Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone picks up an update, brings dashboard view, read messages and

Office 365 Admin give users the ability to stay connected to their Office 365 on the move, allowing administrators to manage users, read messages, check out the service health status and lots more.The Office 365 Admin app empowers you,

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Windows 10 event: Microsoft shows off Office running on Windows Phone and Windows 10

Microsoft is currently holding their Windows 10 consumer event in Redmond, and they have just demoed Office on Windows Phone. Windows Phone users have been waiting for years for an acceptable version of Office. When more full featured versions came to iPhone and Android first,


今年微软相继发布了Office For iPad、Office For iPhone和Office For A […]

Microsoft's Windows 10 Office "Work Assistant" for Windows Phone concept images leaked

WinBeta recently revealed details that Microsoft was planning to bring Cortana integration to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Office apps for Windows Phone. Recently,

Office 2016 正式发布——新特性预览 - 葡萄城控件技术团队

Windows Office 2016正式发布,这标志着Windows Office 又达到了一个新的里程碑! 全新的Office 发布为Office 365 用户带来了新的价值,它不仅与Windows 10完美匹配,并且更加重视商业安全。

Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone just got Live Tile support

The Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone gives admins the ability to stay connected to their Office 365 service on the move, allowing them to manage users, read messages, check out the service health status, and lots more. This app is definitely a companion for any Office 365 administrator.

Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone picks up message translate feature in new update

The Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone is the perfect companion for any Office 365 administrator, giving them the ability to stay connected to their Office 365 service on the move. Admins can manage users, read messages, check out the service health status, and more. 

Office Mobile apps officially released alongside Windows 10

Just as Windows 10 officially drops, Microsoft today announces the official availability of more flagship software: Office Mobile apps for Windows 10. The apps have been available in preview form to Windows 10 Insiders up to now. If you've been waiting for them and you're running Windows 10,

微软面向 Windows 10 推出经触控优化的通用版 Office 套件

微软今天 推出 了专门针对 Windows 10 设计的 Office 套件早期版本。该软件旨在接受触控输入,兼容手机和平板电脑。Office 的桌面版本 Office 2016 也将于今年上市 。 当然,Windows 10… Read More

Terry Myerson blogs about Office 365 discount with Windows 10 upgrade

Terry Myerson could be considered the second most powerful man at Microsoft. He was (and still is) leader of the team that created Windows 10. However, Terry was also recently promoted to the Windows and...

2015年就能用上Office 2016了,而且对所有Windows 10移动设备免费

在昨天的Windows 10消费者预览版发布会上,微软以Office 360为代表展示了未来通用应用(Universal App)如何在Windows 10系统下支持全品类的Wiindows设备。今天Office官方博客马上透露了Office 2016的初步计划。

You can now design your dream Xbox One controller in the Microsoft Store app with the Xbox Design La

Since the inception of the Microsoft Store app, it has continued to grow through the addition of new product categories, such as offering up Microsoft’s range of devices, to an enhanced Games section with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere titles.

How to make Windows 10 feel faster by disabling animations

Windows 10 added a lot of design refinements to the Windows desktop. Especially since the introduction of Microsoft’s new Fluent Design System, motion and animation has become much more prevalent throughout the user interface. While animations can make for a more polished, streamlined feel,

Microsoft reportedly working on a low cost – no disk drive Xbox One

After releasing the Xbox One S in 2016 and the Xbox One X console a year later, we could get new Xbox One hardware as soon as next year.

Microsoft Transforms France’s Mont St. Michel with HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens is responsible for helping create a 3D model of Mont-Saint-Michel, an island and monastery in Normandy, France. Those equipped with a HoloLens can see the inside and outside of the cathedral as a part of an interactive exhibit at the Musée des Plans-Reliefs in Paris, France.

Edge wins an Emmy for helping to standardize HTML5

Microsoft was honored with an Emmy for its role in supporting TV experiences over the web via its new Edge browser.

Microsoft is apparently testing showing ads to non-Office 365 subscribers in its Windows 10 Mail app

Microsoft could soon show some ads to users of its Windows 10 Mail who don’t have an Office 365 subscription.

Sunset Overdrive officially coming to Windows 10 & Steam today

It’s official, both Microsoft and Insomniac Games confirmed yesterday that Sunset Overdrive is coming to Windows PCs today.

Telegram Messenger Beta updated, brings hastags, send replies, and more

Telegram Messenger is yet another instant messaging app for Windows Phone which gives users the ability to get in touch with their loved ones. The app allows users to create groups of up to 200 people so you could get in touch with all of your friends and family at once.

Microsoft has acquired Office plug-in tool LiveLoop

Microsoft has acquired a San Francisco based productivity plug-in maker called LiveLoop. The company converts PowerPoint presentations into web URLs which can be viewed from any computer or smartphone without installing any software on their devices.

Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious expansion is now available for Xbox One and Xbox 360

If you happen to be a fan of racing games, you be glad to know that Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious expansion pack is now available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Google's Project Tango Headed To International Space Station

itwbennett (1594911) writes "A pair of Google's Project Tango phones, the prototype smartphone packed with sensors so it can learn and sense the world around it,

用cocos2d-html5做的消除类游戏《英雄爱消除》——概述 - jackyWHJ


细水长流话Hadoop(2)Hadoop RPC 客户端 - 希望之地

声明:个人原创,转载请注明出处。文中引用了一些网上或书里的资料,如有不妥之处请告之。本文是我阅读Hadoop 0.20.2第二遍时写的笔记,在阅读过程中碰到很多问题,最终通过各种途径解决了大部分。

开坦克开飞机随便你 《正当防卫3》发布

有没有玩家现在仍对那个飞来飞去的“抓钩侠”Rico Rodriguez 记忆犹新的?现在和他一起战斗的机会又来了:《正当防卫 3》发布。  《正当防卫》系列虽然算不上是位居一线的顶尖大作,但这并不代表它的可玩性不高。

There's a blizzard warning in effect for ... Hawaii?!

The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings for the summits of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea volcanic peaks, both located on the Big Island of Hawaii, in advance of a vigorous storm systemThe warnings, which were issued at about 3:39 a.m. on Wednesday, local time,





一起通过 Canon 官方视频看看「四百万感光度」的世界吧

无论在近台币百万的价位或是 400 万的最高 ISO,都让许多人下巴快要合不上的 Canon 专业级摄影机 ME20F-SH,官方又怎会错过在这次的 Canon Expo 期间展现一下它的实力呢 -- 毕竟,也都快要开卖了嘛。


IDC 数据显示,三星和苹果的出货量仍然居于全球领先地位,另外华为的增长幅度十分迅速,同比增长 60.9%,小米市场份额没有变化。

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