8 cause-based marketing trends to look for in 2015

2014 seemed like the year of fundraising through storytelling — and we definitely witnessed some killer campaigns.Now that 2015 is in full swing, we asked eight entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to share their top predictions for socially minded storytelling,

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LINE, Lumia StoryTeller and Asphalt 8: Airborne receives an update

Several Windows Phone apps received updates earlier today, introducing a bunch of bug fixes and new features, including LINE, Lumia StoryTeller and Asphalt 8: Airborne. Starting with the Lumia StoryTeller app, it groups all your photos and videos into individual events called stories.

Nokia Camera Beta and Storyteller for Windows Phone receive various bug fixes and improvements

Today has been a day full of app updates. Not to be outdone, new updates are available for Nokia Camera Beta and Nokia Storyteller. Both app updates offer various improvements and bug fixes. Let's dive in and see what's new!

Lumia Storyteller for Windows Phone gets a massive UI redesign in new update

20 predictions for the future of storytelling

It's not easy to predict what the future of anything may be — including the storytelling industry, which has undergone myriad changes over the last few years. Those who have been able to jump on trends early have reaped successes, while those who have fallen behind have struggled to keep up.

8 Innovative Methods for Modern Storytelling

When an author set out to tell a story in years past, he or she typically did so on paper, a typewriter or by typing at a computerBut today, storytellers find imaginative ways to share their ideas with interactive and visual elements. On modern mediums like Twitter, Vine,

Discuss the future of digital storytelling in our Media Summit Twitter chat

The Mashable Media Summit is less than a week away. To kick-start the conversation on the future of digital storytelling, @MashBusiness is hosting a Twitter chat on Monday, Dec. 1 at 1 p.m. ET, which features several Media Summit speakers.

Crowd-sourced storytelling: How innovators are opening up the creative process

PROMOTED BY QUALCOMM® SNAPDRAGON™ PROCESSORSSnapdragon gives your smartphone breathtaking speed, jaw-dropping graphics and longer battery life so you can do more of the things you love.How do you define storytelling in the digital age? Must it involve social media,

Storytelling platform Maptia launches redesign to highlight visual experiences

Travelers have plenty of options for sharing photos, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or another service, but few support storytelling in a thoughtful way. An image shared on Instagram is essentially ancient history 12 hours later.

Mashable Media Summit: Learn how digital changed modern storytellers' lives

The Mashable Media Summit is less than two weeks away, and we've recently added several new storytellers. We're excited to share our latest lineup with you.Coco Rocha, supermodel and author of Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha, speaking on how she told her visual story through social media.

The future of digital storytelling, according to industry professionals

The Mashable Media Summit takes place this Friday, Dec. 5. In advance of the event, @MashBusiness hosted a Twitter chat on Monday to see what several Media Summit speakers and the Mashable community had to say about the future of digital storytelling.See also:

Watch this dad slide all over an icy driveway to rescue his daughter's new toy

Not even mother nature can come between a child and their new toy. One dedicated dad in Alaska was forced to brave a formidable sheet of ice on the family's driveway in order to bring his three-year-old a toy kitchen she'd been looking forward to getting for quite some time.

Save $150 on Beats Studio3 wireless headphones at Best Buy before Black Friday

With Black Friday just a week away, Best Buy is getting ahead of the shopping holiday with deep discounts and sales throughout its stores. If you don't want to wake up early and wait in long lines (let's face it, nobody wants to do that),

Criminal turkey now the 'mayor' of the town it's terrorizing

Smoke the wild turkey is now the mayor of Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin. Or, well...he's an honorary one, at the very least.Authorities have spent the past couple of months, trying to capture the mischievous bird, who has a penchant for standing in traffic and chasing school children,

Amazon has the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush on sale for 60% off, making it just $19.95

Brushing your teeth can be a tedious task when all you want to do is go to sleep. However, using an electric toothbrush like the Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic can make that daily chore a bit more fun, as well as remove more yucky plaque than average toothbrushes — it's a win-win.

For eco-conscious city dwellers, urban agriculture is one road to real impact

Eco-consciousness is a hot trend. It’s become common occurrence to see shoppers with reusable grocery totes at the supermarket. Bamboo straws are flying off shelves as people opt for eco-friendly products. Urban gardening and composting, too,

Save $300 on a 55-inch Samsung 4K TV on sale at Walmart, an early Black Friday deal we're loving

If you're shopping for a new TV on Black Friday, you've probably figured out by now that you don't actually have to wait until Black Friday to get a great deal. In fact, many retailers already have their Black Friday prices live, with more models getting added to the list every day.

Pokémon has always been there, hitting us right in the nostalgics — Games to Play Before

In this episode of Games to Play Before You Die, panel members Jordan Minor, Alice Newcome-Beill, and Kellen Beck discuss how Pokémon became a cultural phenomenon years ago that continues today, and how Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow are truly games you should play before you die.

Sony is shutting down PlayStation Mobile in July

Sony's PlayStation Mobile is going the way of the dodo. The company announced Wednesday that it will stop publishing content for the platform on July 15According to a message posted to the PlayStation support forums, purchased content will be accessible to users through the site through Sept. 10,

7 Marines, 4 soldiers missing following Florida helicopter crash

Seven Marines and four soldiers were missing Wednesday after a helicopter crashed over the water on the Florida Panhandle during a routine night training exercise, and officials said heavy fog was hampering search efforts.See also:

4 ways to avoid annoying your email subscribers

We all know that the "send more emails, make more money" strategy can provide an initial pop of short-term sales but tends to annoy some subscribers, causing them to leave your list in the long run. There are many tactics for balancing frequency and subscriber engagement,

瑞士家具商发明磁悬浮魔毯 可原地升起小宠




Surface Mini改用高通处理器:运行的是放大版WP?

在5月20日召开的“小型”发布会上,微软有望正式发布传闻已久的Surface Mini小尺寸平板。微软CEO纳 […]

为什么 Snapchat 没和阿里巴巴在一起?

太可惜了,Snapchat 被阿里巴巴投资/收购的可行性非常大,阿里巴巴投资/收购 Snapchat 也有很多个理由,如果双方没能就这样一个看起来十分完美的结合达成协议,问题或许出在钱上。

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9月15日,今日有消息称,iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus首日预订量达到了1600万台,虽然苹果没有公布具体数字,但表示“市场对iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus的反映令人难以置信,一夜之间的预订量就创下了新高记录”。


据外媒报道,显然,在空中嗡嗡响的无人机令美国新泽西州的Russell J. Percenti感到不安。于是,他做出了一个决定—用枪把这架无人机打下来。然而令他没想到的是,这个举动居然惊动了警方。


Google互联网气球项目(Project Loon)寻求借助在平流层飞行的热气球向全世界发送互联网信号,设计为为地震灾区、农村或贫困偏远地区提供无线网络。目前这一计划正在朝着商业运行大步迈进。

CERN Wants Artists and Architects Working Alongside Its Physicists

What do art and high-energy physics have in common? Quite a bit, if you think about it: Space, time, and the structure of the visible and invisible world, for starters. That's why CERN has spent the past four years inviting artists into its headquarters, and why, for the first time,

Swift使用FMDB操作SQLite - Agile.Zhou(kklldog)


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