By the numbers: Attaining the goals that mean the most to you

Goal-setting is one of the most important aspects of self-fulfillment. Doing what matters most to you and outlining a path for how to pursue your passions — whether they’re within the realms of fitness, intellectual pursuits,

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8 Apps to Help You Get More Done in Less Time

We've all heard of the illusory work/life balance that books, blogs and the busiest of professionals tell us is attainable — but actually achieving it doesn't feel so simple. It all seems like a classic catch-22: In order to achieve a manageable work/life balance,

5 of the most stylish cities in the world — and where to shop

If you have a keen interest in fashion and travel, then this list is for you. Just wandering around these cities will inspire your creativity and personal style, and if we’re completely honest, will probably inspire you to spend a lot of dough (which will obviously be worth it).

Write this down: Taking notes is your most underrated work skill

"Write this down — it's going to be on the final exam," said no boss ever.Note-taking is an unsung challenge of moving from school to the workplace — we're in a completely new environment, with totally different reasons for note-taking and different needs for how we'll use our notes later on,

By the numbers: Attaining the goals that mean the most to you

Goal-setting is one of the most important aspects of self-fulfillment. Doing what matters most to you and outlining a path for how to pursue your passions — whether they’re within the realms of fitness, intellectual pursuits,

45 Most Annoying Office Habits

Every office around the world has at least one thing in common — the quintessential annoying coworker.Cramp office environments mixed with the stresses of work and contrasting personalities can create a very uncomfortable work environment,

Should you let your kid believe in Santa?

While most people agree that it is bad practice to lie to children, most parents will make an exception when it comes to Santa Claus, the roly-poly, white-bearded philanthropist who visits at this time of year with a sleighload of gifts.Of course,

5 of the most tech-savvy hotels in the world

Here at Lenovo, we really love tech. And we also love to travel. So we got to thinking about what a traveller really needs — whether that’s a cutting edge app or an ‘old’ favourite (we love you GPS); a hotel with the latest in tech wizardry, a nostalgic camping trip or perhaps, pre travel,

The 8 Most Annoying Things Your Phone Does in Summer

Image: MashableSummer's in full swing, and with it comes a number of cellphone problems and dangers.From overheating to a sweaty screen, summertime can bring out the worst side of your phone. Nip those digital pet peeves in the bud by preparing for what lies ahead this season.See also:

Here's your first glimpse at 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5'

Tony Hawk is up to his old tricks — literally — in this first gameplay trailer for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5.Old school fans of gaming's most well-known skateboarding sim (sorry, OlliOlli) should find themselves in familiar territory when they hit play. At first glance, 

MEMS: The micro-machines inside your most beloved technologies

You may not have heard about MEMS — microelectromechanical systems — before; it's not a particularly sexy or flashy technology, especially compared to some of the jaw-dropping devices and products that debuted at last week's CES. But if tech is a part of your life,

Lyft makes major move in race to put self-driving cars on the streets

Uber may have stalled out with self-driving cars, but Lyft is just picking up speed.The ride-hailing app's fairly new self-driving division, Level 5, made its first acquisition, the company announced Tuesday.

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' star Rachel Bloom wrote a song skewering women's magazine covers

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom has been skewering unrealistic expectations of women (set by both men and women) and debunking sex myths for years. But now, the actress, singer, and comedian has a new platform: a musical magazine cover.For the cover of the fall issue of Allure,

Check out this beautiful sky penis the Marines drew over California

We are delighted to inform you that the United States Marine Corps drew penis in the sky. Marine Corps spokesperson Josef Patterson confirmed that the phallic flight was indeed mapped out by the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing,

Critics love Rami Malek, but think 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is an underwhelming mess

"Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia, let me go." Early reviews reveal critics aren't exactly asking for an encore after watching the highly anticipated Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody.While the extended musical sequences dazzled critics,

The Ultimate 'Fortnite' Phone

Read more...More about Mashable Reels, Fortnite, Razer Phone, Tech, and Consumer Tech

Amazon pitched facial recognition tech to ICE despite employee objections

Amazon would really like U.S. law enforcement to use its facial-recognition software, despite how its employees feel.According to internal documents obtained by the Project on Government Oversight, Amazon met with officials from U.S.

The 'falling stars' challenge is the latest way rich kids are flaunting their wealth

You ever fall out of your Lambo with armfuls of your luxury items just to flex on the proletariat? The "Falling Stars" challenge is the latest trend sweeping Weibo and Instagram as the elite youth flaunt their wealth on social media. According to South China Morning Post,

Ed Sheeran teaches 'Sesame Street' about school rules in new music video

British singer-songwriter (and possible Muppet) Ed Sheeran stopped by Sesame Street to perform an educational serenadeSheeran's new jam "Two Different Worlds" explains why kids shouldn't act how they do at home in the classroom.

Self-driving cars will be tested in a 23-acre city of robots

A mother pushing a baby carriage jaywalks across a busy city street. Cutting between two parked cars and partially obscured by a bus, she edges her stroller into traffic before freezing as a speeding car bears down on her. Will the car stop in time? Or will it mow down mother and child?

Tarantulas are fast — but clumsy — in higher temperatures

The tarantula is a fast-moving spider, but it's not always a coordinated one, a new study finds. As the arachnid increases its speed, it also loses some of its coordination, becoming a "little wonky," researchers said.Spiders have developed a unique way to move around:



The entire 'Iron Man' trilogy in 2 minutes

With Marvel planning to fill up the rest of your adult life with superhero movies, you're probably searching for a way to get caught up quickly.That's why our newest episode of Too Long; Didn't Watch focuses on Marvel's Iron Man franchise.See also:






一篇关于Sketch的文章,实用技巧一类,我先学习了。 Sketch 3 - Bohemian Coding带 […]



Windows 10 build 10240 release notes leaked, highlights bug fixes and known issues

On July 15th, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 build 10240 to participants of the Windows Insider program. For those who don't know, build 10240 has been widely reported as the Windows 10 RTM. But as our very own Zac Bowden states, build 10240 is RTM, just not in the traditional sense.





Hunk/Hadoop: 性能最佳实践

无论有没有使用Hunk,当运行Hadoop时,有很多种方式导致偶尔的性能底下。多数时候人们是增加更多的硬件来解决问题,但是有时候只需要简单更改下文件的名称就可以解决问题。 By Jonathan Allen Translated by 李建盛

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