Russian bomb squad clears mines on the front lines of eastern Ukraine

DEBALTSEVE, Ukraine — They say they feel fear but you wouldn't know it by watching them handle the explosives.See also: Ukraine's children of warThe members of this bomb squad — mostly Russian Cossacks — don't use blast suits or special equipment. Instead they rely on steady hands,

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Pro-Russian Rebel Commander: 'We Did Warn You — Do Not Fly in Our Sky'

KIEV, Ukraine — As news broke of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 being downed in eastern Ukraine, the separatist’s shadowy commander with a pencil mustache issued a dark warning on social media.Through his account, Russia’s version of Facebook,

Ukraine to Get Its Own Social Network — Once the DDoS Attacks Stop

Ukraine may soon get its very own social network, Mashable has learned, but its debut is being delayed by ongoing DDoS attacks.The social network, which will live at (slogan: "We live for Ukraine), was scheduled to go live Monday night,

Quiet Ukrainian town prepares to fight — or flee — as war creeps to its doorstep

ARTEMIVSK, Ukraine — A new wave of fighting has exploded in eastern Ukraine. Peace talks have fallen apart, and the Russian-backed rebels, eager to expand their territory, are on the warpath. After launching an offensive two weeks ago, they have captured some 200 square miles of new land,

Ukraine Says Russian Forces Have Launched Stealth Invasion in East

MARIUPOL, Ukraine — The battle for Ukraine's strategic coastline heated up Wednesday as a local mayor reported that pro-Russian rebel forces entered a key town in southeast Ukraine after three days of heavy shelling.Novoazovsk, a resort town of 40,000 on the Sea of Azov,

Russia-backed rebels claim to capture key Ukraine rail hub

LUHANSKE, Ukraine — Russia-backed separatists say they have gained control of a key rail hub in eastern Ukraine.The Donetsk News Agency, a rebel mouthpiece,

Photos: Ukraine Votes for Its Next President

DONETSK, Ukraine — Ukrainians headed to the polls on Sunday in record numbers — 25% of eligible voters — to elect their next presidentHowever, pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine kept a large number of polling centers from opening, and some citizens are staying home out of fear. Donetsk,

Ukraine's Presidential Election: 7 Big Things You Need to Know

KIEV, Ukraine — The threat of a Russian invasion of mainland Ukraine appears to have ebbed, and the critical presidential elections will be held across the country on May 25.However,

Ukraine-Russia Border Shaky After Day-Long Gunfight Kills 5

KIEV, Ukraine — A fierce gun battle in eastern Ukraine erupted early Monday morning, killing at least five and wounding several others in the most recent flash of violence in the restive region.Around 4 a.m. local time,

270 Dead in Ukraine's Anti-Terrorist Operation, Health Ministry Says

KIEV, Ukraine — A total of 270 people have died in Ukraine's embattled eastern regions since the start of the country's anti-terrorist operation nearly two months ago, Ukraine's Health Ministry said on Wednesday.

Drone video appears to show Russian military base in Ukraine

KRAMATORSK, Ukraine —Ukrainian fighters on Tuesday published a drone video that they claimed shows a Russian military base hidden near the front lines in war-torn eastern Ukraine.See also: Ukraine's children of warThe video, posted to YouTube by the Kiev-backed Dnipro-1 volunteer regiment,

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton apologises for calling his British hometown a 'slum'

When Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton spoke on stage at the 2018 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, he chose an unfortunate word to describe his hometown.  Hamilton used the word "slum" to describe Stevenage in the UK. His exact words were:

Blippi is the YouTube star you need to know, because your kids already do

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.Despite having the best of intentions to screen what my kids,

Save 58% with this exclusive TunnelBear VPN Christmas deal

With Amazon starting its Christmas sale in early December, just a few days after the Black Friday sale ended, we could be forgiven for losing our way amidst all the deals. With less than a week to go before Christmas Day however,

The best UK deals for Wednesday: Xbox One bundles, LEGO sets, Amazon tablets, and more

We hope that you have all your Christmas shopping sorted by now as there's less than a week to go before the big day. And if you haven't, then don't worry. We have put together the very best deals on gifts for kids and adults alike, including offers on fragrances, tablets, Xbox One bundles,

Thank you, podcast gods, for the 15-second skip button

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.I realized this year that podcasts have supplanted practically every other form of media to become my most consumed entertainment. My Spotify usage has dwindled.

Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and James Corden cram 22 musicals into just 12 minutes

How many musicals can you get into a 12 minute sketch? 22. If you are Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and James Corden, that is. The stars of Mary Poppins Returns joined Corden on The Late Late Show for a 22-song medley of songs from famous musicals – choreography and all. La La Land, Fame,

These pictures of kids at protests in 2018 will make you cry happy tears

Kids had something to say about politics this year. Even little ones still perfecting their handwriting made their voices heard.Alongside their (ahem) taller counterparts, children of all ages protested immigration policies separating families at the border, gun violence killing students at school,

Apple Watch reportedly blocked in Switzerland over patent, for now

Score one for the Swiss watch industry: sales of the Apple Watch are blocked in Switzerland — at least for nowAccording to a story on the website for Swiss television network RTS, a patent already exists for the English word "apple" appearing on a watch in the countrySee also:

Roger Sterling's mustache has 'Mad Men' fans feeling hairy

Something happened on Mad Men, but no one cares because Roger Sterling grew a mustacheImagine a silver caterpillar crawled up a polyester suit and collapsed from embarrassment — that's pretty much what Sterling looks like now. Hey, it's the show's final episodes,

'Mad Men' Episode 8 recap: 'Severance' from the life unlived

As the beginning of the end arrives for Mad Men, series creator Matt Weiner forces his characters to ask themselves: What is their life unlived? How do they relate to it? Do they long for it, or do they shut it away, burying it under layers of routine and accomplishment?

WhatsApp Plans to Introduce Voice Calling

WhatsApp, the hot mobile messaging app of the moment, plans to offer free voice calling later this year.Jan Koum, the WhatsApp cofounder and CEO, announced the news during a presentation at Mobile World Congress. Koum said the Internet calling feature would roll out in the second quarter,

The Single Worst Type of Selfie

You have a good side and a bad side, but everyone's bad side is a photo taken from the crotch looking up. There's a specific type of selfie that's taken like the photographer was holding the phone in his or her lap. They're not okay and no one looks good from that angle.


2014 年 7 月 31 日,第十二届 ChinaJoy 将在上海新国际博览中心开幕。



Airbnb’s Brian Chesky Will Be Our Guest At Disrupt SF 2014

Airbnb is valued at $10 billion. Behind it all is Brian Chesky, who along with co-founders Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk, has transformed the company from focusing on cheap airbed rentals to building what is now a global hospitality brand. He’ll be joining us at Disrupt and you should,

90% of businesses suffer data breaches through unsecured printing

Security for PC, mobile and tablet is a hot topic, but why is printer security so lax? HP has announced a new series of products to tackle the threat.Read more:


An Extra-Long MicroUSB Tip Lets This Flash Drive Circumvent Phone Cases

If you're OK with doubling the thickness of your svelte Android smartphone with a chunky case, you've probably realized that the myriad of OTG microUSB flash drives out there won't actually attach to the bottom of your device.

Many Apple Watch Orders Will Ship Earlier Than Expected

Many customers who ordered the Apple Watch have been receiving email notifications alerting them that their orders are “Processing,” despite being told when they placed their order that they wouldn’t ship until May or June.

SVN批处理 - 骑着驴的王子

懒人只有懒办法,我们整天在使用svn,右键 左键 右键。。。好麻烦,这里介绍下 bat操作svn 。只需要轻轻点一下,哦,不,是点两下,就可以轻松搞定

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