Apple donates more than $50 million to improve diversity in tech

Just in case the Apple Watch wasn't enough to garner some positive headlines the morning after its big event, Apple appears to have a backupThe company has pledged to donate more than $50 million to a collection of nonprofit groups with the aim of improving diversity in the technology industry,

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Apple Just Won CES 2015

Welp. There goes the next CES. With the Apple watch shipping “in early 2015″ Apple just sucked all the air out of the Las Vegas Convention Center, home of the Consumer Electronic Show.

The iPhone 6 And Apple Watch Keynote Video Is Now Available For Replay

Earlier today, Apple offered a live stream its iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch event, but if you missed it (or want to watch it again), the video is now online. During the live stream, Apple ran into numerous issues,

Apple Announces iOS 9

It’s pretty much tradition for Apple to announce a new version of iOS at WWDC. For the past few months, rumor had it that Apple was taking a gap year to focus on fixing existing features and solidifying Apple’s mobile OS foundation.

Apple Watch 21大谜题:黄金版究竟有多贵

苹果特别发布会开幕在即,业界普遍认为Apple Watch将是苹果此次发布会主角。

Apple Watch 21大谜题:黄金版究竟有多贵

苹果特别发布会开幕在即,业界普遍认为Apple Watch将是苹果此次发布会主角。

iOS随笔-UIWebView的基本简介-官方文档翻译 - 指尖上跳跃的阳光

继承关系:NSObject-UIResponder-UIView-UIWebView遵循:NSCoding NSObject UIAppearance UIAppearanceContainer UICoordinateSpace UIDynamicItem UIScrollViewDelegate...

提前感知Apple Watch 各种细节:续航、心率Glance等

本文由MACX综合编译:苹果将在下周一(美国时间3月9日)举行的 Spring Forward 发布会上公布 Apple Watch 更多信息,消息人士提供了关于 Apple Watch 续航时间、健康和健身功能、应用以及其他体验的更多消息。

威威趣谈: 爱笔有方Apple Pencil保护套亮相


Apple Launches Streaming Music Service

One of Apple’s biggest announcements at this year’s WWDC event was its brand new streaming music service. The offering has long been rumored, but Apple made it official this morning,

金色运动版Apple Watch vs镀金Apple Watch

Apple Watch 一共有三个系列版本,但是仅有 Apple Watch Edition 版本才有真正的黄金版,不过这个版本那高高在上的售价和稀少的货源也不是随随便便就能买到的,这也是苦了很多想要一款金色的能与自己的金色 iPhone 相配的用户,或者是喜欢Apple Watch标准版蓝宝石屏幕的用户。

iOS 13 wish list: New features we want to see at WWDC 2019

We'll soon get our first look at the next version of iOS. Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off June 3, when we'll get the first official peek at all the new features coming to iOS 13. And while there have already been a lot of rumors and speculation as to what we'll see,

MacBook Pro, Fire TV Stick 4K, Instant Pot, and more deals for May 26

If you missed out on getting an Apple MacBook Pro during the Apple Sale Event back in April, it's back again! Saving yourself $299 off at Amazon, or get the latest iPad Pro for $674, saving 25% off the listed price.Looking for different deals? With it being Memorial Day weekend,

15 skills you can learn this weekend for super cheap

No doubt about it, Netflix and chilling is the best way to spend your long weekend, but if you're not into that, we're here to offer an alternative: learning new things!Hey, it's not as boring as it sounds.

Getflix is an app that unblocks streaming sites abroad — and it's on sale

What's worse than buffering delays when you're deep in a binge-watching sesh?The answer is easy: not having the ability to stream your favorite content. Like at all.It's usually the case while traveling that you suddenly lose access to your favorite shows and movies because of geo restrictions.

Memorial Day sales on products that will make your life easier every day

What's better than the long weekend? We can only think of one answer: DEALS. We've specially curated items from the Mashable Shop that are on sale and will make your day-to-day life easier.Here they are:

Save up to £90 on full priced items from Nike with this code

There's not a lot of loyalty in the world anymore. You have homegrown sports stars leaving for more money, and Hollywood couples dropping like flies. There's not a lot of loyalty anymore, unless we're talking about brands.

Bong Joon-Ho's 'Parasite' takes top prize at Cannes: What critics are saying

Okja director Bong Joon-Ho's Parasite won the Palme d’Or in a unanimous decision at 2019's Cannes Film Festival. This is the first time a Korean director has won the festival's top honor.Cannes jury president Alejandro G. Iñárritu said,

Flight attendant rocks out to 'Uptown Funk' while everyone waits for takeoff

Looks like we found ourselves a bona fide fly girlA flight attendant on a WestJet flight entertained passengers waiting for takeoff by breaking it down to Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," and gained attention when her brother uploaded the video to Reddit on Monday,

Wikipedia is suing the NSA over its mass surveillance program

Wikipedia filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of the National Security Agency's mass surveillance of Internet communications, a sudden and striking challenge that comes nearly two years after Edward Snowden's disclosures first began.

World's biggest aircraft gets closer to takeoff

The world's largest aircraft is also the newest.Airlander 10 is 302 feet long — large enough to hold about 14 of the first plane the Wright Brothers flew — and full of helium.See also: Solar-powered plane takes off on historic round-the-world tripThe airship,

不敢相信自己的眼睛啊,这些居然都是手工剪纸艺术品啊【Pablo Lehmann】



Facebook : 91% 香港人愛用 !謝謝

Facebook 委託 TNS 進行一項研究,發現香港人花較多時間、在更多場所、於每天不同時段使用Facebook,比任何網站、雜誌和電視都要多,成為香港人最留連忘返的平台。以下有更多資料:The post Facebook : 91% 香港人愛用 !





The Split-Second Science of How Your Brain Reads a Screen

How many times a day would you say you check your smartphone? Be honest. For the average person, it’s 150 times a day. And most of those interactions happen in less than a second. Read more...

三星Galaxy S7系列或支持防水防尘、回归microSD

三星Galaxy S7系列手机已确定将于2016年2月的世界移动通信大会上发布,并已开始计划首批量产 500 万台。临近发布三星刷起了存在感,@evleaks的运营者Evan Blass隔三差五的就要爆点料出来,上周刚爆出S7系列支持虹膜识别,这次又披露该系列手机的各项硬件配置,以及其将支持IP67级防水防尘、microSD以及大容量电池。据Evan Blass于VB所撰,在Galaxy S6系列中被取消的可扩展SD卡功能重新回归,Galaxy S7和Galaxy S7 edge都将最高支持扩展至200GB容量。而防水防尘也并非首次应用,该设计曾于Galaxy S5上出现过。


2015年社交网络竞争激烈,移动社交应用更加细分化,并全面融入日常生活,覆盖到各个领域。随着社交网络格局的快速 […]

等不及 Google I/O,Android N 开发者预览版发布

所以问题来了,N 代表哪一种甜品?应该不会是 Noodle 吧……

Oculus Rift will have 31 full games available at launch

With just two weeks until the first wave of Oculus Rift headsets arrive, many may be wondering: what will I play in VR?Oculus announced that 31 games will be available for the headset on its March 28 launch, followed by a slew of other announced releases in the spring.

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