Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: A beauty with a beastly compromise

It's hard to know what to make of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Once you get past the initial shock of seeing a smartphone that appears somehow "bent," the curved sides looking as if the screen has somehow begun to melt away, you start to wonder, what it can do?

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Samsung Touts Video Chops With Two More Big Screen Phones

As expected (and amply leaked), Samsung has today whipped back the curtain on a pair of new flagship smartphones, announcing two new phablets: the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ at press events in New York and London.

Galaxy Note Edge Review: This Crazy Smartphone Ain't Half Bad

You've never seen anything quite like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The phone looks like it's melting. The entire right edge of the device is a second screen. And though it feels like a gimmick at first, that extra, angled real estate can be surprisingly cool.Read more...

This Might Be Our Best Look Yet at the Samsung Galaxy Edge

Samsung's new flagship phone is due very very soon, at this year's Mobile World Congress, and we're increasingly seeing leaked images of what it might look like . Now, another leak image shows what could the new S6 sat alongside its rather more radical, curved screen Edge stablemate.Read more...

Samsung Galaxy Edge Looks Like the Future

When it comes to gadget reporting, the word "futuristic" is overused. But Samsung's Galaxy Edge smartphone, which brandishes a thin, curved screen along the right side, definitely qualifies for the label.The Galaxy Edge isn't like anything we've seen before. Sure, there have been curved screens,

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: A beauty with a beastly compromise

It's hard to know what to make of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Once you get past the initial shock of seeing a smartphone that appears somehow "bent," the curved sides looking as if the screen has somehow begun to melt away, you start to wonder, what it can do?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: A Quirk That Doesn't Really Work

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is a fantastic smartphone . But maybe you find it boring. Maybe it’s disappointing that the new Android standard-bearer looks so much like an Apple product. If that’s the case, perhaps the Galaxy S6 Edge is more your speed.Read more...

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Has the Best Smartphone Display Yet

Samsung is continually improving upon the quality of its smartphone displays, and the screens on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 take things to new heights. In fact, according to extensive testing from DisplayMate, one of them has the best smartphone display yet.Read more...

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review: Buy It For Bragging Rights

Some people prefer practical tools. Others would gladly buy gadgets dipped in gold. In a nutshell, that’s the choice between the new Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. They’re two sides of the same coin. They’re both cutting-edge phones.

Latest Teaser Suggests Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Will Sport A Metal Back

It looks like Samsung is finally dispensing with its tradition of faux leather, plastic backs for its Galaxy S range. Read More

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge Won't Be Mass-Produced

Earlier this month , Samsung unleashed another one of its zany special projects on us: the Galaxy Note Edge, an otherwise-normal smartphone with an edge-curved screen. Well, to the disappointment of everyone who's bored with a flat screen,

'Game of Thrones' had an epic cast reunion

A major Game of Thrones reunion took place earlier this year, with Conan O'Brien hosting. Actor Sean Bean let the news slip in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, bless him.He said he had last seen his old co-stars "about four weeks ago in Belfast.""Conan O’Brien did this thing," Bean said.

Netflix cancels 'Luke Cage,' the second Marvel series to go

Netflix has canceled Marvel's Luke Cage ahead of an expected Season 3 order. The decision, Deadline reports, stemmed from creative differences between the creative team and higher-ups at both Netflix and Marvel.SEE ALSO:

Kobo Forma review: A great, but pricey Kindle alternative

Kobo Forma$279.

5 ways you can stand up for domestic violence survivors

Over the course of one year, an average of 10 million women and men are physically abused by an intimate partner in the U.S. Domestic violence can take the form of physical, psychological, or economic abuse, and it is a national issue that affects people of all ages and genders,

Why you should give kids toys that look like them

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.Now more than ever,

Just try not to obsess over this retro, Nintendo-inspired Bluetooth game controller that's on sale

If you ever meet a time traveler from 1986, he or she is going to have a lot of questions about our modern world.  Why is your wardrobe so devoid of neon?  Where are the flying cars? Are you honestly telling me Corey Feldman ISN'T the biggest movie star on the planet?  SEE ALSO: 'Super Mario Bros.

How 'Halloween' uses side-splitting humor to give its victims a pulse

Warning: Major spoilers for the new Halloween lie ahead. "I've got peanut butter on my penis." That's an actual line from the new Halloween—and it is as amazing in context as it is out of context. 

Germanwings co-pilot visited glider field near crash site as a child

SISTERON, France — The German co-pilot accused of crashing a passenger plane in the French Alps frequented a gliding club near the crash site as a child with his parents, according to a member of the club.Francis Kefer, a member of the club in the town of Sisteron,

13 essential DIY beauty products every man needs

Guys, it's time for some real talk about your skincare routine.That "just got out of bed" look isn't going to be cute forever. Beauty maintenance can be expensive, you don't need to drop tons of cash to treat your hair, skin and nails with the tender love and care.See also:

What 'Broad City' can teach 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' about racial humor

Netflix's latest show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, is a sugary sweet delight that nonetheless leaves an odd aftertaste.The series, which follows a woman who escapes from a cult and moves to New York City, has a spectacularly diverse cast.


现如今,从他们的母亲将第一个胚胎照片发布到Facebook那一刻起,孩子们的生活就大部分暴露在公共视野之中。 在现阶段的美国,你根本没有办法从网上消失,或是将尴尬的瞬间以及网上一切的内容删除。

“Maps Conncet” 已经在香港进行商标申请

威锋网讯,在 WWDC 之后,我们见到了很多关于 iOS 8 和 Yosemite 的内容,由此可以得知,苹果方面与法律有关的人员就会忙起来了,因为他们将会忙于向美国专利和商标局提交众多的商标文件,包括 iCloud Drive,Handoff,Instant Hotspot(即时热点),Health 等。  

菜瓜布也能散熱?Silent Power 推出採用外露式散熱器的準系統

圖文引用來源:Gizmodo、Silent Power一家德國公司 Silent Power 為了解決風扇帶來的噪音問題,最近丟出一款採用外露式散熱器機殼的準系統,讓準系統可以無須風扇進行散熱,一般人也可以在比較安靜的環境當中工作。閱讀全文

The destruction of Gaza in before and after satellite images

These before and after satellite images show a small sample of the destruction of several areas in Gaza. The United Nations Operational Satellite Applications Program has also published damage assessment documents with a detailed count of destructed and damaged structures.Read more...

Tim Cook 对云南鲁甸地震逝者表示“最深切的慰问”

苹果 CEO Tim Cook 今天向公司员工发送内部邮件,称对中国云南鲁甸地震逝者表示“最深切的慰问”。目前,云南鲁甸地震造成了600多人死亡,20多万人流离失所。下面是 Tim Cook 的邮件全文:

[图]联想Sisley获入网许可 外形酷似iPhone 6

此前曝光的联想Sisley由于有着酷似iPhone 6的外形而备受关注,而现在这款新机已经出现在工信部设备认证中心网站,显示其型号为S90-u,拥有6.

This Is Allegedly How People Hack App Store Rankings in China

It's become hard to manipulate App Store rankings, with Apple increasingly stamping out contributions made by bots. But what if you have a huge bank of iPhones to make (seemingly) legitimate contributions?Read more...

必搶限定!《美少女戰士》×BABY-G 手錶

上年《美少女戰士》20周年,源源不絕的精品、玩具已經令不少 fans 傾家蕩產, 正當大家以為到了 2015年會是尾聲之際, 今次美少女戰士更與 Casio 合作推出限量版 Baby-G 手錶。The post 必搶限定!

2015年款Nexus 5确定由LG量产



沉寂了一段时间之后,森海塞尔(Sennheiser)终于宣布了黑铬版入耳式Momentum耳机新品。作为柏林消费电子展(IFA 2015)系列公告的一部分,该产品将于9月份正式推出。

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