Crappy Kickstarter allows you to buy farts in a jar from around the world

There's no telling what a fart will smell likeSo if you ever wanted to smell the sweet stench of human digestion from Fiji, Tonga, Egypt or Ecuador, now is your chance to invest in an opportunity at the ground levelSee also:

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This Kickstarter wants you to dual-boot Android and Windows on your PC with 'Console OS'

"What if your Intel desktop, tablet, Ultrabook, or 2-in-1 could rock both Windows and Android? What if you could take your $199 Windows tablet and dual-boot with it? That's the question Mobile Media Ventures is asking on Kickstarter. In fact,

This sock uses pure silver to ban smelly feet from your life

That's right — socks that don't smell. Ever.The SilverAir Crew Sock uses pure silver to act as an odor eliminator and its design incorporates "ventilation zones" that allow your foot to breatheThe Kickstarter project was fully funded within 12 hours and had raised over $72,

Spotlight on Kickstarter: Ergo Book iPad case

There are so many iPad cases around, that the announcement of another might not spark much interest with you – but the Ergo Book from Acme Made is impressively different.Read more:

The Case That Turns Your Phone Into A Polaroid Camera Is Now On Kickstarter

The Prynt case, which lets you print photos directly from your phone, is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Read More

Crappy Kickstarter allows you to buy farts in a jar from around the world

There's no telling what a fart will smell likeSo if you ever wanted to smell the sweet stench of human digestion from Fiji, Tonga, Egypt or Ecuador, now is your chance to invest in an opportunity at the ground levelSee also:

This guy wants to name your dog and buy Kickstarter so he can do it

Aaron Schlechter loves dogs. Or, he loves naming them, anyway. It is a unique skill he has honed over time to honor a very special friend of his from childhood."When I was about four years old, our family got a dachshund...and my parents let me name her. After a great deal of thought,

Getting Charged Up Over Chargers at CES (Video)

First we look at Skiva Technology and their Octofire 8-port USB charger that pulled in nearly five times the requested amount from a Kickstarter campaign. (The 'pulled in X times the requested Kickstarter amount' is becoming a common product boast, isn't it?) Then,

Dodge Kickstarter Fees And Take Crowdfunding On Your Site With Celery Launch

Why pay Kickstarter 5% or Indiegogo 4% to 9% when most crowdfunding traffic comes from project creators and their own promotion? And why publicize a crowdfunding page that will only live for a month instead a business’ own website that can take orders forever?

Hey First World Folk, Kangeroo Light Wants To Help You Find Stuff In Your Bag

Meet the Kangeroo Light, the latest Kickstarter project from the off-the-wall design studio that created the Ostrich Pillow. This time around they're cooking up a portable, rechargeable, touch-sensitive gizmo to shine a light in dark places. Read More

BackerClub Wants To Put Your Crowdfunding Campaign In Front Of Kickstarter Power Backers

A new venture is hoping to ride the coattails of the Kickerstarter ecosystem by offering a way to get your crowdfunding campaign in front of a community of Kickstarter power backers — for a fee. Read More

Domestic robots that will change the future of how you run your house

Remember back in 2001 when The Simpsons purchased an automated upgrade for their home known as the “Ultrahouse 3000?” Well, this is a bit like that,

Meet the three new 'Doctor Who' companions in first series teaser

Your first teaser for the new series of Doctor Who is here.Months after we watched Peter Capaldi regenerated, as per tradition from the TARDIS, as the 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker in last year's Christmas special,

Massive 11-million-ton iceberg towers over little village in Greenland

A colossal 11-million ton iceberg is towering over a tiny Greenland village, captured in one of the most jaw-dropping photos you'll see this week.Taken by Karl Petersen on Friday, the photograph shows an enormous 650-feet-wide iceberg sitting dangerously close to the village of Innarsuit,

Sacha Baron Cohen's new show: Is it worth watching?

Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America? created quite the buzz leading up to its release, with prominent conservative politicians reacting with outrage as they realized Cohen was effectively pranking them.The series premiere is now streaming on Showtime (free for a limited time),

We might get Cleganebowl in 'Game of Thrones' Season 8

A teeny, tiny hint about Game of Thrones Season 8 may point to one of the series most highlyanticipated battles ever: Cleganebowl. According to CinemaBlend, actor Hafþór Björnsson, who plays the hulking Mountain, revealed that his favorite scene is in the upcoming season,

World Cup celebration in Paris is the most jubilant sh*t we've ever seen

Know any soccer enthusiasts rooting for France? They are absolutely, 100%, without a doubt the happiest people you know right now.France won the 2018 World Cup on Sunday, beating Croatia 4-2 thanks in part to 19-year-old star Kylian Mbappé. After the victory,

Punk band Pussy Riot stage World Cup protest

Four protesters rushed the field during the France vs. Croatia final World Cup match. Russian group Pussy Riot has since claimed responsibility for the display.SEE ALSO:

Men in miniskirts take stand for women's rights in Turkey

Turkish men have taken a stand with a simple, unconventional approach to combatting violence against women— miniskirts.

Climate change is starting a fast-food chicken war

It's a battle of golden-brown, honey mustard-dipped attrition.Burger King is playing the volume game, mortar-shelling every discounted, mechanically separated chicken nugget it has directly into consumers' mouths. For a limited time, you can get a 10-piece order for $1.

Google Wallet is getting serious

Samsung isn't the only company looking to challenge Apple Pay's increasing dominance in mobile paymentsGoogle announced Monday that it has acquired technology from mobile payments app Softcard, and that Google Wallet will soon come pre-installed on Android phones from three of the four largest U.S.

微软发慈悲,Office Mobile for Android 彻底免费啦

尽管Office那些组件的iPad版本还是需要Office 365的付费订阅才可以使用到全功能,但在Android平台上微软是彻底免费了,不过Android上的是比较简单的Office Mobile for Android而非Word、Excel和PowerPoint独立的应用。

Fates Forever Is League Of Legends Lite For Your iPad

Released earlier this month, TechCrunch Disrupt alum Hammer & Chisel’s Fates Forever is a well-executed attempt to bring the MOBA to tablets. It doesn’t bring every feature in League of Legends to your iPad,

Chrome Extension 检查视图(无效)处理方法 - kenticny

最近闲来无事,简单看了下Chrome扩展的开发,并且开发一个小小的翻译插件(TranslateBao)作为练手,开发细节不详述了,如果有新学习chrome extension开发的新人,可以参考源码,并欢迎提出宝贵意见,共同进步。


Amazon正在将EC2管理与微软系统中心虚拟机管理器(SCVMM)集成到一起。微软 Windows系统管理员可以使用熟悉的系统中心用户界面准备和配置运行在Amazon EC2上的虚拟机了。 By Janakiram MSV Translated by 谢丽

推广速度快 美国越来越多银行支持Apple Pay

继上个月苹果添加了几家支持 Apple Pay 的银行后,这个月苹果继续更新其支持银行的列表,添加可支持的信用卡类型。其中包括 L&N 联邦信用卡联盟和 UW 信用卡联盟。

Damn, Another Arm-Sized Bolt Fell Off London's Cheesegrater Tower 

The Cheesegrater is a beautiful glass wedge of a building that rises over 700 feet into the London skyline. It unfortunately has some safety problems. This week, its owners revealed that a third bolt of high-strength steel snapped because of "hydrogen embrittlement"—an obscure term,


我的看法: 在可预见的未来将是经济学领域最热门的分支 (现在论文发表数目已经是指数性爆炸了).神经经济学基本上被神经科学家主导, 而非经济学家或者行为经济学家.


上海2015年7月31日电 /美通社/ -- 业界领先的容器云平台和解决方案提供商 DaoCloud 正式推出商业版容器云服务,并公布了“非常6+1”模式收费方案。

未成年人因网游行凶 专家呼吁游戏分级


Government makes awkward spelling error in notice about English tests for migrants

LONDON — It's normally pretty important to get your spelling right when you're an official government website, but it's arguably even more important when you're advertising an "English requirement" language test for migrants.See also:

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