the top brands of 2019,

Microsoft maintains an internally ‘prohibited’ software list and Slack is on it

Slack usage within the company to transmit and receive sensitive data puts could put projects and company divisions at risk. 

Microsoft is working on visual updates to its To-Do List app

Microsoft has been running a beta or Insider To-Do List program that has given some users access to new and presumably upcoming features to the app.

Fortnite to require DirectX 11 capable GPU for PC version beginning with Season 10

Epic Games has just announced that Fortnite will soon require a GPU that supports DirectX 11 on Windows.

Microsoft Whiteboard for Education gains 6 new features for students

Microsoft has updated its Whiteboard app—a tool for students to draw diagrams, jot notes, write, or anything else that can be done on a traditional whiteboard—with a host of new features on Windows 10 and iPadOS devices.

Microsoft releases "slow" track for Windows 10 for phones

It's been almost a week since Microsoft released the technical preview for Windows 10 for phones for the Insiders to test and provide their valuable feedback about the performance, bugs and issues. The preview is available for free for users,

Microsoft expands the regional availability of its Wireless Display Adapter

If you recall, last year Microsoft released the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter that would let you mirror your tablet or smartphone display on a HDTV. The device was only made available in the US and Canada, but now Microsoft is expanding its regional availability.

T-Mobile claims victory over Sprint for the 3rd largest US wireless carrier

We love our smartphones and whether you are on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone the worst thing about your phone may be the wireless carrier. High prices, restrictive contracts, and fees galore can quickly make our most used gadget a headache.




Porter是谁? 创业者。阿里巴巴国际市场的布道师。最懂马云的老外。骑行者。纪录片导演。 如果一定要给Porter打上标签,我觉得如此形容再合适不过。


波士顿红袜队球星David Ortiz本周访问白宫时用三星手机和奥巴马玩自拍,三星美国Twitter帐号随后上传了自拍照,借用奥巴马肖像推销旗下产品。白宫对此表达了不满。


上海2014年4月22日电 /美通社/ -- 全球领先的轻资产性供应链管理公司基华物流(CEVA Logistics)于今日公布公司因十年的杰出服务荣获中国化工行业著名公司珠海BP的表彰。基华物流从2002年开始为珠海 BP 化工管理其仓储业务。

iOS 魔术师第四集: 快速还原魔方原状表演

威锋网讯,为了庆祝匈牙利教授鲁比克发明魔方 40 周年,我们熟悉的老朋友,德国 iOS 魔术师 Simon Pierro 又回来。借这次魔方生日的契机,他为我们带来了新的 iPad 魔方魔术。  

8 Ice Cream Recipes Worth a Brain Freeze

Life's too short to eat mediocre ice cream, so churn your own.Listen, we're not saying that your supermarket's two-for-one deals on ice cream cartons aren't an absolute steal. But if you really want ice cream that's rich, creamy and free of ingredients that you can't even pronounce,

Firechat 加入账户用户名功能,无网沟通更便利

Firechat 上周美国时间 21 日更新了大版本,加入了账户和用户名注册的功能,让用户保持独特和唯一的身份。这样,在一个完全去中心化的聊天网络中,参与者就能够更加方便的辨别彼此的身份了。

【unwireCulture】中國職人卓越手藝.明末清初「Made in China」中式家具展

現在 「Made in China」的東西,連他們自己國人都不想用。但在明末清初,還未有豆腐渣,「Made in China」的職人家具是十分受歡迎,出口至歐美等地。

jQuery初探 jQuery选取和操纵元素的特点 - 圣骑士wind



如果你是一个时间旅行者,能够回到20世纪初,去那时的学校看看,可以发现教育和现在毫无差别,但是孩子和我们生活的世界早已发生了巨大的改变。这是 AltSchool 创始人的 Max Ventilla在接受采访时候时谈到他做教育的初心。

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