Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone picks up an update, brings dashboard view, read messages and

Office 365 Admin give users the ability to stay connected to their Office 365 on the move, allowing administrators to manage users, read messages, check out the service health status and lots more.The Office 365 Admin app empowers you,

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Windows 10 event: Microsoft shows off Office running on Windows Phone and Windows 10

Microsoft is currently holding their Windows 10 consumer event in Redmond, and they have just demoed Office on Windows Phone. Windows Phone users have been waiting for years for an acceptable version of Office. When more full featured versions came to iPhone and Android first,


今年微软相继发布了Office For iPad、Office For iPhone和Office For A […]

Microsoft's Windows 10 Office "Work Assistant" for Windows Phone concept images leaked

WinBeta recently revealed details that Microsoft was planning to bring Cortana integration to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Office apps for Windows Phone. Recently,

Office 2016 正式发布——新特性预览 - 葡萄城控件技术团队

Windows Office 2016正式发布,这标志着Windows Office 又达到了一个新的里程碑! 全新的Office 发布为Office 365 用户带来了新的价值,它不仅与Windows 10完美匹配,并且更加重视商业安全。

Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone just got Live Tile support

The Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone gives admins the ability to stay connected to their Office 365 service on the move, allowing them to manage users, read messages, check out the service health status, and lots more. This app is definitely a companion for any Office 365 administrator.

Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone picks up message translate feature in new update

The Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone is the perfect companion for any Office 365 administrator, giving them the ability to stay connected to their Office 365 service on the move. Admins can manage users, read messages, check out the service health status, and more. 

Office Mobile apps officially released alongside Windows 10

Just as Windows 10 officially drops, Microsoft today announces the official availability of more flagship software: Office Mobile apps for Windows 10. The apps have been available in preview form to Windows 10 Insiders up to now. If you've been waiting for them and you're running Windows 10,

微软面向 Windows 10 推出经触控优化的通用版 Office 套件

微软今天 推出 了专门针对 Windows 10 设计的 Office 套件早期版本。该软件旨在接受触控输入,兼容手机和平板电脑。Office 的桌面版本 Office 2016 也将于今年上市 。 当然,Windows 10… Read More

Terry Myerson blogs about Office 365 discount with Windows 10 upgrade

Terry Myerson could be considered the second most powerful man at Microsoft. He was (and still is) leader of the team that created Windows 10. However, Terry was also recently promoted to the Windows and...

2015年就能用上Office 2016了,而且对所有Windows 10移动设备免费

在昨天的Windows 10消费者预览版发布会上,微软以Office 360为代表展示了未来通用应用(Universal App)如何在Windows 10系统下支持全品类的Wiindows设备。今天Office官方博客马上透露了Office 2016的初步计划。

Next-generation consoles could be powered by leaked AMD Zen and Navi APU

An avid hardware leaker by the name of APISAK has leaked an as-yet-unannounced AMD APU. According to APISAK (via Neowin), the APU is codenamed Gonzalo, with the specification 2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9. APISAK breaks down the specification in an image, explaining what the different parts mean:

Xbox offers 1 month of Game Pass + 1 month of Sling for $1 for first month

Microsoft is running a limited promotion, giving users both Xbox Game Pass's digital library of games and discounts and Sling TV's live television channels and on demand content to for just a dollar.

Microsoft’s launches XAML Studio, a free app for making UWP XAML UIs

A new app from the Microsoft Garage Project studios emerged in the Store recently called XAML Studio which was released to help "rapidly prototype UWP XAML" projects and copied for further development using Visual Studio.

Backups for Windows 10 Mobile won’t work after March 2020

App downloads and device resets will still be as up to date as OS 1703 and 1709 for the next year and some change.

Cheat Sheet: Outlook, OneNote, To-Do, or Sticky Notes? Microsoft’s note-taking apps explained

Over the years, Microsoft has launched a myriad of solutions for taking notes, manage tasks, and create reminders, and the Redmond giant is now using Microsoft Exchange as the cement to create synergies between all these apps.

Microsoft News app for Android updated with new layout choices

Despite Microsoft's heavy platform and services integration with Android, the company still, on occassion, manages to target much of its early development for the iOS platform

Azure DevOps launches its own Bounty program

Microsoft's Security Response Center (MSRC) just announced the launch of its Azure DevOps Bounty Program yesterday and it should be exciting news for DevOps customers, particularly those using server solutions.

Telegram Messenger Beta updated, brings hastags, send replies, and more

Telegram Messenger is yet another instant messaging app for Windows Phone which gives users the ability to get in touch with their loved ones. The app allows users to create groups of up to 200 people so you could get in touch with all of your friends and family at once.

Microsoft has acquired Office plug-in tool LiveLoop

Microsoft has acquired a San Francisco based productivity plug-in maker called LiveLoop. The company converts PowerPoint presentations into web URLs which can be viewed from any computer or smartphone without installing any software on their devices.

Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious expansion is now available for Xbox One and Xbox 360

If you happen to be a fan of racing games, you be glad to know that Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious expansion pack is now available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.


东华门外的护城河与城墙 儿时的记忆如今恍若隔世





‘Tesco Law’ era pushes traditional firms to adopt cloud services and new IT technologies

Law companies of all sizes are being urged by legal IT specialists to adopt cloud technologies in order to enjoy increased flexibility and cost efficiencies.Read more:

久邦数码发布关于精简3G门户的声明 未来将聚焦在GO系列业务

今日有媒体报道称,3G 门户已于昨日开始大规模裁员,除保留体育、书城频道外,其余多数频道均被直接关闭。

算法导论学习-heapsort - 流白

heap的定义:如果数组a[1,....n]满足:a[i]>a[2*i]&&a[i]>a[2*i+1],1 2 #include 3 using namespace std; 4 int a[101]; 5 int array_size,heap_size; 6 int left(int i){ 7...


深圳2015年4月23日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,TUV南德意志集团(以下简称TUV SUD)受邀参加由电源网主办的第6届LED通用照明驱动技术研讨会。

​网页版 WhatsApp 也终于支持 iOS 设备了!

等了超过半年,网页版 WhatsApp 终于也支持让 iOS 设备使用者使用了,一如首次推出,iOS 设备使用者也是需要等待逐步推送的更新后才能使用这功能。当收到更新后,便可以在设定页里点选「网页版 WhatsApp」并以二维码作登录。

如何为编程爱好者设计一款好玩的智能硬件(十)——无线2.4G通信模块研究·一篇说完 - beautifulzzzz


Anxiety Party

We have a somewhat unusual design team at GV. There are six of us. Four product designers, a researcher and a team coordinator. Each of us held fairly senior design positions previously, and we each have a lot of experience. Because we’re all experienced,

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