Another unfortunate hashtag choice sees UK party leaders prepare to #massdebate

LONDON — As Penguin found out when they tried using #yourmum to promote Mother's Day, and Susan Boyle's social media team realised with #susanalbumparty, hashtags can often mean more than one thing.Tonight's seven-way election debate, which will see the leaders of the Conservatives, Labour,

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#Ramadan and #Eid introduced by Twitter for Muslim celebration

Thursday 26 June marked the beginning of the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar as Ramadan, the month of fasting and Twitter has added new Arabic language capabilities for hashtags.Read more:

Facebook’s New APIs Let Media Outlets Visualize Trending Topics And Hashtags

TV news and other media sources now have a way to show off what’s popular on Facebook and with whom. Today Facebook launched the Trending, Topic Insights, Topic Feed, and Hashtag Counter APIs.

Jimmy Fallon Shows Us How Dumb We Sound When We Use Hashtags (Again)

Jimmy Fallon has teamed up with The Wolf of Wall Street's Jonah Hill to point out, for a second time, just how the ridiculous overuse of hashtags is.Read more...    

Kik Introduces Hashtags To Bring Mini Social Networks To Its Messaging Service

Messaging app Kik is embracing one of the hallmarks of social networks after it introduced hashtag on its service. An update to the iOS and Android apps today turns hashtags into clickable links to chat groups where Kik believes like minded users can congregate to discuss topics,

Twitter Might Start Attaching Promoted Media To Your Hashtags

Seriously, what's up with Twitter trying to actively piss us off? Since last week, it's been stuffing our timelines with tweets from people we don't follow. And now, it might just use a hashtag in your tweet to attach promotional content to your message. Read more...

ISIL Threatens U.S. With New Twitter Hashtag

The radical Islamist group sweeping through Iraq has a message for America: Stay out of this — or else!And, in a tech update of the taped speeches of Osama bin Laden, the militants are using a Twitter hashtag to threaten the U.S.

Another unfortunate hashtag choice sees UK party leaders prepare to #massdebate

LONDON — As Penguin found out when they tried using #yourmum to promote Mother's Day, and Susan Boyle's social media team realised with #susanalbumparty, hashtags can often mean more than one thing.Tonight's seven-way election debate, which will see the leaders of the Conservatives, Labour,

Hashtag Gloves :(

There are gloves called Hashtag Gloves. If you make a hashtag symbol with your fingers and then speak, the gloves will tweet what you say. They are, objectively, the worst gloves.Read more...

#C3PO Is Trending: Now Star Wars Emoji Are Just a Hashtag Away

Hey guess what, there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out! And as the latest ploy to dominate the online conversation, the film has partnered with Twitter to create emoji-generating hashtags for three members of the Episode VII universe, just as a new teaser trailer hits at Star Wars Celebration.

Before the Hashtag, There Was the Octothorpe

If you want to follow conversation threads relating to this show on social media—whether Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, Tumblr—you know to look for the hashtag: #99pi. In our current digital age, the hashtag identifies movements, events, happenings, brands—topics of all kinds.

Apple 27-inch iMac first look (2020): The family computer is back

27-inch iMac (2020)$1,800.00 (starting)View ProductThe GoodStunning • large display • Excellent performance • High quality webcam • Nano-texture display optionThe BadDated design • PriceyThe Bottom Lineundefined⚡ Mashable Score4.5

Samsung's new Galaxy Note20 is here: Get up to $150 in credits with a preorder

TL;DR: As of Aug. 6, you'll receive up to $150 in instant credits when you preorder the new Galaxy Note20 (starting at $924.99).After offering $50 in instant credits to anyone who was willing to reserve its latest smartphone ahead of the Aug. 5 Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung is upping the ante. 

'Time' cover shows Trump struggling to stay afloat during 'Plague Election'

Tim O'Brien, Time magazine's longtime cover art collaborator, isn't done with Donald Trump just yet.The cover for Time's latest double issue (August 17 and 24) features the fourth installment in O'Brien's award-winning series of striking Trump covers. And as you may have guessed,

Want a MacBook Pro? Now's the time to buy — they're $300 off.

TL;DR: Get ready to head back to school (or work) with a brand new 16'' MacBook Pro for $300 off at Best Buy as of Aug. 6. We know this school year is going to be a bit different, but rather than look at the changes as negative, let's try to stay excited.

The Google Pixelbook Go and Google Nest WiFi routers are on sale

TL;DR: Google Nest WiFi routers and the Google Pixelbook Go are both on sale at Best Buy as of Aug. 6 — save $70 and up to $150, respectively.The theme of small talk for the past month or two isn't the weather or even the "How 'bout this COVID thing?" For anyone you know who has a job,

Samsung's 'The Frame' 4K TV is stunning. Here's how to get it for only $100.

TL;DR: As of Aug. 6, get a 32-inch Samsung Frame 4K TV for $100 when you buy either a 75-inch Frame TV or 65-inch Terrace TV.In case you haven't heard, the live-action Mulan is skipping a theater release and will premiere on Disney+ Sept. 24 with a $29.99 price tag. In order to watch the movie,

Charlie Kaufman's 'I'm Thinking of Ending Things' trailer takes a chilling trip to an unusual home

Though Cindy (Jessie Buckley) is about to head on a trip with her boyfriend (Jesse Plemons) to meet his mom (Toni Collette) and dad (David Thewlis) at their family farm, she's thinking of ending things.

5 body language tells to watch for in the UK leaders' debate

LONDON — It's the biggest TV event of the UK election campaign, and the only time we'll see the prime minister take part in a broadcasted debate.See also:

9 things brands should consider before launching a blog

Recently, I've come across a number of brands that started a blog years ago but have all but abandoned it, or never even created one to begin with. Sure, both situations seems shocking in this day, what with all the turnkey blog platforms and abundance of data showing the benefits of having a blog.

Airbnb announces more than 1,000 listings in Cuba

Americans' options for traveling to Cuba have been changing rapidly since late last year, when President Obama announced an historic change in the long-contentious relationship between the two countries. On Thursday, a major change came to options for where to stay.Airbnb announced that more than 1,

NVelocity- 的修改记录 -- "It appears that no class was specified as the ResourceManager..." bug

因为另有开发记录工具最新没怎么在 cnblog 写开发备忘.不过我觉得这个是个比较严重的问题,觉得有必要让更多的人知道处理方法,所以在 cnblog 也放上一篇希望广为传播.--------------------------------------------------第一次修改--------...

Project Ara原型机曝光 前景堪忧

Google I/O的高潮应该是在Paul Eremenko带着Projrct Ara走入会场的时候。Eremenko是Project的项目负责人,他说这个原型机几个礼拜之前只能待在实验室里,但该团队决定将它带出来面世,并做相关测试。

50 Years Later, CBS Explores Legacy of the Civil Rights Act

United States Congress signed the Civil Rights Act 50 years ago, a landmark piece of legislation banning discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.Congress passed the act to improve quality of life for minorities in the U.S.

C#学习系列-类与结构的区别 - 释迦苦僧


Sprint CEO:苹果是我们很重要的合作伙伴

威锋网 8 月 15 日消息,据外媒报道在新执行长 Marcelo Claure 的新政策下,Sprint 可能会将其无线价格,而开始执行的时间可能与 iPhone 6 上市时间相同。

Security compliance is necessary for real-time mobile data access

In order to adapt security compliance to mobile, organisations must first understand the threats unique to mobile apps, content and devices, writes Mike Raggo of MobileIron.Read more:




展出18世纪和19世纪的欧洲香水瓶、日本漆艺香炉和来自世界各地的其他不朽艺术品 东京--(美国商业资讯)--京王广场酒店(Keio Plaza Hotel, “KPH”)将举行题为“贵族艺术展—香料容器之美”的免费艺术展。

Sonos 新一代无线音箱 Play:5 评测:音质不同凡响

Sonos 很早以前就是我最喜欢的音箱厂商。尽管 Sonos 音箱的声音质量属于中等水平——我既听过比 Sonos 更好的音质,也见过远远逊色于 Sonos… Read More

《急诊室故事》第二季 11 月 5 号那期肩胛骨粉碎性骨折应该如何处理?


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