Chairman Wheeler Predicts FCC Will Beat Legal Challenge To Net Neutrality

Now that the FCC is the subject of several lawsuits, and its leader, Chairman Tom Wheeler, was dragged in front of Congress repeatedly to answer the same battery of inanity, it’s worth checking in to see how the agency is feeling.

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Tech regulation in Europe will only get tougher

European governments have been bringing the hammer down on tech in recent months, slapping record fines and stiff regulations on the largest imports out of Silicon Valley. Despite pleas from the world’s leading companies and Europe’s eroding trust in government,

To fund Y Combinator’s top startups, VCs scoop them before Demo Day

Meet the startups that raised venture capital, or got acquired, before Demo Day.

Gig workers need health & benefits. Catch is their safety net

One of the hottest Y Combinator startups just raised a big seed round to clean up the mess created by Uber, Postmates, and the gig economy. Catch sells health insurance, retirement savings plans, and tax withholding directly to freelancers, contractors, or anyone uncovered.

Facebook’s AI couldn’t spot mass murder

Facebook has given another update on measures it took and what more it’s doing in the wake of the livestreamed video of a gun massacre by a far right terrorist who killed 50 people in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Robotics process automation startup UiPath raising $400M at more than $7B valuation

The company, which is more than doubling its valuation, is expected to do $450 million in ARR in 2019, TechCrunch has confirmed.

How to develop a brand identity system (like Intercom)

[Editor’s note: This is the first of a series of articles that we’re writing about branding for startups. It’s part of our latest initiative to find the best brand designers and agencies in the world who work with early-stage companies — nominate a talented brand designer you’ve worked with.

Why it’s no surprise that pro rata rights don’t mean what they used to

Yesterday, renowned investor Fred WIlson of Union Square Ventures observed in blog post that fewer founders in today’s go-go market have been honoring what are called pro rata rights,

Crossing the Cybersecurity Trust Chasm

We need to (re)build trust: between the government and the public; between a company and its employees; between a company and its customers; between different private sector companies; and finally between the government and the private sector. Read More

Reimagining Everyday Objects

Can we agree that the term “internet of things” should go away when we’re talking about consumer products? Like the “world wide web” before it, the internet of things phrase is a relic from the past.

Mobile Messaging Conjures A Commerce Platform

America is finally discovering what Asia has known for years: mobile messaging is a commerce platform. Read More




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iTunes Pass充值服务在多国推出 有望来到中国

前天我们报道了苹果在日本推出 iTunes Pass通过 Passbook 充值。现在这一服务已经在美国、澳大利亚、 加拿大、德国、英国推出,预计还将在全球更多国-家的 Apple Store 推出。

linux入门基础_centos(一)--基础命令和概念 - 趴在巨人肩上的矮子


IE 在网络段子界的接班人,其实是 Chrome

眼看 IE 浏览器被“黑”的一生就要画上句号了,网络段子界急需一款新浏览器填补 IE 腾出来的空缺。



东芝泰格加入Mopria Alliance以提供轻松简易的移动打印环境

东京--(美国商业资讯)--领先的技术解决方案供应商东芝泰格株式会社(Toshiba Tec) (TOKYO:

The Perfect Weekend For A Waterslide. Maybe Not This One.

You must be exactly this height and weight to ride this ride, or else. Read more...



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