A teenager's dream to save the world's coral reefs through citizen science

Bubbles float 40 feet to the ocean's surface. Flapping fins propel through the water. Flashes of light illuminate coral reefs. Underwater, exploring these reefs, is where Dylan Vecchione feels most at home.He's not a marine biologist. He's not a professional SCUBA diver.

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A teenager's dream to save the world's coral reefs through citizen science

Bubbles float 40 feet to the ocean's surface. Flapping fins propel through the water. Flashes of light illuminate coral reefs. Underwater, exploring these reefs, is where Dylan Vecchione feels most at home.He's not a marine biologist. He's not a professional SCUBA diver.

Chill turtle takes GoPro on a leisurely swim through Great Barrier Reef

Maybe you meant to book a tropical vacation this summer and just kept putting it off. But does it even matter? It's not like you were going to catch a piggyback ride on a turtle's shell,

'Very Addicting': Fabien Cousteau On A Month Living Underwater

As his record-breaking 31-day mission underwater drew to a close, Fabien Cousteau was in no rush to go topside."I felt like I could stay down another month," Cousteau said. "As a matter of fact, I was almost panicking coming up."Cousteau, 47, belongs to a "watery family.

Interviews: James Cameron and John Bruno Answer Your Questions

Last week you had the chance to pose questions to James Cameron and director John Bruno about their film, Deepsea Challenge 3D. We included some of those questions when we sat down with them to talk about the submersible and the movie. Below you'll find that conversation.

This Guy Went Around the World In 80 Days The First Time He Left Home 

The death of a close friend rocked Chris Sypolt's world. So, he did what any logical 44 year old would do and set out on an an 80-day, round the world trip. It was the first time he'd ever left the country. This is what he learned. Read more...

Every artwork to look out for in Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 'Apesh*t' video

The Carters have conducted their own art history lesson, but this is not your conventional class.Beyoncé and Jay-Z unleashed their new track "Apeshit" on Sunday, the lead single from their joint nine-track album Love Is Everything, which dropped Saturday on Tidal.SEE ALSO: Holy sh*t,

Samsung's cancelled foldable phone looks exactly like you thought it would

Samsung has been working on a foldable phone for seemingly forever, but the release of this fabled device keeps getting delayed (presumably because the entire concept doesn't make a lot of sense). Now, a new leak claims to show a cancelled, two-screened phone from Samsung,

13 epic tweets only 'Fortnite' players will understand

Saying that Fortnite has done a lot of things right would probably be the understatement of the year. But if there's one thing everybody's new favourite game has done particularly well, it's tapping into meme culture.A quick glance at Twitter is all that's needed to confirm this.SEE ALSO:

This country's prime minister intervened because people couldn't watch the World Cup

Never get between fans and the World Cup.Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stepped in after people complained of streaming issues with Optus, which holds the right to locally broadcast all the games at the tournament.SEE ALSO:

This country just made a huge move to ditch its controversial tampon tax

Australia has just made a landmark decision to scrap its controversial tampon tax.On Monday, the country's Senate passed a bill drafted by the Greens party to remove the tax on tampons and feminine hygiene products, previously considered by law to be "luxury" items.SEE ALSO:

Doctor suspended after video of tense stand-off with patient goes viral

An emergency room physician has been suspended after a video showing an tense dispute with a patient went viral.20-year-old Samuel Bardwell was unable to get up from a hospital bed at El Camino Hospital in California, after he suffered an anxiety attack following basketball practice last Monday,

Facebook tightens its policies on gun-related advertising

Facebook is tightening up its rules on advertising gun accessories to minors.The social media giant announced it would restrict the advertising of weapon accessories, such as optics, belt accessories and holsters, to those over the age of 18.

The winter of 2014-15 was the season that divided America

The winter of 2014-15 was among the more unusually divisive such seasons on record, according to new data released on Friday. While the West saw record warmth and dryness, the Midwest and East shivered through brutal cold not seen since the 1930s in some places,

A crappy built-in projector can't save this massive 13-inch Android tablet

It doesn’t matter how big your smartphone or tablet is, unless it’s the original Surface (table) it isn’t big enough for the big-screen experienceI don’t care how many flights you take, how good those Beats headphones are, or what kind of display the damned thing has.

Latest Hong Kong protests put focus on cultural tensions with China

HONG KONG — Fresh crowds of protesters have filled Hong Kong's streets in recent days, but if you think this latest uproar is about democracy, free elections and yellow umbrellas, think again.The most recent protests, which took place in various parts of northern Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon,


圖文引用來源:GizmodoStephanie Latimer 這位朋友,最近在德州大灣國家公園境內的 Santa Elena 峽谷閒晃時,意外目擊了一大一小墨西哥黑熊攀岩的有趣畫面,她隨即動手拍下珍貴的影像,並且傳到網路跟大家分享。閱讀全文


方舟子近日向北京市工商行政管理局朝阳分局举报罗永浩的锤子科技公司对产品Smartisan T1型号手机进行涉嫌虚假的广告宣传,并请求查实并进行依法处罚。

Desugar Scala(15) -- unapply和unapplySeq方法 - 崔鹏飞

欢迎关注我的新博客地址:http://cuipengfei.me/实在想不到什么动词可以当做脱衣服来讲了,所以从现在开始这系列博文就叫做Desugar Scala了。除非哪天才思泉涌,又想到了新词:)开始正文。

一次真实完整的 Facebook 广告营销案例

小编按:本文讲述了一则facebook的广告营销案例,文章比较长,负责运营的同学可以一读,如果有什么想法,可以 […]

Hong Kong Protesters Use Mesh Networks To Organize

wabrandsma sends this article from New Scientist: Hong Kong's mass protest is networked. Activists are relying on a free app that can send messages without any cellphone connection. Since the pro-democracy protests turned ugly over the weekend,

Indiegogo is testing an insurance fee that could give backers peace of mind

Crowdfunding websites don't always have the best reputation. There's no real guarantee that backers will ever receive the items they've supported, and we've seen this time and time again with failed, fully-funded projects across various platforms.

H&M expands into beauty with a whopping thousand products

There's fast fashion. Now there's fashion fashion — for the faceAt least, that's how H&M is describing its new foray into beauty, come fallSee also: Fashion Revolution Day prompts the question: #whomademyclothes?

Fear Of Failure May Ensure It

At the dawn of the web I launched one of the first e-commerce sites. I spent six months on research, perfecting the site, striving to get everything right.


据《华尔街日报》报道,有熟知内情的消息人士透露,戴尔公司已秘密为旗下网络安全部门Dell SecureWorks(以下简称“SecureWorks”)提交了IPO(首次公开招股)申请,原因是这家PC厂商正计划大规模重塑自身业务。

Graphene-Infused Bike Tires Automatically Get Softer While Cornering For Better Grip

Graphene, that atomic-scale super material that promises to revolutionize everything from batteries to robots , is already improving the cycling world. Vittoria’s new graphene-infused Mezcal and Morsa bike tires are lightweight, thin, grippy,

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