Lenovo Hit With Lawsuit Over Superfish Adware

An anonymous reader writes with news that the fallout from the Superfish fiasco might just be starting for Lenovo. "Lenovo admitted to pre-loading the Superfish adware on some consumer PCs, and unhappy customers are now dragging the company to court on the matter.

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Lenovo releases an auto removal tool to make up for the Superfish fiasco

Lenovo opened its own can of worms by admitting to installing Superfish on its laptops sold between September 2014 and January 2015. Superfish is adware that inserted ads on websites viewed on Lenovo laptops; it also exposed Lenovo customers to huge security flaws. According to Lenovo,

Microsoft and Lenovo work on cleaning up 60,000 Superfish infected PCs

In the wake of Superfish, there seems to be a BP oil spill-like taint on the Lenovo brand in the eyes of many consumers. Trust was lost, images were tarnished and the MacBook toting crowd began their chants of superiority. Unfortunately Lenovo didn't just ruin their name alone,

Lenovo Joins the Malevolent Side of the Online Advertising Industry

On Wednesday evening, the news began to break on Twitter. Computer security analysts had discovered something nefarious about a piece of advertising software called Superfish, which comes pre-installed on cheap Lenovo laptops like the Yoga 2.

Lenovo CTO: We Have No Intention Of Shipping a Superfish Product Again

Last week, news broke that many Lenovo computers were shipped with a dangerous piece of Superfish adware , which made the computers vulnerable to malicious hacks. Now, with a class action lawsuit looming and anti-virus vendors pledging to root out the adware,

Lenovo's website reportedly hacked by Lizard Squad, likely over Superfish debacle

Lenovo has had a rough week to say the least. As you have likely read everywhere on the internet, Lenovo was caught pre-loading software called Superfish on certain Lenovo products. This allowed the company to utilize an extra revenue stream,

联想:Superfish 今年一月就停止预装了

关于昨天曝出的联想电脑系统预装 广告软件 Superfish 事件,联想官方做出了回应。

Lenovo Hit With Lawsuit Over Superfish Adware

An anonymous reader writes with news that the fallout from the Superfish fiasco might just be starting for Lenovo. "Lenovo admitted to pre-loading the Superfish adware on some consumer PCs, and unhappy customers are now dragging the company to court on the matter.

How to get rid of Superfish adware on Lenovo computers

Lenovo has released instructions — amid backlash — for getting rid of the Superfish adware that was preinstalled on some of the company's devicesStep-by-step instructions for removing both the software and the root certificate (widely decried by privacy advocates as a serious security risk on Thursday) can be found here.

Lenovo hit with lawsuit over Superfish adware fiasco

That didn't take long.Lenovo and Superfish were slapped with a proposed class-action lawsuit, filed late last week in federal court, according to reportsPlaintiff Jessica Bennett says she noticed "spam advertisements involving scantily clad women" on her Yoga 2 laptop.

Lenovo backpedals on Superfish adware, says it's working to 'restore trust'

Lenovo is facing growing backlash after it was discovered that the company had preinstalled a malicious adware called Superfish on some of its laptops. Now, the Chinese manufacturer is scrambling to manage a public relations scandal.Personal note after long day of Superfish meetings:

Supreme Court Gives Tacit Approval To Warrantless DNA Collection

An anonymous reader writes On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a case involving the conviction of a man based solely on the analysis of his "inadvertently shed" DNA.

What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft?

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Khronos Group Announces Vulkan To Compete Against DirectX 12

Phopojijo writes The Khronos Group has announced the Vulkan API for compute and graphics. Its goal is to compete against DirectX 12. It has some interesting features,

Inside the North Korean Data Smuggling Movement

Sparrowvsrevolution writes A new Wired magazine story goes inside the North Korean rebel movement seeking to overthrow Kim Jong-un by smuggling USB drives into the country packed with foreign television and movies. As the story describes, one group has stashed USB drives in Chinese cargo trucks.

NVIDIA Fixes Old Compiz Bug

jones_supa writes NVIDIA has fixed a long-standing issue in the Ubuntu Unity desktop by patching Compiz. When opening the window of a new application, it would go black or become transparent on NVIDIA hardware. There have been bug reports dating back to Ubuntu 12.10 times.

Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email At State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules

HughPickens.com writes: The NY Times reports that Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state, according to State Department officials.

100 Years of Chemical Weapons

MTorrice writes This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first large-scale use of chemical weapons during World War I. Sarah Everts at Chemical & Engineering News remembers the event with a detailed account of the day in 1915 when the German Army released chlorine gas on its enemies,

YouTube Kids Launches On Android and iOS

An anonymous reader writes As expected, YouTube today launched YouTube Kids for Android and iOS, described as a "family-friendly destination" and "the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind." You can download the new app for free, available only in the U.S.,

Ancient and Modern People Followed Same Mathematical Rule To Build Cities

An anonymous reader writes with news of a study that shows similarities in how cities are built throughout time. "A study of archeological data from ancient Mexican settlements reveals remarkable similarities between pre-Colombian cities and modern ones,

Must Reads: 1 Year After Boston, No Escape From Heartbleed and More

During the week, we consume words in snackable, tweetable bites. But on the weekends, we have the time to take a dive into the murkier, lengthier depths of the Internet and expand our attention spans beyond 140 characters. We can brew a cup of coffee and lie back with our iPads, laptops,

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多个横向排列的Button之间总是存在间隙,设置margin, padding都无法消除(margin设置为负值除外),本文将验证并总结各种解决方案

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设计模式之第16章-代理模式(Java实现) “现在朋友圈真是太让人蛋疼了啊。”“怎么说?”“一堆代理,各种卖东西的,看着好烦人。”“哎,删了呗。”“都是朋友,哪里好意思删啊。


上海2015年5月19日电 /美通社/ -- 联合利华旗下可爱多品牌开启“智慧包装”创新项目。全球领先的冰淇淋品牌可爱多正在中国寻找合作伙伴,共同对包装进行数字化创新。


德国斯图加特2015年6月26日电 /美通社/ -- 全球专业组织 DEKRA 在国际品牌顾问公司 Interbrand 发起的“2015 德国最佳品牌”榜单中以1.98亿欧元的品牌价值位列第47名。这是 DEKRA 首次入选德国最佳品牌。

美国同性恋婚姻合法 库克发推文称“今天是平等和爱的胜利”


You can now enroll in the Windows 10 Insider Preview again

If Windows 10 isn’t new enough for you or if you'd like to test out some new features soon, it’s now possible to again enroll in the Windows 10 Insider Preview program. While Windows 10 was released to the public on July 29th, it’s far from finished. With the Windows as a service model,


写这篇文章的灵感,来源前几天看到一个单词:celibacy,n.独身主义,孤身主义。指精神和肉体上的独立,类似 ...


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