Why Breeding Pedigree Dogs Is Just Eugenics By Another Name

Eugenics is the now-defunct (and creepy!) practice of breeding supposedly superior humans to achieve genetic improvements while sterilizing undesirables. Sound familiar? It's the exact same thing we now do to dogs and it's responsible for a range of health and behavioral issues in them. — Ed.

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UberFacts Is Still UberWrong

A few months ago we did a little fact-checking and found out that UberFacts is full of shit . So we wanted to give them another shot. The results? UberFacts is still spreading way too much misinformation.Read more...

Why Snow Is White Even Though Snowflakes Are Clear

When you look at pictures of individual snowflakes, the snowflakes are clear. So why is snow white and not clear?Read more...

Scammers and Skeptics Are Strangling the Future of Digital Money

Bitcoin devotees and other cryptocurrency fans say that math gives their radical ideas so much potential. But starting a new value system also requires a level of faith in the people using the math. As “shitcoin” scams pile up, it’s becoming clear that new currencies need trust, too.

5 Animal Con Artists That Use Trickery To Get Sex

Humans use all kinds of gimmicks to win over mates — but you’d think that in nature, it would be all about honest competition. The biggest antlers, the brightest feathers, the most beautiful song, the most perfect displays – each signals the owner’s desirability as a mate.

Alien's Ripley Is My Favorite Action Hero Ever

Not heroine. Hero, period. While it’s rad that Ellen Ripley happens to be a woman, that doesn’t at all impact her level of badassery—though it does inform her character in ways that make her much more interesting than virtually any other cinematic hero. She’s complicated, she feels real,

Time to Flex Those Savings Muscles: Bowflex's Popular Dumbbells Are Back Under $200

The price of these popular Bowflex adjustable dumbbells has been yo-yoing for weeks, but generally speaking, any time they’ve dipped below $200, they’ve sold out fairly quickly. So if you missed out on the last few opportunities, Amazon’s spotting you another chance today.Read more...

Instagram Won't Stop Showing Me the Mother's Day Photos I Don't Want to See

After four and a half years of not speaking to my mom I’ve learned to stay away from social media on Mother’s Day.Read more...

'World’s Hottest Pepper' Will Have You Breathing Fire, But It Won’t Kill You

Not all hot peppers are created equal, and few are as unequal as the Dragon’s Breath chili—a new breed that may soon find itself atop the “world’s hottest” throne. Forged by Wales horticulturalist Mike Smith, the red-orange,

Inside The Russian Bomber That’s Been Flying America’s Coastline

The Russian Tu-95/-142 Bear has been showing up in a lot of places it maybe shouldn’t be over the past month, as the Russian Air Force and Navy continues to probe the air defenses of several nations.

Federal Agents Are Now Using ‘Stingrays’ to Track and Capture Undocumented Immigrants

Controversial cellphone tracking technology is being deployed as a tool in President Donald Trump’s expanding effort to arrest and deport illegal US residents.Read more...

The Venom Movie Has Chosen Its Star/Symbiote Host: Tom Hardy

Variety is reporting that Tom Hardy, who played Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, will next play another iconic comic book villain, Venom. The frequent Spider-Man villain is getting his own film next year, which will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, who made Zombieland.Read more...

Games Could Help Google's 3D-Sensing Tango Tablet Become a Reality

Google's Project Tango lets pocket-sized computers see the world in 3D, which could lead to amazing things. Augmented reality shopping . Indoor navigation . Drones that don't crash into foreign objects.

What Are Your Earliest Web Browser Memories?

Microsoft has rung the death knell for Internet Explorer — and it's likely that few of us will mourn. IE has been sort of a joke for years, but there was a time when it was mighty. How far back into browser history do you go? Tell us what you remember.Read more...

This video about space and life is so inspiring

Supersymmetry is a short film made by Trent Jaklitsch as an ode to his father. But really, it's an inspirational tale for all of us. Using personal footage from his childhood along with NASA archival footage and other publicly available clips,

Flappy Bird 的成功带来哪些启示和影响?

我觉得思考点还是挺多的,比如:1)如何最大化挖掘既有玩家的关系链和社会化资源(特别是如何将这种主动强分享或探讨意愿植入游戏的体验进程中,并且将分享对象转化为下一个分享源,比如Draw Something之类的)2)用户的游戏需求并非纯粹的直线单向演进(比如从Casual到Midcore到Hardcore)需要不断累加各种复杂逻辑,而在于能营造单人版的沉浸和多人版(包括游戏外的比照)的交互(比如从Farmtown到Farmville到Hay day)3)什么样的游戏类型可以在学习曲线适当的状况下设置有挑战性的难度,用户在什么样的条件下有相对好的游戏失败容忍度(特别是不厌其烦地重复体验认知意义上完全像是的游戏)4)手机游戏的发行契机和成败定论是否需要重新考量一个弹性空间,是不是发行反响一般的游戏同样存在:发行时机、营销资源和用户需求不对扥的问题5)小型团队引爆全球手机游戏热潮的机会是否仍然存在,这些案例诸如:Flappy Bird的Nguyen Ha Dong、Cut the Rope的ZeptoLab、Fruit Ninja的Halfbrick、Tiny Wings的Andreas Il



苹果WWDC 2014为啥没有发布硬件产品?

美国太平洋时间6月2日上午10点,一年一度的WWDC苹果全球开发者大会在旧金山开幕,就如先前的预想那样,Mac OS X Yosemite和iOS 8成为了绝对的主角,至于很多人耿耿于怀的“没有发布硬件这件事”,如果要我说那完全是硬件党自己意淫的,WWDC本来就不是硬件的秀场,而是开发者的狂欢。

岂止于系统,阿里发布YunOS 3.0,推出Cloud Card服务架构

两位分别来自工信部和科技部的副部长,阿里巴巴集团CEO陆兆禧、CTO王坚……阿里内部对YunOS 3.0的重视程度让人感到有些惊讶,以至于当主持人念出“陆兆禧”名字的时候,现场突然热闹了起来。

10 Android games worth paying for

Mobile devices might just be the next big frontier for video games. Sure, the free app charts on Google Play might still be dominated by casual games that simply idle away the time. But a dedicated gamer can find plenty to enjoy. After all,

IDC:预计2014年全球智能手机出货量13亿部 Android手机占82.3%






MDD:使用模型驱动开发方式进行快速开发(多图预警) - lingx

相信很多人跟我一样,不喜欢数据展示、列表分页、数据的增、删、改、查,这种简单又烦琐的搬砖活。 因为很多人跟我一样,所以网上出现很多开源的代码生成工具,在多年前我也写过,根据模版生成简单的View、Action、Service、Dao、Bean(现在想来当时真SB,写了个破东西还洋洋得意);但实际上并

This is why you never steal food from the office fridge

If it's not yours: hands off.Believe us, it's for your own good.SEE ALSO: Office worker tells harrowing chimichanga experience, then offers them to coworkersReddit user Phantom0591 posted this picture of a Coffee Mate bottle with an enlightening and hilarious message on it.

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