Mourners pay their respects to slain Putin critic Boris Nemtsov in Moscow

KIEV, Ukraine — Thousands of mourners, including government officials and European diplomats, queued for nearly a mile in Moscow on Tuesday to pay their respects to Boris Nemtsov, the Russian opposition leader gunned down near the Kremlin last Friday.See also: Nemtsov's girlfriend on murder:

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Thousands mourn Boris Nemtsov in march to murder scene in Moscow

MOSCOW — Thousands of people are gathering in central Moscow on Sunday to remember Boris Nemtsov, the Russian opposition leader gunned down in cold blood just before midnight on Friday, as police continue the hunt for his killer.Nemtsov,

Mourners pay their respects to slain Putin critic Boris Nemtsov in Moscow

KIEV, Ukraine — Thousands of mourners, including government officials and European diplomats, queued for nearly a mile in Moscow on Tuesday to pay their respects to Boris Nemtsov, the Russian opposition leader gunned down near the Kremlin last Friday.See also: Nemtsov's girlfriend on murder:

Moscow march planned by Nemtsov will mourn him instead

With Russians reeling from the cold-blooded murder of opposition activist Boris Nemtsov, organizers planned a mourning demonstration on Sunday in place of a rally that Nemtsov had planned to lead.See also:

The mysterious Moscow 'hit list' shadowing Russian politics

MOSCOW — In the days and weeks after Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was murdered, rumors of a 'hit list' began echoing throughout MoscowSee also:

Russians honor slain Putin critic 40 days after his assassination

MOSCOW — Hundreds of Russians honored slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov on the bridge in Moscow where he was gunned down 40 days agoSee also: Who killed Boris Nemtsov? Radical Islamist link called into questionFlowers and a sign showing a shadowy gunman rest at the spot Nemtsov was murdered.

Leading opposition figure shot dead in Moscow within steps of the Kremlin

Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition figure and outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, was shot dead just steps from the Kremlin on Saturday.Nemtsov was hit "with four shots from a pistol," a spokesperson told TASS, adding that the murder is under investigation.

'Heroes never die!': Russians honor opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in massive rally

Tens of thousands of people turned out in central Moscow on Sunday to march in honor of opposition leader and democratic crusader Boris Nemtsov, who was killed by an unknown assailant Friday nightHe was strolling across a bridge over the Moskva River only a few hundred meters from the Kremlin,

Boris Nemtsov's murder sends shockwaves through Russian opposition

KIEV, Ukraine — "I hope common sense will prevail, and Putin won't kill you." "God willing. I hope so, too."See also: Opposition figure shot dead in Moscow, steps from KremlinThat conversation, between an interviewer and Boris Nemtsov,

Somber Russians fear for their country's future after Boris Nemtsov's murder

MOSCOW — Thousands of people marched in Moscow in memory of slain opposition politician Boris Nemtsov on SundayNemtsov’s shocking murder, which took place literally beside the Kremlin's walls on Friday night, triggered one of the largest opposition marches in recent memory.

Russia charges 2 suspects in murder of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov; 1 confesses

KIEV, Ukraine — Five men suspected of killing Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov had their first day in court on Sunday, and one of them confessed to investigators of being involved in the crime, according to the presiding Russian judge.

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You want deals? We got deals. Save on tablets, vacuums, and Amazon devices, plus get fantastic discounts from IGN's 24-hour deals event Night of the Living Deals, which goes through Oct. 18 at 9am EST.SEE ALSO:

Actor behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch is retiring and Twitter is emotional

Caroll Spinney, the puppeteer and voice actor behind Sesame Street greats Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, will retire from the show after 50 years of embodying these characters.Sesame Street announced Spinney's retirement on Wednesday morning,

A stolen van full of Krispy Kremes was recovered in Florida

A stolen Krispy Kreme van was recovered by police in Clearwater, Florida, still full of doughnuts — dozens of them! The van had been reported stolen from a Krispy Kreme in Lake City, Florida, according to the Tampa Bay Times and was later found about 300 miles away in Crest Lake Park.

Pass the poutine: Weed is now legal in Canada

At the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, the great people of Canada turned over a new leaf, becoming just the second country to legalize marijuana (Uruguay being the first). In legalizing weed,

YouTube just made TV advertising more affordable than ever

TV advertising is notoriously expensive. YouTube just changed that.YouTube has announced it's now letting advertisers run campaigns that specifically target users watching YouTube on television screens.The video giant has just launched a “TV screens device type” option on its Google Ads platform.

Totally bonkers case turns the iPhone XS into a mechanical watch

Just when I thought I've seen it all. Caviar, the Russian luxury case company that brought us the Putin phone, has taken iPhone cases to the next level by launching a case that essentially turns the back of the iPhone XS or the XS Max into a ticking, mechanical watch. SEE ALSO:

Rockstar Games, crunch, and the great shame of the video games biz

Building a video game ain't easy.A great game looks effortless when you sit down and play it, but few people really consider just how much went into making it that way. Lots of people have been ooo-ing and ahh-ing over all the tiny details in Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games,

Jihadi John recording: Mohammed Emwazi denied being an extremist

LONDON — Mohammed Emwazi, who was recently revealed as ISIS fighter "Jihadi John," denies being an extremist in a recording that has recently surfacedThe Kuwait-born Briton, who's thought to have appeared in several videos purportedly showing the killing of western hostages,

All hail Russell Westbrook, the NBA's face-melting meteor

He's Jimmy Page's spine-boiling guitar break at the two-minute mark of "Heartbreaker." He's the world's spiciest pepper, dipped in hot sauce, rolled in cayenne pepper and shoved into your eye socketHe's Russell Westbrook,

16 beautiful bookstores that will bind your love for reading

Sure, you can order anything you want from Amazon in two days (or less). You can start a new book with a simple click. But there are some things you can't take away from the old days of reading.You can't replicate those old and new book smells that penetrate the air of a physical book store.



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