'Are you hungry?': 'House of Cards' releases yet another Season 3 clip

Netflix is clearly the biggest tease since your crush in freshman year English class, because it has released yet another trailer from Seaseon 3 of House of Cards. (You can watch last week's clip here).Stop playing games with our heart, Netflix, and go big or go homeSee also:

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15 binge watch-induced Twitter reactions to 'House of Cards' Season 3

Frank and Claire Underwood have ascended to the White House, and the drama is just getting started.Since House of Cards' Season 3 premiered in its entirety on Friday, the Internet has been abuzz with chatter about the new first family in all its secretly twisted glory.See also:

'House of Cards' fans are confused about when Season 3 arrives on Netflix

If American history has taught us anything it's that new seasons of House of Cards arrive at 3:01 a.m. ET, not 12:01 ET, you confused East CoastersMashable confirmed with Netflix that all 13 episodes of Season 3 will come out on Feb. 27 at 3:01 a.m. ET and 12:01 a.m. PT,

Netflix sets a 'House of Cards' Season 3 debut date

The power-hungry Underwoods make their ascent to board Air Force One in the extremely short first teaser for the third season of House of Cards.In the teaser, we learn Netflix's political thriller, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as the nation's newly appointed president and First Lady,

Russia Blocks 'House of Cards' Filming at UN

UNITED NATIONS — Diplomats say Russia has refused to allow the U.S. television series "House of Cards" to film in the U.N. Security Council chamber.The show's producers approached the United Nations,

'House of Cards' renewed for Season 4, because of course

In news that surprises precisely no one, House of Cards is coming back for Season 4Netflix confirmed the news with a Frank Underwood-esque Tweet. It read: "I will leave a legacy. #Underwood2016" See also:

Your guide to the original 'House of Cards'

LONDON — Whether it was a marketing tease or a technical glitch, House of Cards fans were left disappointed on Wednesday after getting a momentary glimpse of the much-awaited season three.See also: 10 spoilers from the 'House of Cards' season 3 leakIn the words of Frank Underwood:

'House of Cards' Season 3 Sneak Peek Wins April Fools' Day

Like House of Cards' manipulative antihero Frank Underwood, the Netflix show's creator Beau Willimon is playing with our emotions.Willimon, knowing that fans who binge-watched season two in February can't wait for news about season three, tweeted a "sneak peek" of the upcoming season on Tuesday,

The end of 'House of Cards' Season 3 is dividing our nation

Warning: This post discusses in detail major plot points from House of Cards Season 3, including the finale. Read with caution. You can find more coverage of the new season here.House of Cards die-hards who burned through all 13 episodes of Season 3 are currently a people divided.See also:

Sacrilegious moment on 'House of Cards' has viewers doing a spit-take

Warning: This post discusses in detail episodes 4 and 5 (Chapters 30 and 31) fromHouse of Cards Season 3. Read with caution. You can find coverage of other Season 3 episodes here and here.Frank Underwood spits in the face of your God. Literally.

'House of Cards' review: Art imitates life as Pussy Riot shines in guest role

Warning: This post discusses in detail House of Cards Season 3's second and third episodes (Chapters 28 and 29). Read with caution.

10 things in 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' from which I personally will never recover

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is far from a perfect film. It defies all laws of time and space and traditional moviemaking by extension, in this ridiculous snow globe of a movie, anything goes.That said, here are 10 of the wildest things about Mamma Mia:

Get two bags for the price of one with this cool carry-on

We're not going to sugarcoat it for you: Buying a great carry-on is more difficult than it looks.You want a bag that's lightweight, looks good, and can fit all your stuff. However, it's also important to select a bag that can adapt to your travels. Trust us:

Stunning videos and photos show terrifying tornado outbreak in the Midwest

Central Iowa was the scene of a "sudden" tornado outbreak on Thursday, resulting in some breathtaking videos and photos capturing the terror of multiple funnels that spun through the state. SEE ALSO: This super clear video of a nearly perfect tornado is stunningThe town of Bondurant,

How a friendly chatbot can help customers love your site

Nobody likes forms. Not tax forms, not medical forms, and certainly not website forms. Yet many websites are riddled with them, demanding that the customer devote time and effort to filling them out before getting in touch or making a purchase. This isn’t just bad customer service,

After a CEO shuffle, Nest is in a much better place within Google

Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz announced this week that he's leaving his post at the helm of the Google-owned smart home company and moving into an advisory role. This is a move in the right direction for Nest customers and the smart-home space in general.

Dunkin' Donuts is releasing a coffee-inspired beer

In today's edition of things no one asked for: Dunkin' Donuts is releasing a new coffee-inspired beer this fall.The coffee chain is collaborating with another Boston favorite, Harpoon Brewery, to create the new brew.Strangely, this isn't Dunkin Donuts' first foray into beer.

There is no more gun emoji. Is that a good thing?

Emoji have conquered the world, no doubt, but what happens after the conquest?The answer: Things change. Emoji are constantly evolving, not only with new symbols that arrive on our smartphone keyboards year after year, but also the symbols themselves. A couple of years ago,

Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short talk about Bill Paxton's back hair

No one can describe Bill Paxton's unmentionables more eloquently than Jimmy Fallon and Martin ShortThe Apollo 13 actor was the star subject between the two former Saturday Night Live cast members on the Tonight Show on Thursday.

Jim Cantore's thundersnow weather-gasm set to auto-tune

Thundersnow: a weather phenomenon and, now, a bumping tuneThe Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore was reporting from Massachusetts last weekend when thundersnow rumbled overhead, giving Cantore an intense weather-gasm.

Unusual snowfall pounds Middle East, leaving refugees at risk

Frigid temperatures and snow swept through Israel, Lebanon and Jordan on Friday, as a large winter storm moved across the region.For example, iconic landmarks such as Western Wall and Dome of the Rock in the Al-Aqsa mosque compound were an unusual sight in Jerusalem,


今天又被研发同学说(pen)了! 什么?你被交互设计师说(pen)了?!这都什么世道啊?!天天被说(pen) […]



Science Inc. Acquires Armenian Mobile App-Maker Inlight

Looks like Science Inc. is getting more serious about mobile development — the startup studio is announcing that it has acquired an eight-person company based in Yerevan, Armenia called Inlight. That company developed the iOS app of the same name, a social newsreading service targeting women.

微软Adam挑战Google Brain:我的机器学习比你快


iPhone 6真机模型曝光 凸起式摄像头得到确认

早在今年3月,一组据称是来自富士康内部人士的iPhone 6真机谍照曾经出现在我们的面前,其中一张图片是来自iPhone 6计算机的设计界面截图,从截图中我们看到了该机采用了凸起式的摄像头设计。

函数式编程(一) 认识“编程范式”和“函数” - xiaozhi_5638

编程范式(Programming paradigm) 编程范式指我们在编写程序解决问题的思路和视角。它提供了同时也决定了程序员对程序运行的看法。





估值超40亿美金,Lending Club给中国创业者的鸡血与陷阱

Lending Club上市这其实给中国P2P平台挖了一个很大的陷阱,40亿美元的估值足够精神出一次轨了。但如果不把三个坑填平,国内互联网金融离上市之路将会变的和《匆匆那年》的乔燃一样,你爱着“上市”,可“上市”并不爱你。

Omni Wheel 智能車輪即將面世!可將一般單車改裝成智能單車


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