Y Combinator Talks Numbers: 842 Companies Funded To Date, 23% With Women Founders In Current Batch

Y Combinator, the startup accelerator known for being the birthplace of Dropbox, Reddit, Airbnb, Stripe, and a number of other companies, released some updated stats this morning showing just how big it’s gotten — and how diverse its current class of companies is.

相关内容: companies more have billion winter class than foun

YouTube quietly added free, ad-supported movies to its site

YouTube quietly added around 100 ad-supported Hollywood movies to its site, beginning last month, according to a new report from AdAge. The titles include a mix of classics like “Rocky” and “The Terminator,” as well as other family fare like “Zookeeper,” “Agent Cody Banks,” and “Legally Blonde,

Blockchain gaming gets a boost with Mythical Games’ $16M Series A

Mythical Games is betting user-generated content and intimate ties between players, content creators, brands and developers is the future of entertainment.

Walmart passes Apple to become No. 3 online retailer in U.S.

Walmart has overtaken Apple to become the No. 3 online retailer in the U.S.,according to a report this week from eMarketer. While Amazon still leads by a wide margin, accounting for 48 percent of e-commerce sales in 2018, Walmart – including also Sam’s Club and Jet.

The Boring Company goes brick-and-mortar with The Brick Store

Elon Musk has shot out some crazy, unbelievable tweets over the last year, but he wasn’t joking about the bricks. Musk has started a company called The Brick Store LLC to produce and sell bricks, according to public documents obtained by TechCrunch. The new company, which was founded in July,

Unicorns aren’t special anymore

There are 145 "active unicorns" today worth an aggregate valuation of $555.9 billion. In 2013, there were just 39.

Feeling left out of a hot market? This new outfit has a fund with shares of 30 top ‘unicorns’ to sel

When Equidate, a venture-backed secondaries marketplace based in San Francisco, closed its most recent round of funding with $50 million four months ago, it was hardly a surprising bet on the part of its backers. As startups linger ever longer as private companies,

Kairos founder countersues his own company for $10 million

The turmoil continues at facial recognition startup Kairos . Last night, Kairos founder Brian Brackeen filed a counter lawsuit against Kairos and its interim CEO Melissa Doval that seeks $10 million in damages.

Your Windows 10 Password Will Be Your Face

Microsoft announced this morning two components of Windows 10, its next operating system, that will help users log into both hardware and digital services. ‘Windows Hello’ will allow users with machines that have the required hardware to log into their computing device using their face, eyes,

Rhapsody’s New Cards Offer Streaming Music Right In Twitter

Twitter’s own dedicated music app never really took off, but a new partner integration with Rhapsody brings 30 million full tracks to the app via new Rhapsody audio cards. The new cards go live starting today,

Drones That Shoot Fire, Silly String And More With Chaotic Moon

Product design firm Chaotic Moon creates prototypes for some of the biggest brands in the world. It has designed tech products for corporations like Samsung, Whole Foods and Intel.

Rebranding Weed So It's Not Just For Potheads Anymore

With marijuana legal in two states and approved for medicinal use in about 20 more, this year's 4/20 is gonna be epic, bro! But even as marijuana is being embraced by the mainstream, its image has been left behind in the 1960s. It's time to rebrand weed.Read more...

HTC One mini 2 6月中上市 M8等新色推出

据台湾媒体6月12日消息,HTC 于12 日宣布6 月中旬推出One mini 2,以及One(M8)热恋红16GB、Desire 816 蜜桃红新色。HTC One mini 2 采用4.5 英寸、1280×720 分辨率屏幕,Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 1.

【一些事晚报】今日头条的生死鬼门关 伟大Logo的诞生

6月25日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯   1.

“通知中心+搜索”或会成为手机最主要的 UI

1/ Fred Wilson 在最新博文中提到“通知中心正在替代首屏,成为移动端最主要的UI”这一点很有意思。


狗在嬉戏中打滚背朝地肚皮朝天的意义也许并非是我们想象的投降讨好,而是“一种作战策略”。这是科学家在《Behavioural Processes》犬类动物行为特刊上发表的研究报告得出的结论。


360度任轉iPad Pro  Targus Grid 推出 iPad Pro 保護套

相信很多人會覺得奇怪,如此巨大的 iPad Pro 到底有沒有很多的保護套選擇呢?不用擔心,一向推出 Appl …The post 360度任轉iPad Pro  Targus Grid 推出 iPad Pro 保護套 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.



Pope: Comments on Trump not a 'personal attack'

A spokesman for Pope Francis says the pontiff's statement that Donald Trump "is not Christian" was not a "personal attack" on the billionaire businessman and Republican presidential candidate."This wasn't, in any way, a personal attack or an indication on who to vote for,


今天乐视体育联合体奥动力在国贸做了一场名为Big bang的发布会,两家共同宣布达成资本合作,体奥入股乐视体育B轮,乐视投资体奥,同时乐视也成为了中超独家的媒体合作伙伴。整场发布会大半部分时间用在了对两者各自优势的相互吹嘘上,在台下的我关心的其实只有一件事情,这5年80亿到底要怎么变现,毕竟IP不能吃,能吃的将IP变现后真金白银买来的食物。在怎么IP变现上乐视提到的关键词是新的付费模式,观众们可以在乐视的生态链布局下完成看、聊、玩、买、和线下活动等行为。我曾经在这篇文章中提到过乐视将天价IP变现的方式压在了投资的创业公司身上,这次乐视关于这个新的付费模式也似乎在说明这一点。

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