Republicans seek to push climate change off national security agenda

House Republicans are seeking to cut funds from the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) budgets that are directed at researching the national security implications of climate changeIn a sweeping budget proposal rolled out on Tuesday,

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Republicans seek to push climate change off national security agenda

House Republicans are seeking to cut funds from the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) budgets that are directed at researching the national security implications of climate changeIn a sweeping budget proposal rolled out on Tuesday,

Obama administration recasts climate change as a national security issue

U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday will highlight the national security risks that climate change poses, featuring it prominently in a commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.

Obama holds Twitter Q&A on climate change

President Obama held a Twitter Q&A on his newly created, and incredibly popular, @POTUS account on Thursday, fielding questions on everything from climate change skeptics to extreme weather becoming a national security issue.See also: Obama visits National Hurricane Center,

The GOP's New Budget Proposal is a Big Middle Finger to Earth Science

The GOP is trying to eviscerate NASA’s Earth science program. At best, the House Science Committee’s new budget proposal would slash NASA’s Earth science funding by $300 million. At worst, the Earth sciences stand to lose over half a billion federal dollars.Read more...

House Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Information-Sharing Bill

The House of Representatives today passed The Protecting Cyber Networks Act on a 307-116 bipartisan vote. The bill aims to remove legal barriers so that American companies can share threat information with one another to defend against hacks,

Everything You Need to Know About Obama's Clean Energy Plan

Last month, scientists at a UN conference delivered a sobering warning: To prevent catastrophic warming of the planet, we must reduce all carbon emissions to zero by the end of the 21st century. Today, the Obama administration announced its plan to get there. Read more...

The Luxury Housing Of Our Flood-Plagued Future Will Float 

In our flood-plagued future, what kind of housing will the super-rich buy? In Dubai, we're getting a sneak peek at what super-luxury real estate looks like in a world with unpredictable waters—and the main selling point is that it floats.Read more...

All The Questionable Statements On Defense From Saturday's Democratic Debate

The second Democratic Presidential Debate came in the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris and there were plenty of opportunities for the candidates to discuss the future and rehash the past when it comes to fighting terror and dealing with military affairs.

Tech’s Year Of Missed Political Gains

The technology sector had a rough year in Washington. In the face of growing political spending, increasing economic might and stumbling government agencies, tech got nearly nothing it wanted in 2014.NSA reform died, as did copyright reform, and patent reform. Immigration reform? Kaput.

These Structures Are Engineered to Survive a Global Catastrophe

Surviving a global calamity is, thankfully, a hypothetical usually posed only by summer blockbusters and InfoWars . But it’s Survival Week, dammit, so let’s talk hypotheticals.Read more...

17 gifts for people who don’t drink enough water

How much water do you drink a day, really? What about your closest pal, or your family? Be honest. If it’s not the two litres recommended, then we’ve got work to do.We all know someone (or are someone) who refuses to reach their daily H2O quota,

'Game of Thrones' could learn something from this ice-cold political ad

There are burns, and then there are burns.I am still shewk from this political ad released by Arizona Democratic Congressional candidate David Brill against his incumbent Republican opponent, Paul Gosar. SEE ALSO: Christine Hallquist could become America's first trans governor,

Little Miss Flint's 5 awesome tips for becoming a young activist

Mari Copeny, an 11-year-old with an irrepressible desire to make the world a better place, is remarkable proof that you’re never too young to be an activist.Copeny, also known as "Little Miss Flint," is an advocate for her hometown of Flint, Michigan,

Americans hate selfies, but can't stop taking them

Americans have a love-hate relationship with selfies.A new survey from the research company YouGov shows that over 63 percent of Americans say they take selfies. But that doesn't mean America is all aboard the selfie train. While most Americans may take selfies,

10 hidden features in iOS 12

With any software upgrade, there's a lot to unpack. Apple's iOS 12 is no different. You probably noticed Screen Time, Grouped Notifications, and fun photo effects right after the update. However, it’s the small changes that can make all the difference.SEE ALSO:

Nick Kroll's Netflix series 'Big Mouth' is the candid conversation about sex you never had as a teen

Nick Kroll, surprisingly, doesn't remember much from sex ed. You'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise if you've watched Big Mouth, Kroll's animated Netflix series that plays the mind-bending confusion of puberty for laughs. In the first season, a young Kroll and his best friend Andrew,

8 of the best dog beds to help your canine rest easy

If you’re a canine lover, you know all the perks of having a pooch: There’s *always* a hyper fluffball to play with when you get home. If your pizza delivery shows up or there’s an Amazon Prime package, your dog alerts you ASAP through bark code,

Is this Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs?

LOS ANGELES — Could this be our first look at Michael Fassbender as the NeXT Steve Jobs?Instagram user @seannung on Tuesday posted this photo of a poster purportedly showing the 12 Years a Slave actor as Jobs in an ad, presumably used for background at some point in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie.

Syrian activists say chemical attacks killed 6 in Idlib province

Syrian activists have accused the Assad regime of carrying out a chemical attack on the town of Sarmin in the northern province of Idlib on MondayImages and videos circulating on social media support this claim, though no official confirmation has been made.See also:

Mitt Romney will box Evander Holyfield for charity. God bless America.

If your dream since the 2012 presidential election has been to see Mitt Romney get punched in the face, it looks like you're finally in luck. Well, kind ofThat's right — forget Mayweather-Pacquiao, because Romney-Holyfield just became the hottest boxing match of 2015.

Emotient Raises $6M For Its Facial Expression Recognition Tech, Debuts Sentiment Analysis App For Go

Emotient, a startup based out of San Diego that works in the emerging area of facial expression recognition, is today announcing a $6 million round of funding and one of the first steps that it is making to apply its technology:

Sure, Michael Sam Got Drafted — But Now the Real Test Begins

After Michael Sam got drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round of Saturday's NFL Draft — making him league's first openly gay draftee in its 94-year history — congratulations and adulations poured in from all corners of the Internet.

Android L 预览版上手一周感受

从小姜饼、冰激淋三明治,到果冻豆、奇巧饼,一路走来,Android 作为 Google 旗下的开源移动设备操作系统,终于走到了第五个大版本——Android L。新的系统到底有什么变化,“互联网的一些事”为你一一道来。   

Asp.Net 注册 邮箱激活 - 永远的世界

数据库 表的设计State为用户状态 0为禁用 1为可用 默认为0,下面有个UserGUID,这个字段将来用于激活账户首先你要写一个表单,验证码神马的,这个我就不写了。。直接写处理的 代码在下面 if (IsPostBack) 2 { 3 ...

Grand Theft Auto V Gets A Huge Update For Xbox One, PS4, And PC

Today Rockstar Games unveiled some new footage of Grand Theft Auto from the version set for release on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 18. The biggest reveal: there’s now going to a mode where you play like a giant open-world first-person shooter. This mode will be customizable,

用烤箱修复故障的MacBook Pro笔记本

iFixit的一名程序员讲了他利用烤箱修复故障的MacBook Pro笔记本电脑的故事。他的的MacBook Pro笔记本一直受到过热问题的困扰,电脑的温度在运行中会攀升到超过100度。

视频访谈: 许志强:运营商入云还有很长的路要走

1、许总做过十几年的电信行业研发,在您看来,传统电信行业的研发与容联云通讯(pass)的研发有哪些不一样的地方?二者在大容量、高可用方面分别有什么特点? 2、大众接触到的最早的云通讯是IP电话?

599到799欧元 索尼Z5系列三机价格出炉

感谢科客网的投递索尼于iFA 2015上发布了新一代旗舰Z5之外,还推出了两款衍生机型:索尼Z5 Compact和索尼Z5 Premium。这次最震撼的当属顶配版的4K分辨率屏幕。


威锋网 10 月 7 日消息,10 月 5 日是乔布斯去世四周年纪念日,ABC News 播放了一则我们此前没有看过的视频,其中描述了这位苹果公司已故 CEO 生前更为温和的一面。

Google Search Now Surfaces App-Only Content, Streams Apps From The Cloud When Not Installed On Your

Google today is making a big change in terms of its ability to surface the content found in mobile applications through Google search: it’s no longer requiring that apps have matching web content in order to be indexed through Google’s search engine. In addition,

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