'Optimistic' Predictions From 1950 That Warned of the Coming Dystopia

It's so easy for us to look back at old predictions for the future and see them as quaint or overly optimistic. But when we take a closer look—when we stop to really process what's going on in these predictions—we often find that they weren't merely silly or naive.

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Why Microsoft should dump Skype, and roll its user base into Lync

We discuss the compelling case for killing off Skype in favour of Lync, and why there’s a fair chance this is what Microsoft might have in mind.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/26/why-microsoft-should-dump-skype-and-roll-its-user-base-into-lync/

Read The Bullshit Charts A "Scientist" Is Hawking To Sports Teams

Every team wants the perfect draft pick. It's a deceptively simple-sounding goal that haunts every executive in sports, because they are being asked to do the nearly impossible—predict what human beings will do. Sure,

Alien's Ripley Is My Favorite Action Hero Ever

Not heroine. Hero, period. While it’s rad that Ellen Ripley happens to be a woman, that doesn’t at all impact her level of badassery—though it does inform her character in ways that make her much more interesting than virtually any other cinematic hero. She’s complicated, she feels real,

Time to Flex Those Savings Muscles: Bowflex's Popular Dumbbells Are Back Under $200

The price of these popular Bowflex adjustable dumbbells has been yo-yoing for weeks, but generally speaking, any time they’ve dipped below $200, they’ve sold out fairly quickly. So if you missed out on the last few opportunities, Amazon’s spotting you another chance today.Read more...

Instagram Won't Stop Showing Me the Mother's Day Photos I Don't Want to See

After four and a half years of not speaking to my mom I’ve learned to stay away from social media on Mother’s Day.Read more...

'World’s Hottest Pepper' Will Have You Breathing Fire, But It Won’t Kill You

Not all hot peppers are created equal, and few are as unequal as the Dragon’s Breath chili—a new breed that may soon find itself atop the “world’s hottest” throne. Forged by Wales horticulturalist Mike Smith, the red-orange,

Inside The Russian Bomber That’s Been Flying America’s Coastline

The Russian Tu-95/-142 Bear has been showing up in a lot of places it maybe shouldn’t be over the past month, as the Russian Air Force and Navy continues to probe the air defenses of several nations.

Federal Agents Are Now Using ‘Stingrays’ to Track and Capture Undocumented Immigrants

Controversial cellphone tracking technology is being deployed as a tool in President Donald Trump’s expanding effort to arrest and deport illegal US residents.Read more...

The Venom Movie Has Chosen Its Star/Symbiote Host: Tom Hardy

Variety is reporting that Tom Hardy, who played Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, will next play another iconic comic book villain, Venom. The frequent Spider-Man villain is getting his own film next year, which will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, who made Zombieland.Read more...

10 Of The Most Absurd Units Of Measurement On Earth

Humans have a need to quantify things. And sometimes the usual measurements — feet, meters, grams — are not good enough. Or funny enough. Sometimes you need to express things in bananas, Helens, or cows. Read more...

These Wood Grain Sunglasses Are Actually Made From Recycled Newspapers

Shwood has made a name for itself with its take on the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers made from exotic woods like Zebrawood, Cherry, and East Indian Rosewood. But the grain on its latest design isn't actually wood—it's a veneer made from 1,600 feet of recycled newspapers that are rolled up,

The best 3D printer is this Easy Cheese 3D printer

I've seen the future and it's not 3D printing, it's 3D Easy Cheese printing. That is, an Easy Cheese canister is taken and made to splooge out the golden orange yellow scientific miracle substance that is Easy Cheese like a 3D printer would print out objects.



Facebook 20亿美元收购Oculus,你能猜到背后的大赢家经纬创投和Spark Capital获得多少倍回报吗?

Facebook近来对大手笔收购颇为热衷,而这也是创业公司背后的投资公司所乐于见到的。今年2月20日,Facebook以190亿美元将WhatsApp纳入麾下,这给后者的投资方红杉带来了近 30 亿美元的回报,相当可观。

Betamax vs. VHS: How Sony Lost the Original Home Video Format War

Remember a few years ago when Blu-ray battled HD-DVD in the high-def DVD format war? Sony and Blu-ray ultimately won out, but there was a time when the electronics giant wasn't as successful in getting its way.Read more...

The Government Once Built Silicon Valley

Last month, I received an invitation to participate in the “Startup Global Design Workshop” hosted by the White House Business Council and Business Forward. The organizations are working on bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and Washington. Currently,

William Shatner's Not a Fan of Facebook's Celeb App, Mentions

Not for the first time, William Shatner found himself embarking upon a brave mission into the unknown. His destination this time? Facebook's trial of the Mentions app, designed to help the famous super-followed keep on top of their social media presence.Read more...



Perfect Shift is a new high-octane drag racing game exclusively available for Windows Phone

贝恩资本以24亿美元收购网络安全公司Blue Coat

安全领域在硅谷的火热已经不局限于初创型公司了,企业安全公司Blue Coat Systems周二正式宣布,已同意以24亿美元的价格被贝恩资本(Bain Capital)收购,支付方式为现金。公司的下一步是重返华尔街,争取上市。

解決所有缺點!Incipio Offgrid 電池殼令 Galaxy S6 都可用到 microSD 卡

Samsung 的 Galaxy S6 及 Galaxy S6 edge 已經推出了一段時間,外界普遍對其 全新設計有不錯評價,只可惜不能更換電池及沒有 microSD 卡插槽卻令到不少有意換機的人為之卻步。


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