How the new Apple emoji got their skin tones: it's not what you think

Apple rolled out new developer betas for OS X and iOS Monday — which included, amongst other things, the first look at a more diverse set of emoji.The move comes a few months after the Unicode Consortium, the group that governs the emoji standard, proposed an update to address emoji diversity.

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I tweeted a food emoji and got lunch delivered — in real life

We all know that emoji make any conversation better, but they can also be a helpful way to creatively order lunch.Lexington, Kentucky-based startup Fooji allows users to tweet a food-related emoji to — well, order food. The company calls it "the simplification of food ordering." See also:

Top 10 Instagram emoji at the Met Gala — including a bee for Bey

The Met Gala's biggest celebs proved that social media cannot be stopped, no matter what Anna Wintour decreesSee also: Rihanna's Met Gala dress: We found memes in a hopeless placeMany attendees broke the social media and selfie ban on MondayIn fact,

Instagram won't let us interact with the eggplant emoji

Not all emojis are created equal, apparently.

Celebrities hilariously reveal their emoji wish lists

NEW YORK — Celebrities, they're just like us. They love to send emoji like the little cat face with heart eyesBut anyone familiar with the emoji keyboard knows far too well that it could use a few additionsSee also:

How the new Apple emoji got their skin tones: it's not what you think

Apple rolled out new developer betas for OS X and iOS Monday — which included, amongst other things, the first look at a more diverse set of emoji.The move comes a few months after the Unicode Consortium, the group that governs the emoji standard, proposed an update to address emoji diversity.

'Star Wars' is getting an X-Wing emoji on Twitter

The new Star Wars movie doesn't hit theaters until December, but the Disney hype machine is working in full — wait for it — force.Adding fuel to the fire is an X-Wing emoji Disney unveiled Wednesday as it begins an 18-hour YouTube event,

Twitter adds new emoji, including the taco and middle finger

If you've been paying attention, you've probably noticed emoji look slightly different across platforms.While Twitter apps for the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android have emoji that are native to each platform, Twitter has its own versions as well. On Wednesday, Twitter.

Emoji room service is now a thing if you're too lazy to call the front desk

Emoji room service is now a thing.Aloft Hotels is launching Text it, Get it — TiGi, for short — in Manhattan on Wednesday in an effort to further innovate the hotel experience.See also: I tweeted a food emoji and got lunch delivered — in real lifeThe concept is simple: In every room,

French and Russian speakers love heart emoji, Americans prefer cake and meat emoji

Nothing captures the essence of modern-day communication like emoji — transcending language barriers and demographics — but a new study suggests that you're more likely to play favorites with the icons you choose, based on your native tongue.

'Deadpool' emoji will put the super-sass in your holiday texting

LOS ANGELES — The Merc with the Mouth is now the Merc with the 'Moji.That's right: Mashable is happy to announce that Deadpool is getting his own emoji — lots and lots and lots of emoji. More emoji than you can shake a couple of samurai swords at. Collect them all! Or just try one, see how it feels.

The best UK dating sites for women looking to make a connection

The online world can be tough place for women particularly when it comes to trolling and misogyny on social media Navigating online dating presents a whole different set of challenges. Finding the right dating site can be a mission. Naturally,

Podcasts were my friends when I had none

Welcome to No Shame November! This week we're diving into the pop culture we love that society tells us we shouldn't.Alone in my apartment, chewing on cheap takeout lo mein, rocking the same sweatpants for a fifth day in a row—again. Six months after finishing my bachelor’s degree,

Get the Apple iPad on sale for $89 off at Walmart (with code), 3 days ahead of Black Friday

After all these years, the Apple iPad is the best tablet experience and the gold standard for just about anyone. Believe it or not, even some Android smartphone users seem to gravitate to the ease-of-use of the iPad. Luckily, Walmart has the Apple device now on sale for just $349.99,

One of the best early Black Friday gaming deals: Get an Xbox One S Minecraft bundle for $199 at Walm

Black Friday delivers plenty of choices when it comes to deals, and that's especially true in gaming. From discounts on games and accessories to consoles and laptops, you should have no problem finding a great deal for the gamer in your life.

Best pre-Black Friday deals for Nov. 19: Nikon and Sony DSLR cameras, GoPro drones, Roomba, Fire TV

Don't wait until Black Friday to do your shopping when there are a ton of great deals you can take advantage of right now. We've rounded up the best deals on all sorts of cameras, kitchen and home products, and Amazon devices, while we also have deals on dog DNA kits from Embark, CBD oil,

Watch this adorable little pika sing along to Queen

Someone needs to sign this extremely talented pika to a label ASAP.This adorable creature known as a pika is a species native to North America and Asia and is known for making the easily one most adorable squeaks ever. In this case, having the flawless ability to cover Queen. This video,

'Once Upon a Deadpool' trailer has a charity tie-in

What's better than a Deadpool sequel? Two sequels, with different ratings, out in the same year! Once Upon A Deadpool will revisit Deadpool 2 "filtered through the prism of childlike innocence" – a.k.a. edited to fit a PG-13 rating.

How the Internet handled the Great Llama Escape of 2015

People of America, the war has ended. Llay down your weapons and hug your children. The llamas have been capturedOne black llama and one white llama have become Bonnie and Clyde of the animal kingdom after a high-speed chase ensued in the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

Google invests $300 million in SolarCity green energy project

Google is putting up $300 million as part of a $750 million SolarCity fund meant to encourage solar energy in homes in the United States.The fund, which was announced on Thursday,

James Corden is dashing in first promo photos for 'The Late Late Show'

From the land that has already given us Harry Potter, Sam Smith, and Doctor Who comes the latest British import you might just fall in love with: James CordenThe new Late Late Show will make his debut on CBS on March 23 and, if these exclusive first promo photos are any indication,

Windows Phone 8.1 RTM已出炉 新设备将在四月到来

这周,微软将在BUILD大会上发布Windows Phone系统有史以来最重要的一次更新。虽然在近端时间内媒体已经曝光了WP8.1的SDK,但它仍旧未能解答用户想要了解的所有信息。现在根据外媒最新的报道获悉,WP8.

Venturebeat says Buzzfeed may raise $200 million in funding.

Venturebeat says Buzzfeed may raise $200 million in funding. Disney recently dropped its offer to acquire Buzzfeed when the social sharing Siren wanted "upwards of $1 billion." More funding typically means a higher valuation and more pressure to exit. Read more...

迅雷今晚上市 IPO发行价定为12美元

迅雷将于今日晚间在纳斯达克挂牌交易,股票代码「XNET」。 IPO 发行价已确定为 12 美元,以公布的 IPO 发行价计算,迅雷将通过首次公开招股募集约 8778 万美元资金。

日本开发智能机笑声测定系统 可判断人际关系

据《日本经济新闻》8月4日报道,日本一个NPO(非营利组织)Project aH近日开发出了一款“笑声测定系统”,它能像计步器记录行走的步数那样记录笑声的次数和频率,从而了解人的健康状态甚至判断人际关系。

黑客又创造奇迹 佳能打印机上玩射击游戏

黑客们能入侵 ATM 机玩游戏确实是好本事,不过这和 Michael Jordon(不是乔帮主……)一比可就弱爆了,人家在佳能的喷墨打印机上跑了一把《毁灭战士(Doom)》。  

Gangnam Style Surpasses YouTube's 32-bit View Counter

First time accepted submitter neoritter writes "The Korean pop star PSY's viral music video "Gangnam Style" has reached the limit of YouTube's view counter. According to YouTube's Google+ account, "We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer (=2,147,483,

Moodle Mobile for Windows 8.1 gets instant notifications of messages and more in latest update

Moodle is an education platform created to give teachers, administrators, and students with a secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environment. It has a variety of different features available in 18 languages.

微软:Denim更新并非升级Windows 10必要条件

2月11日消息,虽然微软已经表示 Windows 10 手机预览版将会在本月到来,但我们现在依然还不清楚具体将在何时正式推送。


发表于基因农业网:二代Innate土豆背后的故事Simplot公司的Innate土豆 Simplot是美国的一个家族式的农业公司,它是世界上最大的冷冻薯条生产商之一,也一直在为麦当劳肯德基等大型快餐公司供应薯条。

YouTuber Caleb Logan Bratayley died from heart condition, family says

Thirteen-year-old YouTube star Caleb Logan Bratayley died last month from a rare heart condition, his family confirmed Tuesday.In an emotional Instagram post, his family shared the cause of Caleb's death, which had remained fairly vague until Tuesday. The post has been liked more than 70,

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