Now you can hear music through a bag of chips

That bag of Lay's is all about that bassNo, it's not a kitschy portable speaker designed to look like a snack. The bag isn't some sort of cheap megaphone setup, nor a DIY musical instrument a subway performer might useThe bag is actually silent. And so is the video filming it.

Now you can hear music through a bag of chips

That bag of Lay's is all about that bassNo, it's not a kitschy portable speaker designed to look like a snack. The bag isn't some sort of cheap megaphone setup, nor a DIY musical instrument a subway performer might useThe bag is actually silent. And so is the video filming it.

Made for a Marathon: The Science of Long Distance Running

What drives people to run a marathon? Join Hayley Birch as she tackles 26.2 miles, aided by science.Read more...

Lumia 950 review

The Lumia 950 was released on November 20, 2015, and as part of our testing and a full coverage of the new Windows 10 Mobile device, we have incorporated input from several WinBeta writers...The post Lumia 950 review appeared first on WinBeta.

Confessions Of A US Navy Blue Angel

They are one of the most iconic performance groups in existence, amazing millions yearly. Their shows feature seemingly super-human levels of precision. Now, one of them is going to tell you what it's like to don the blue flight suit as part of the elite of the elite,

Elon Musk makes nice with the farting unicorn artist

It sure seems like the saga of Elon Musk and The Farting Unicorn™ is reaching a satisfactory conclusion, clearing up Musk's plate to continue feuding with rescuers of children stranded in caves or journalists or whoever else is on deck. SEE ALSO: Elon Musk's muskiest moments of 2018,

SpaceX makes beautiful pre-dawn rocket landing at sea. See it here.

SpaceX's rocket landings are back and better than ever. After a months long dry spell, SpaceX just completed its latest and greatest rocket landing on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean after launching a satellite to orbit from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 1:50 a.m. EDT.SEE ALSO:

These Super Mario Moleskine notebooks are classy as hell

Writers, artists, doodlers, and scribblers have a new way to show their love for Nintendo's resident goomba-stomping plumber with Moleskine's cool new line of Super Mario-themed notebooks.Moleskine unveiled its latest line of nerdy notebooks Friday, Digital Trends reported,

'Aquaman' star Jason Momoa admits wearing jeans underwater was a 'bad choice'

For a guy who’s supposed to be really good at swimming, Aquaman sure has some strange ideas about swimwear.Like, who the hell wears jeans underwater?SEE ALSO: Aquaman is even more of a bro in his solo movie than he was in 'Justice League'At Comic-Con Saturday,

These could be the last charging cables you ever buy — and they're on sale

Standard issue charging cables are, as a whole, undependable.SEE ALSO: A bento box-inspired accessory case keeps cords organized on the goNot only are they prone to breakage, but they juice up your phone for an unnecessarily long time.

How to learn coding online at a rock-bottom price

Your foray into coding doesn't have to start and end with the basic HTML you inadvertently learned while you were sprucing up your MySpace and Neopets profile way back when. Needless to say, coding isn't just about creating swanky banners and changing font colors.

Just some photos of Donald Trump yelling

Nothing Donald Trump does is subtle, especially when speaking in public.Whether it's shouting declarations about making America "great again" or yelling something a bit more derogatory towards someone he doesn't like (the press, our foreign allies, whoever hasn't given him his way recently),

Tourists killed in Tunisian museum attack

Seven foreigners and one Tunisian are dead after a shooting attack on a leading museum, according to the country's Interior MinistryA local state news report said the shooting broke out around midday local time on Wednesday at the Bardo Museum, which is adjacent to the national Parliament building.

Lufthansa pilot strike cancels nearly 750 flights

About 750 flights within Germany and Europe have been canceled because of a strike by Lufthansa pilots.Cancelations are coming to more flights on Thursday, when the Vereinigung Cockpit union plans to extend the strike to long haul flights.See also:

'He came frolicking through a field of clovers': St. Patrick, according to Americans

It's March 18, and the St. Patrick's Day hangovers are in full force, which means it's now time to regret and reflect.We hit the streets of NYC during one of the world's biggest St.


简介小央美儿童美术成立于2012年,致力于3-18岁中国儿童艺术高端教育机构。经营范围:儿童美术 思维绘画


1 图案以奥克斯创业精神的象征——拓荒牛为设计原型,结合绿叶,通过拟人手法变化成一个健康自信、创新进取的金牛娃娃的形象;2 绿色代表着健康节能,体现了奥克斯空调“健康”的产品理念和“高品质”的品牌追求;3 “拓荒牛”张开双臂,勇往直前,体现了奥克斯创新进取、谦虚负责的创业精神;4 卡通形象取名“牛牛”,体现了奥克斯空调一流的品质和服务,表达了对奥克斯空调的美好祝愿。

Computex 2014 : ARM 正式宣布在台灣設立亞太 CPU 設計中心,以 Cortex-M 架構為主

ARM 在 Computex 前一日在台舉辦展前活動,除了談到關於 ARM 所見的市場新機會外,最重要的是宣布在台灣設立亞太區 CPU 設計中心,為全球第四座 CPU 設計中心,該設計中心將會以 Cortex-M 嵌入式架構為主,並提供架構的驗證制度,強化 IOT 產業的競爭力。

异步编程 In .NET - Jesse Liu

概述 在之前写的一篇关于async和await的前世今生的文章之后,大家似乎在async和await提高网站处理能力方面还有一些疑问,博客园本身也做了不少的尝试。

University of Michigan Solar Car Wins Fifth Straight National Title

An anonymous reader writes For the fifth consecutive year, the solar car team from the University of Michigan has won the American Solar Car Challenge. The event is an eight-day, 1,700-mile race with a total of 23 participating teams.

Why Hasn't This Asteroid Disintegrated?

sciencehabit writes: Planetary scientists have found an asteroid spinning too fast for its own good. The object, known as 1950 DA, whips around every 2.1 hours, which means that rocks on its surface should fly off into space. What's keeping the remaining small rocks and dust on the surface?

谷歌10月15日发布会猜测 系统/平板大汇集

即将到来的10月15日(也就是下周三),可以说是谷歌本年度最为重要的一天。为何会得出这样的结论呢?据悉谷歌将会在发布会上发布全新的Android L操作系统。



JavaWeb学习(二)----JSP脚本元素、指令元素、动作元素 - 生命壹号


Facebook Brings Graph Search To Mobile And Lets You Find Feed Posts By Keyword

Facebook is finally getting serious about search. Today it’s challenging Google for finding answers and Twitter for checking real-time chatter with the launch of keyword search. Two years after launching semantic “My friends who…” search for people, places, and photos on the web,

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