Previously unheard Jimi Hendrix track discovered after 50 years

Shortly before he was discovered by Animals bassist Chas Chandler and lit a fuse under the international music scene with the Experience, Jimi Hendrix was more of a jobbing musician.

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ProShot for Windows Phone updated with improved HDR, new UI and more

ProShot is an excellent third-party camera app which provides users with a number of adjustable camera settings --such as ISO, shutter speed, exposure, white balance and more -- to play with. If you happen to be a regular user of the app, there's a good news for you.

Surface and Xbox can empower those with disabilities, allowing them to do more

Features like Live Tiles in Windows may be nothing more than a good visual representation of information, while others like speech recognition are only scarcely used. But to those with physical disabilities, those features are life changing.

Windows 9 (Threshold) build 9795 screenshots leak with Start Menu and more

More screenshots of Microsoft's upcoming release of Windows Threshold (Windows 9?) have leaked onto the web. The screenshots were taken from build 9795, which was compiled on the 13th July 2014 at 6:34PM. This particular build isn't feature complete,

Asphalt 8: Airborne updated with several new cars, revamped multiplayer events and more

Asphalt 8: Airborne is possibly one of the best racing games available at the moment. It gives users the ability to play with several luxury cars from top licensed manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari (you get to unlock more cars as you move on with the game or purchase a car pack), 

More evidence points towards a Windows 10 with Bing SKU

While not significant in North America, Windows 8.1 with Bing was a relative success in other areas. Back when Windows 8.1 was shipped to devices, Microsoft toyed with the option of offering a low-cost...The post More evidence points towards a Windows 10 with Bing SKU appeared first on WinBeta.

Withings Aura Review: Easy, Advanced Sleep Tracking, But Leaves You Wanting More

French personal health tech company Withings already tracks your sleep and activity using its wearable monitors, but they do so with less than stellar accuracy. A new addition to the Withings lineup, The Withings Aura,

Forza Horizon 2 Digital Edition, WWE 2K15, Evolve, and more available in this week's Deals with Gold

This week's Deals with Gold are in and Xbox users with a Gold subscription are in for a treat. As a part of this week's Deals with Gold, Xbox One users will be able to avail a 20 percent discount on Forza Horizon 2 Digital Edition, along with several other games such as WWE 2K15,

This week's Deals with Gold features Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Alien Isolation and more

This week's Deals with Gold are in (via Major Nelson), and as always, the list contains some popular titles which are available with attractive discounts. As a part of this week's deals,

Office 365 admin experience further simplified with domain support and more reports

Microsoft is on a 'journey' to simplify the Office 365 admin experience and the company has unveiled a couple of new changes. Microsoft has made it easier to add new domains and provide admins with more insights so services can be monitored efficiently.

Cortana updated with evening daily glances, concert recommendations, app suggestions, and more

Twitter warns users about falling for birthday changing prank

A prank is making the rounds on Twitter, and it's seemingly locking people out of their accounts.The trick gets people to change their birthday on the social media platform to 2007, which would purportedly unlock new colour schemes.SEE ALSO: Hashtag about a world without Twitter is trending...

Astrology Twitter is fighting over whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lied about her birth time

Hell hath no fury like Astrology Twitter. Whether a crush, a nemesis, or your very own congressional representative, nothing exposes someone's true self like a complete birth chart. (OK, there are lots of things that show your true colors, but your star placement is much easier to obtain.

Everything you need to know about Apple's new credit card

Apple wants a permanent place in your wallet, and beginning this summer, you'll be able to give it one.The company announced Monday that it's launching Apple Card, a new credit card made for the iPhone. The card, which is both a digital card in the Wallet app and a physical MasterCard,

Uber just made the largest tech deal in Middle East history

Uber spent $3.1 billion to dominate competition in the Middle East. It announced Tuesday that it reached an agreement to buy Dubai-based Careem, which operates in 15 countries including Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.The deal was for $1.

The FDA Cracks Down on Vapes

Read more...More about Mashable Reels, Juul, Tech, and Health

Hey, small business owners: These tax software programs make filing (almost) painless

As a small business owner (SBO), you can handle the occasional hiccup or headache like it ain’t no thang. It’s basically part of your job description. In fact, the thrill of it all is probably part of the reason why you decided to pursue entrepreneurship in the first place.

If Apple is really serious about services, it would support Android and Windows

So Apple announced a bunch of new services on Monday. We got new subscription-based services for News, TV, and games, as well as an Apple credit card (yes, really) milled from titanium. It's a smart pivot for Apple: If people aren't buying as many iPhones,

Fountains in London are actually a giant, secret game of Snake

LONDON — Before Candy Crush, Angry Birds and FarmVille, there was SnakeMost people who owned Nokia phones lost a lot of time in the frustrating pursuit of setting a new personal best.See also: 'Snake' Game Comes to Life in Stop-Motion Chalk ArtThe objective of the game,

'One was dreaming of gold in Rio': France mourns athletes killed in helicopter crash

The French sports world was in mourning on Tuesday following news of the tragic deaths of three prominent figures who were among the 10 killed in a crash involving two helicopters in Argentina on MondaySee also:

Yankee fans with a spare $600,000 can buy the old Yankee Stadium lettering

You may wanna free up some room in your fan cave, because a few massive pieces of Yankee history just went on sale.You can now potentially own the iconic blue “YANKEE STADIUM” lettering that hung outside the iconic Bronx stadium.

C#删除程序自身【总结】 - Cosmic_Spy

偶然看到一个可以自删除的程序,于是了解下如何实现。然后整理如下: 思路: 在.

三星拍照手机Galaxy K Zoom将于5月23日开启预订

三星新一代拍照手机Galaxy K Zoom已经获得工信部入网许可证,国内型号为SM-C1116,该机将于5月23日14:00在京东商城开启预售,售价暂未公布。

Facebook finally rolls out, bringing free Internet to Africa

Facebook has finally release its much-anticipated programme, designed to increase connectivity and access to online resources in the developing world.Read more:


苹果否认它的iCloud或Find My iPhone系统存在漏洞,声称黑客是通过社会工程技术针对性破解了名人账号,访问其云备份(不限于iCloud,还有Dropbox等),向外泄漏了私密照片和视频。

AT&T Locks Apple SIM Cards On New iPads

As reported by MacRumors, the unlocked, carrier-switchable SIM cards built into the newest iPads aren't necessarily so -- at least if you buy them from an AT&T store. Though the card comes from Apple with the ability to support (and be switched among with software,

数据库连接池之Proxool使用 - itRed

如果想要搭建一个高效的网站,链接池是必须用到的一部分。而连接池的选择是多种多样的。就现在的软件开发界而言,最为多用的是DBCP, c3p0, 和 proxool。而hibernate推荐使用的是c3p0 和proxool,并且宣布不再支持DBCP。

Ambitious iPhone keyboard gets quick funding on Kickstarter

Next Keyboard — an app claiming to be the "perfect keyboard" for the iPhone — reached its funding goal just two days after it was launched on KickstarterThe app's creator, a software development company called Tiny Hearts, sought 10,000 CAD ($8,642) for finishing the app,

[视频]Elon Musk决定为AI安全科研投资1000万美元

此前,Elon Musk曾表达过对AI技术的担忧,他认为,AI的发展不仅会引发如《终结者》影片中的可怕情景,而且它所产生的威胁可能还要大于核武器。现在看来这位特斯拉、SpaceX CEO准备行动。

2015 从明星投资人投资动态寻找创业的下一个市场

互联网环境的变幻莫测,其服务产品和模式更新速度之快,使得投资人、产品经理都不断地加快步伐,赶超旁人。为了让创业 […]

苹果发布会场最新图片: 加紧装饰 保密森严

距离苹果秋季发布会还剩下 5 天时间,为了更好地为我们展示即将到来的新产品,苹果目前正在紧锣密鼓地做着最后准备,其中作为发布会会场的比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂(Bill Graham Civic Auditorium)也是重要的一环。

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