Republicans seek to push climate change off national security agenda

House Republicans are seeking to cut funds from the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) budgets that are directed at researching the national security implications of climate changeIn a sweeping budget proposal rolled out on Tuesday,

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Republicans seek to push climate change off national security agenda

House Republicans are seeking to cut funds from the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) budgets that are directed at researching the national security implications of climate changeIn a sweeping budget proposal rolled out on Tuesday,

Obama administration recasts climate change as a national security issue

U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday will highlight the national security risks that climate change poses, featuring it prominently in a commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.

Obama holds Twitter Q&A on climate change

President Obama held a Twitter Q&A on his newly created, and incredibly popular, @POTUS account on Thursday, fielding questions on everything from climate change skeptics to extreme weather becoming a national security issue.See also: Obama visits National Hurricane Center,

The GOP's New Budget Proposal is a Big Middle Finger to Earth Science

The GOP is trying to eviscerate NASA’s Earth science program. At best, the House Science Committee’s new budget proposal would slash NASA’s Earth science funding by $300 million. At worst, the Earth sciences stand to lose over half a billion federal dollars.Read more...

House Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Information-Sharing Bill

The House of Representatives today passed The Protecting Cyber Networks Act on a 307-116 bipartisan vote. The bill aims to remove legal barriers so that American companies can share threat information with one another to defend against hacks,

Everything You Need to Know About Obama's Clean Energy Plan

Last month, scientists at a UN conference delivered a sobering warning: To prevent catastrophic warming of the planet, we must reduce all carbon emissions to zero by the end of the 21st century. Today, the Obama administration announced its plan to get there. Read more...

The Luxury Housing Of Our Flood-Plagued Future Will Float 

In our flood-plagued future, what kind of housing will the super-rich buy? In Dubai, we're getting a sneak peek at what super-luxury real estate looks like in a world with unpredictable waters—and the main selling point is that it floats.Read more...

All The Questionable Statements On Defense From Saturday's Democratic Debate

The second Democratic Presidential Debate came in the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris and there were plenty of opportunities for the candidates to discuss the future and rehash the past when it comes to fighting terror and dealing with military affairs.

Tech’s Year Of Missed Political Gains

The technology sector had a rough year in Washington. In the face of growing political spending, increasing economic might and stumbling government agencies, tech got nearly nothing it wanted in 2014.NSA reform died, as did copyright reform, and patent reform. Immigration reform? Kaput.

These Structures Are Engineered to Survive a Global Catastrophe

Surviving a global calamity is, thankfully, a hypothetical usually posed only by summer blockbusters and InfoWars . But it’s Survival Week, dammit, so let’s talk hypotheticals.Read more...

Google will stop websites from blocking Incognito mode

Google is about to close a loophole that many companies used to track how people were browsing their website in Chrome.According to 9to5Google,

Hot mic picks up someone saying 'we're actually f**cked' during live BBC broadcast

The thought of getting caught on a hot mic and broadcast nationwide without your knowledge is a pretty terrifying one. Especially if what you get caught saying is a pretty blatant — and accurate — statement about national politics, and you also happen to drop the f-bomb. SEE ALSO:

UK cybersecurity center isn't too afraid of Huawei, report says

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre has assessed the dangers of using Huawei's 5G equipment, and it found that it's not such a big deal, Financial Times reported Sunday. The cybersecurity centre's findings have not yet been made public,

Learn modern web design for as little as £12.99 with this heavily discounted course

It's a dog-eat-dog professional world out there, and you should be doing everything you can to give yourself the edge. Whether that's pursuing extra-curricular activities or learning new skills, it's important to always be learning and growing.Fortunately, in this day and age,

Victoria Beckham had a Spice Girls drag performance at her London Fashion Week after party

Victoria Beckham has made it quite clear that she's not planning on reuniting with the four other Spice Girls, but that doesn't mean she's totally done with the catchy songs or girl power. After Beckham's London Fashion Week show,

Casper mattresses, Instant Pot, MacBook Air, Beats, Keurig, Fire Stick TV 4K, and more on sale for F

Did you know that we're all using our "second screens" wrong? It seems that most of us aren't using our tablets and smartphones in the best ways possible when watching TV or using a laptop. This is something to consider when shopping online for Presidents Day.

11 DIY videos that absolutely no one asked for

DIY videos have saved our lives on more than one occasion, and sure, some of the hacks that surface are really cool and useful. But, some content creators have taken the trend a little too far. 

Is this Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs?

LOS ANGELES — Could this be our first look at Michael Fassbender as the NeXT Steve Jobs?Instagram user @seannung on Tuesday posted this photo of a poster purportedly showing the 12 Years a Slave actor as Jobs in an ad, presumably used for background at some point in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie.

Syrian activists say chemical attacks killed 6 in Idlib province

Syrian activists have accused the Assad regime of carrying out a chemical attack on the town of Sarmin in the northern province of Idlib on MondayImages and videos circulating on social media support this claim, though no official confirmation has been made.See also:

Mitt Romney will box Evander Holyfield for charity. God bless America.

If your dream since the 2012 presidential election has been to see Mitt Romney get punched in the face, it looks like you're finally in luck. Well, kind ofThat's right — forget Mayweather-Pacquiao, because Romney-Holyfield just became the hottest boxing match of 2015.





Qt Style Sheet实践(三):QCheckBox和QRadioButton - 24K纯开源

导读 单选按钮(QRadioButton)和复选框(QCheckBox)是界面设计中的重要元素。单选按钮只允许用户在一组选项中选择一个,且当其中一个被选中的时候,按钮组中的其他单选按钮自动取消。

媲美军队高科技 猛男自家打造动力外骨骼

DIY 狂人 The Hacksmith 出手不凡,居然打造了一个真正的动力外骨骼。我们以前曾报道过美军正在开发的产品,但家庭作坊也不输洛马雷神。  


互联网界自从出了几个大神级的产品之后,产品背后的产品经理被捧红了,一时间产品经理成了诸多行业从业者追求的目标, […]

外媒:中国最贵手机VEB V2性能差强人意

据科技博客网站techinasia 10月27日报道, 一谈起中国制造的智能手机,人们往往想到小米、魅族等质优价廉的手机。然而有一款手机却以离谱的价格超低的配置震惊众人,那就是VEB V2。VEB V2是一款基于安卓系统的3G智能手机。

Surface Pro 3新广告终于不再嘲讽Macbook

威智网12月30日消息,根据外媒WMP最新报道称,微软昨晚发布了一则新的Surface Pro 3营销广告。这次并没有拉上老对手苹果Macbook电脑,而是单独展示了 2014 年终阶段 Surface Pro 3 所获得的来自顶级科技媒体的赞赏和美誉。  

不再外露!HTC One (M9) 新圖顯示 Boomsound 喇叭設計大幅改動

自從月初一連串爆發後,最近有關 HTC One (M9) 的消息便開始沈寂下來。不過今日有網站就公開了一張 HTC One (M9) 的新圖片,雖然當中只顯示了機底部份,不過卻可以看到其 Boomsound 喇叭的設計將會有很大改變。


编译:MC 你们公司的社会化媒体账号如企业官方微博、微信公众号是哪个部门在管理呢?

覺得小精靈所有關卡的路線背熟沒挑戰性了?那試試看用 Google Maps 的圖資玩小精靈吧

小精靈 Pac-Man 大概是不少 5 到 7 年級生都玩過的經典遊戲吧?這款歷久彌新的遊戲除了今年將登上大螢幕成為新電影 PIXELS 的要角,還出現了全新的玩法:透過 Google Maps 產生遊戲地圖。閱讀全文

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