Here Are The Companies That Presented At Y Combinator Demo Day 1

It’s that time again! Today was Demo Day 1 (of 2) for Y Combinator’s Winter 2015 class — when investors and reporters get their first in-person look at many of the startups that YC has been incubating for the past few months. Want to see what debuted?

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Here Are The Companies That Presented At Y Combinator Demo Day 1

It’s that time again! Today was Demo Day 1 (of 2) for Y Combinator’s Winter 2015 class — when investors and reporters get their first in-person look at many of the startups that YC has been incubating for the past few months. Want to see what debuted?

YC-Backed Pomello Helps Teams Determine Whether Job Applicants Will Fit In

Y Combinator-backed Pomello wants to push recruiting to be more about getting new employees who will get along with the rest of the team rather than pushing fancy perks and competing on pay.At least,

CloudScreener Helps You Decide Which Cloud To Use, Raises 600,000 Euros

What cloud should you host your applications on? That question is getting harder and harder to answer as more players join the fray and as existing companies continually add new features and change their prices.

Y Combinator Winter 2014, Batch 1: Meet CareMessage, Boostable, BatteryOS, And More

Y Combinator is kicking off its 19th (!!!!) demo day today at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and the TechCrunch crew is on the ground to let you know which hot new startups investors will be clamoring over for the next few weeks and months. Here's the first batch of companies.

CareLulu Raises $1.7 Million For A Service That Helps Parents Find The Best Daycares

Ask any working parent with small children about one of their biggest challenges, and they’ll tell you it is (or has been) finding the right daycare.

ClosetSpace Brings Fashion Inspiration And Recommendations To Your Smartphone

A new application called ClosetSpace from fashion analytics company Stylitics wants to put a digital closet in your pocket, while also feeding you daily inspirations, outfit suggestions, and more, as well as offering access to a personal stylist for just $25.00. The app, targeting mainly at women,

LegalSifter Helps Designers And Developers Read Their Contracts

If you are a freelancer, chances are you have to deal with quite a few legal documents when you get hired for a new project. But while it’s great to get to that stage, getting a lawyer involved to go over a $3,000 contract isn’t exactly cost effective. Read More

Capriza Update Helps Surface Important Information

By now, we all probably know the cloud and mobile have simplified many of the applications that have been used inside of companies for years. Yet as revolutionary as the cloud and mobile have been in the enterprise, they didn’t solve the problem of the sheer amount of functionality,

Guildery Helps You Decorate With Pre-Matched Fabrics, Digitally Printed On Demand

Unless you’re an interior designer, one of the challenges with shopping online for furniture and other upholstered accessories is not knowing whether or not the colors and patterns you like actually go together.

LaunchDarkly, A Startup That Helps Companies Soft-Launch Features, Raises $2.6M

Whenever many large technology have a new feature they want to test, they roll it out to a small set of users before letting it go live. That those companies get feedback on the feature and iron out any bugs,

Cassette decks from Crosley take aim at tape-hoarding nostalgia-seekers

Crosley, makers of the "good enough" record players you see in Urban Outfitters and Target, have turned their retro novelty eye on the next obvious format: cassettes. These two new decks from the company have all the latest features from 1985, but also a handful of modern conveniences.

Overnight success now requires a little more time

Building a great consumer company is harder these days. Try anyway.

FCC approval of Europe’s Galileo satellite signals may give your phone’s GPS a boost

The FCC's space-focused meeting today had actions taken on SpaceX satellites and orbital debris reduction, but the decision most likely to affect users has to do with Galileo. No, not the astronomer — the global positioning satellite constellation put in place by the E.U. over the last few years.

Tesla acquires trucking companies to squeeze in more deliveries before Dec. 31

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Thursday that the electric automaker had acquired “trucking capacity,” a move aimed to boost deliveries of its Model 3 vehicles before the federal tax credit begins to wind down Dec. 31. Musk at first didn’t explain what “acquired trucking capacity” meant.

Uber joins Linux Foundation cementing commitment to open source tools

Uber announced today at the 2018 Uber Open Summit that it was joining the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member, making a firm commitment to using and contributing to open source tools.

Apple partners with A24, the studio behind ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Hereditary’

Apple has signed a multi-year agreement with A24, which will see the film studio producing multiple movies for Apple. Not much else is known about the deal yet — not the number of films, their genres or the talent involved. Still,

Facebook changes algorithm to demote “borderline content” that almost violates its policy

Facebook has changed its News Feed algorithm to demote content that comes close to violating its policies prohibiting misinformation, hate speech, violence, bullying, clickbait so it’s seen by fewer people even it’s highly engaging. In a 5000-word letter by Mark Zuckerberg published today,

Twitch Resets All User Passwords After Suffering Data Breach

Twitch, the immensely popular livestreaming service for gamers that was acquired last year by Amazon in a nearly $1 billion deal, confirmed today that it has suffered a security breach that may have resulted in unauthorized access to a number of user accounts.

Slack’s In Talks With Coatue, Others For Another Round At A $2.5B Valuation

Slack, the communication platform that has taken the workplace world by storm, is on a roll of another sort. After announcing a fundraise of $120 million at a $1 billion-plus valuation less than six months ago, TechCrunch has heard that the company is talking to investors for yet another round,

Why Don’t Makers Have Higher Social Status?

Matt Burns wrote about a situation at his son’s school last week that could have happened almost anywhere in the United States. The school had organized a career day, and his son, who is seven years old, told his teachers he wanted to be a video game designer one day.



Contextly Launches Its Editorial Tools To Find “Related Content” That’s Actually Related

If you're tired of seeing "related content" widgets that are full of links that are, at best, kinda, sorta related, a startup called Contextly is trying to make things better. The company was in 2012 and aimed, in the words of co-founder Ryan Singel,

20 年前你上過嗎??10 個 90 年代 Old School 網站外貌

互聯網發展已有數十年歷史,而技術對外開放則由 1990 年開始,初時上網並未普及、費用亦不低,那麼那時的網站究竟是怎麼樣的呢?以下就帶大家看看。話說回來,「互聯網」這三個字好像已經有點 Old School 了呢。 1.

Ribose全球率先获得基于最新CCM 3.0.1云安全标准的CSA STAR 认证

香港2014年11月17日电 /美通社/ -- Ribose 成为全球首家获得基于最新云控制矩阵 (CCM) 3.0.1 云安全标准的云安全联盟 (CSA) STAR 认证的云服务供应商。

Kobre & Kim增強亞太調查團隊的實力:又一位前美國政府律師加盟香港辦事處

香港--(美國商業資訊)--Vasu B. Muthyala加盟國際律師事務所Kobre & Kim的亞洲政府執法和調查團隊。  

'Better Call Saul' Episode 6: Mike knows it was you. And you know it was Mike

Five weeks into Better Call Saul’s first season on AMC, we may have encountered the series’ strongest episode yet — ironically, with almost no Jimmy McGill in sight.“Five-O” focuses exclusively on Mike, his abrupt move to New Mexico, and his dubious past as a cop in Philadelphia.

新款MacBook Air及13寸MBP停止对Windows 7的BootCamp支持

根据苹果发布的最新Boot Camp支持文档显示,最新的2015款MacBook Air以及13寸Macbook Pro机型已经停止了对Windows 7以下系统的Boot Camp支持。这意味在新机型上通过Boot Camp双系统启动只能运行Windows 8及更高版本的Windows系统。

Halo 5 Guardians co-op to require Xbox Live Gold afterall

One of the games garnering the most hype during the lead up to this year’s E3 is Halo 5 Guardians. Microsoft and the game’s developer, 343 Industries, have both been very deliberate with their information and visual reveals which is why it’s surprising that John Holmes,


几个月前一件事情在媒体圈炸开了锅,继而引起了各方分析和讨论,这就是马云携12亿重金战略性入股每一财经。时间往回 ...


我认识的一位就读于长江商学院的香港女企业家,为了给朋友们发微信红包专门开了个内地手机号,电子红包的社交影响力可 ...

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