FW: A new problem from Hillary Clinton's old inbox

"Bunker Hillary"That was the title of an article about Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign and its frosty relationship with the media"Even seasoned political journalists describe reporting on Hillary as a torturous experience," wrote Michael Crowley,

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Hillary Clinton's Email About Emoji Is the Best Hillary Clinton Email

The State Department just released over 7,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails. In one exchange with her senior advisor Phillipe Reines, the presidential hopeful has a very important question: “on this new berry can I get smiley faces?”Read more...

Hillary Clinton's emails are full of compliments about her glasses

They weren't a fashion choice, but the glasses Hillary Clinton wore when she testified before Congress in January 2013 won rave reviews.The fawning over Clinton’s black, thick-framed eyeglasses was tucked away in nearly 8,

FW: A new problem from Hillary Clinton's old inbox

"Bunker Hillary"That was the title of an article about Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign and its frosty relationship with the media"Even seasoned political journalists describe reporting on Hillary as a torturous experience," wrote Michael Crowley,

Read Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Emails Right Here

Since the State Department’s taking its time making public information public, The New York Times just released about a third of Hillary Clinton’s private, Benghazi-related emails.

Hillary Clinton's campaign logo is already causing controversy

Just minutes after Hillary Clinton's highly anticipated 2016 presidential-bid announcement dropped on Sunday, her campaign was already under public scrutinyFor some,

Hillary Clinton's "One Device" for Emails Excuse Was BS

Hillary Clinton told the world that the reason she exclusively used her personal email as Secretary of State because she "thought it would be easier to carry one device." But thanks to a FOIA request, we now know that Clinton used multiple devices for email, including an iPad and a BlackBerry.

Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign apparently runs on more than just pizza

Hillary Clinton's social media team has accidentally declared her 2016 presidential bid is powered by a bit more than just moneySharing a story from NBC News called "Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Powered By Pizza, Analysis Shows," to her Twitter account,

Hillary Clinton's getting a picture book tribute: Here's a sneak peek

Presidential hopefuls, a word of advice: "If you're going to run for president, you must be strong, you must be tough, you must be competitive."So writes author Jonah Winter in Hillary, a picture book biography of Hillary Clinton illustrated by Raul Colon.Image:

How Hillary Clinton's team found the 30,490 emails she handed over

Searching through inboxes isn't easy.And so the struggle was real for Hillary Clinton's lawyers, who were tasked with searching through more than 60,000 emails to determine which were legit "federal records" of interest to the State Department — and which were random dispatches about yoga.

Take a look back at Hillary Clinton's 2007 presidential announcement

Hillary Clinton is reportedly making some big weekend plans. After months of anticipation, Clinton is expected to announce on Sunday her plans to run in the 2016 U.S. presidential electionThat announcement will reportedly come in the form of a video posted to one of Clinton's social media sites.

This story of a widow, a lake, and a rose will restore your faith in humanity

Hope you have tissues nearby. The Bishop Vesey's Grammar School rowing club found a rose attached to the locked gate at a nearby lake, with the most heartbreaking note accompanying it. SEE ALSO:

Chubbs the massive 15-foot gator is terrifying golf course guests again

Chubbs the gator is back, everyone. The massive 15-foot alligator first made a name for himself when he casually strolled through Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida in 2016. In a viral video, Chubbs ambles through the green fields, unbothered by the audibly freaked out course patrons. 

Amy Schumer supports protesting NFL players by saying no to Super Bowl ads

The Super Bowl is the biggest night of the year for two things: Pro football and very expensive commercials. Amy Schumer has decided to use one to influence the other.Her concern stems from ongoing protest actions in which certain players kneel, raises fists,

Twitter quietly fired a suspected Saudi Arabian spy in 2015, report says

We've all seen what can happen when nefarious interests weaponize a social media platform like Twitter. Now imagine how much worse it would be if some foreign agent actually got a job at the company.That's what happened in 2013, apparently.

One 'Daredevil' Season 3 scene has viewers going nuts

Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix has been known since its debut season for expertly-choreographed and visceral fight sequences. Season 1's three-minute hallway scene went viral. In Season 2, the show pushed itself further with a five-minute stairwell shot. In Season 3,

The Mega Millions jackpot is a record-breaking $1.6 billion, and everyone's salty

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot is at a record-high right now, and people are coping with their slim chances of winning by making jokes. Nobody claimed the winning numbers on Friday night, so the Mega Millions jackpot is now the largest lottery prize in U.S. history. Clocking in at a whopping $1.

'Luke Cage' and 'Iron Fist' are done. Is this the end for the Netflix Marvel-verse?

Netflix canceled Marvel's Luke Cage on Friday, just one week after canceling Marvel's Iron Fist. With new seasons of Jessica Jones and The Punisher in the pipeline, a fresh Season 3 debut for Daredevil, and no plans to resurrect The Defenders,

Disney Princesses give their younger selves some honest life advice

With such strong role models, who needs a prince?In celebration of National Women's Day, these Disney Princesses doled out some knowledge they wish they'd received when they were younger. With a pun in every line,

'Sims 4' fans have logged over 12,000 years of gameplay

Sims fans have created several lifetimes of memories since the game was first released. We only have the latest to go by, but that's still more than enough woohoos to go around.In over 107 million hours of gameplay, roughly 12,205 years, since the release of Sims 4, fans have fallen in love,

Ecstasy is temporarily legal in Ireland because of a loophole

A lot of people may be looking up last minute flights to Ireland after a court ruling means the possession of drugs such as ecstasy and ketamine are legal until the loophole is closed.





Today's tech: The biggest talking points of IFA 2014, major new iPad rumours, and iPhone 6 news

The best of ITProPortal's news, including: The ITPP team has been reunited! We welcome back Paul and Aatif just in time to fill them in about all the juicy Apple rumours we've been hearing. Read more: http://www.itproportal.



符合条件商家可向苹果免费申领Apple Pay贴纸套装

为进一步推广自家的移动支付平台,苹果近日宣布符合条件的商家能够通过商业供应网站来获得Apple Pay贴纸套装,其中包含两种不同尺寸的橱窗、收银台贴纸和一款应用工具,商家需要通过指定的免费手机号码来完成五笔以上的订单。


威锋网讯 3 月 26 日消息,《福布斯》杂志今天公布了 2015 年度全美最佳雇主的 100 强排名,其中谷歌再一次获得第一,而同为科技巨头的苹果在这项排名当中仅列 55 名。


8月10日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯:  1.【学渣如何打败学霸】看了一篇文章《学霸占据互联网半壁江山》。仔细一想,不对。学校里整个都被学霸主宰,怎么到互联网只有一半?

飞利浦发布Izzy系列音箱 挑战多房间音乐播放

飞利浦刚刚宣布了多房间音箱产品,它们是Izzy BM5和Izzy BM50,旨在让多房间音乐播放变得更加简单。

完美体验LivePhotos: iOS 9越狱用户看过来

苹果为 iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s Plus 独家带来了一项全新的拍照趣味功能 LivePhotos,让图片动起来的同时也让其它 iPhone 只能眼馋,这项功能看起来并不像 3D Touch 那样有什么硬件级的要求,现在一款新插件为其它 iPhone 用户带来了好消息。  

Uber’s Southeast Asia Rival GrabTaxi Launches Carpooling, Its First Peer-To-Peer Service

The league of taxi apps rivaling Uber is alive and well after GrabTaxi, the SoftBank-backed company that rivals the U.S. firm in Southeast Asia, became the latest Uber competitor to introduce a carpooling service for commuters. Read More

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