Y Combinator Talks Numbers: 842 Companies Funded To Date, 23% With Women Founders In Current Batch

Y Combinator, the startup accelerator known for being the birthplace of Dropbox, Reddit, Airbnb, Stripe, and a number of other companies, released some updated stats this morning showing just how big it’s gotten — and how diverse its current class of companies is.

相关内容: companies more have billion winter class than foun

Google’s Work Insights helps businesses better understand how they work

At an event in Tokyo, Google today announced the launch of Work Insights, a new tool that gives businesses more insights into how their employees use the company’s G Suite productivity tools and how teams collaborate using those tools. In addition,

Google launches new AI initiatives in Japan

It’s no surprise that Google used its Cloud Next 2018 event in Tokyo today — one of a number of international Cloud Next events that follow its flagship San Francisco conference — to announce a couple of new initiatives that specifically focus on the Japanese market.

TaskRabbit kicks off Canadian expansion

TaskRabbit is kicking off its Canadian expansion in the greater Toronto area before rolling out in Vancouver in October and Montreal sometime in 2019.

An Intel drone fell on my head during a light show

It didn’t hurt. I thought someone dropped a small cardboard box on my head. It felt sharp and light. I was sitting on the floor, along the back of the crowd and then an Intel Shooting Star Mini drone dropped on my head. Audi put on a massive show to reveal its first EV, the […]

Committed to privacy, Snips founder wants to take on Alexa and Google, with blockchain

The story could be a harbinger of things to come when voice becomes more and more ubiquitous. After all, Amazon announced the launch of Alexa for Hospitality, its Alexa system for hotels, in June. News stories like this simply reinforce the idea that voice control is seeping into our daily lives.

Call for smart home devices to bake in privacy safeguards for kids

A new research report has raised concerns about how in-home smart devices such as AI virtual voice assistants, smart appliances, and security and monitoring technologies could be gathering and sharing children’s data.

The Punkt MP02 inches closer to what a minimalist phone ought to be

There's an empty space in my heart for a minimalist phone with only the most basic functions. Bad for my heart, but good for a handful of companies putting out devices aiming to fill it. Punkt's latest, the MP02, goes a little ways to making the device I desire, but it isn't quite there yet.

Your Windows 10 Password Will Be Your Face

Microsoft announced this morning two components of Windows 10, its next operating system, that will help users log into both hardware and digital services. ‘Windows Hello’ will allow users with machines that have the required hardware to log into their computing device using their face, eyes,

Rhapsody’s New Cards Offer Streaming Music Right In Twitter

Twitter’s own dedicated music app never really took off, but a new partner integration with Rhapsody brings 30 million full tracks to the app via new Rhapsody audio cards. The new cards go live starting today,

Drones That Shoot Fire, Silly String And More With Chaotic Moon

Product design firm Chaotic Moon creates prototypes for some of the biggest brands in the world. It has designed tech products for corporations like Samsung, Whole Foods and Intel.

White House Unveils Patent Protections, Including Crowdsourcing, To Help Find Prior Claims

The White House isn't waiting for Congress to enact new intellectual property laws. President Obama has made good on his promise to go after so-called "patent trolls," businesses that hoard legal ownership over inventions but don't actually produce products.


创业机构:中国石油化工集团 涉及行业:石油然气 事件属性:兼并收购 132000万 加元 2014年4月 17日,中石油集团收购加拿大阿萨巴斯卡油砂公司多佛油砂区块40 %股权,作价 13.2亿加元。 ... ...



Sony To Make Movie of Edward Snowden Story

wiredmikey (1824622) writes "Sony Pictures Entertainment has acquired the rights to the new book by journalist Glenn Greenwald about fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, the studio said Wednesday.

HTML5- Canvas入门(一) - vajoy

周老虎落网的时候,网易跟腾讯都推出了牛逼轰轰的HTML5页面来展示其关系网(网易http://news.163.com/special/data_zyk/ ,腾讯http://news.qq.com/zt2014/zykgxw/index.htm),查看这俩页面,都是通过H5中canvas强大的绘图...







OrderWithMe Raises Another $28M To Help Small Businesses Procure Like Big Ones

OrderWithMe, a startup based out of Las Vegas that has built a platform for small businesses to come together to effectively act like big ones to source, order and pay for supplies and components – has raised another $28 million in funding.


增哥导读:移动互联网正在颠覆着我们衣食住行,其中出行就有那么多好玩的事情。打车,租车,专车,拼车各种出行方式, […]

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