Joe Biden and John Travolta are a little too similar, if you ask us

John Travolta was given a second chance at this year's Oscars, only to embarrass himself more than he did last yearFor the keen eye,

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Joe Biden and John Travolta are a little too similar, if you ask us

John Travolta was given a second chance at this year's Oscars, only to embarrass himself more than he did last yearFor the keen eye,

John Travlota's creepy Oscars kiss gets even creepier with memes

This will give you chills. It's electrifyingWalking punchline Glom Gazingo (sorry — John Travlota) took red carpet friendliness to the next level during Sunday's Oscars, giving Scarlett Johansson a peck on the cheek. The feelings didn't look mutual.See also:

Space photos show smoke smothering a burning California

Fires at opposite ends of California have smothered the Golden State in smoke. Fall may be here, but rapidly-moving flames are still torching the exceptionally dry land, killing dozens of people in the state. 

Rubik's Cube phenom solved three of them at once, including one with his FEET

This kid has finer motor coordination in one hand than most of us do in all of our limbs combined.Que Jianyu, 13, is now officially a Guinness World Record holder for solving three Rubik's Cube puzzles simultaneously in less than two minutes.

Kellyanne Conway uses 'alternative facts' to explain that doctored Jim Acosta video

Well, the definition of the word "altered" now seems to be up for debate — at least if you work for the Trump administration.After last week's testy exchange at the White House between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and President Trump,

There's a new version of CyberGhost VPN and it only costs £2.72 a month

At the moment it feels like there is new VPN news every other day. There is increasing interest in VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, and hence a lot of development and a lot of competition to stand out from the crowd.The latest provider to bring something new to the industry is CyberGhost VPN.

This 13-piece stainless steel cookware set is 75% off at Macy's, dropping it to under $30

The kitchen is easily one of the most expensive rooms to stock: With appliances, plus dinnerware, plus cookware, and then, you know, actual groceries on top of that, you might find yourself resorting to sticky hand-me-down pots and pans from yard sales with questionable crust dried on them. 

What's the matter with 'Mars'? Season 2 struggles to find footing on Red Planet

Mars is hard. Hard to get to, hard to make habitable for humans, hard to tell a story about on the screen and leave the viewer with any lasting impression. With a few shining exceptions — looking at you, The Martian — all Mars movies have bombed.

7 of the best antivirus services for Android smartphones and tablets

We hate to kick off this in such a negative fashion, but we feel obligated to alert all you Android users that your smart phones are vulnerable. While Android’s customization is great, the fact that they have an open platform makes them easier to hack and attack.

At long last, Limp Bizkit mashed up with the Seinfeld theme song

Fifteen years later, we're all still wondering what's the deal with Fred Durst. But maybe Limp BIzkit's longevity problem stems from choosing rap-rock over rap-jazz.A new mashup lays the vocals of the group's 1999 hit "Break Stuff" over the Seinfeld theme song,

Young LeBron James Jr. has some highlight skills of his own

LeBron James Jr. is stuntin' like his daddyThe young progeny of Earth's greatest basketball-playing human is in fourth grade, plays ball himself and earned himself some Internet props after showing off a sweet outside shot,

Winter is costing U.S. at least $5 billion, analysts say

With yet another winter storm marching across the U.S. Monday, this time coating large parts of the South in a thick glaze of ice, along with more frigid, record-breaking temperatures in New York and Boston, the epic winter of 2014-15 marches onBut it isn't just affecting our thermometers.

另一组iPhone 6手机壳谍照流出 电源键移位

威锋网讯,又来了?这张手机壳的图片和之前我们报道过的手机壳图和香港电子展会上的模型图是否吻合?来自 Nowhereelse.



US investigates IBM and Lenovo $2.3b server deal over Chinese spying fears

The country’s government is worried about the maintenance that will be done once the deal has been completed and the two companies are working to allay the concerns.Read more:


你可能还记得王健林和马云在 2012 年下的一个赌局:到 2022 年,如果电商在中国零售市场份额占 50%,王健林将给马云 1 个亿,如果没到,马云还王健林 1 个亿。


铅笔橡皮一直都是文具界的十佳好基友,更多的时候,橡皮都是顶在铅笔脑门上出现的,在铅笔犯错的时候,及时出现予以抹 […]

'Alex From Target' a manufactured stunt, marketing company CEO claims

A marketing company called Breakr is claiming credit for launching the viral "Alex from Target" meme, a picture of a Target employee that inexplicably took the Internet by storm Monday.In a LinkedIn post called "#AlexFromTarget: The Power of Fangirls" that was published yesterday,

Windows 93: The Most Fun You'll Ever Have With an Operating System

A few months ago, a pair of French hackers teased a new project called Windows 93. It was a wonderfully weird web-based operating system, some sort of spoof on Windows 95, packed to the gills with insidery internet jokes. And late last night, the digital artists released the full version.



Nonchalant dog is unimpressed with owner’s speed sailing

Speed sailing is the new sticking your head out of a car window.A man knows his dog puts way too much trust in him when they are perfectly fine with getting strapped into a bag and sent speed sailing off a cliff.

Why learning to code can help you land any job

Learning to code has lots of benefits. Aside from the obvious (like being able to build websites and web applications), coding skills can make you stand out when it comes to looking for career opportunitiesEVEN for positions that don't involve writing code on the day-to-day.

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