Diamonds, gold and cash: 5 of the most audacious British heists ever attempted

LONDON — A jewellery heist that took place in London's diamond district over the Easter weekend is shaping up to be one of the city's most spectacular burglaries, a plot of Ocean's Eleven-esque audacity and daring, resulting in jewellery and cash,

Diamonds, gold and cash: 5 of the most audacious British heists ever attempted

LONDON — A jewellery heist that took place in London's diamond district over the Easter weekend is shaping up to be one of the city's most spectacular burglaries, a plot of Ocean's Eleven-esque audacity and daring, resulting in jewellery and cash,

Ex-police chief thinks jewellery heist and Central London fire are connected

LONDON — The destructive cable fire under a pavement in Holborn that resulted in a mass evacuation of parts of the city, and the closure of several workplaces and museums for a number of days, could have been started by those responsible for Easter weekend's jewel heist,

Dramatic images show extent of Hollywood-worthy heist in London

LONDON — It was already one for the the history books, but photos released by police Wednesday show just how Hollywood-worthy the heist in the city's jewellery quarter really was.Released by the Flying Squad, a branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service,

Overenthusiastic student shows up for job interview at Microsoft a month early

This might make you just melt into the floor out of sheer secondhand embarrassment. Laura MacLean, a 21-year-old student studying management and marketing in the UK, was exceptionally prepared for a job interview with Microsoft. She had an outfit ready, research done,

Mindy Kaling weighs in on where her 'Office' character would be now

It hasn't been that long since fans said goodbye to The Office, but it's been long enough to make us wonder where the characters are now (and not-so-secretly hope for a revival). In a new interview with Variety,

Ring CEO talks video doorbells, sensor technology, and the total home security of the future

In this special edition of MashTalk, Mashable met with Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff on the floor of CES 2019 to catch up with the company's latest release of products. Read more...More about Tech, Technology, Mashable Video, Ring, and Cameras

Only true fans will know 'The Office' and 'Parks and Rec' have this actress in common

Any fan of Parks and Rec and The Office can tell you the two shows have a lot in common.For starters, they're both delightful NBC comedies. They were also both made possible by the brilliant minds of Greg Daniels and Michael Schur and starred Rashida Jones.

Now Facebook can more easily delete your trash Pages

Facebook is sick and tired of your trash content, and by golly it's finally going to do something about it. In a Jan. 23 blog post, the Mark Zuckerberg-helmed advertising giant announced two upcoming changes to the service that we all know and love. First, starting on Jan. 24,

Smash all the electronics you want at the Rage Cage

Need to release some of the built up anger? We found just the place for you. The Rage Cage in downtown Manhattan is the new spot to destroy every type of electronics you can think of. Just don't forget to put on that safety gear first! Read more...More about Mashable Video, Nyc, Psychology, Anger,

Supreme Court decision on Trump's trans military ban makes painful limbo even worse

Lindsey Muller, an attack helicopter pilot and chief warrant officer, has spent nearly 19 years in the Army. Muller's career has included deployments to combat zones, where she's been shot at by forces intent on bringing her plane down. But Muller, who is transgender,

Skype Translator Preview adds Mandarin, the language of 1 billion people

Skype Translator Preview, the multi-lingual video conferencing tool from Microsoft, has added what is arguably the world's most popular language: Mandarin Chinese.Starting today, Skype Translator Preview, which is still in invite-only beta and only works on Windows 8.1 and above,

This spring, get better acquainted with New York City's Central Park

Central Park is a hot spot for tourists, and a sanctuary for New Yorkers. The park first opened in 1857, and is now the most visited urban park in the United States, with more than 40 million visitors each yearSee also:

French air traffic strike grounds hundreds of flights

French air traffic controllers went on strike Wednesday, prompting the cancellation of 40% of flights across France.See also: Air France Pilots Take Strike to the Streets, in UniformThe powerful SNCTA union called the two-day strike in a quarrel over working and retirement conditions,

OEM厂商在Computex亮相多款WP 8.1新机

威智网 6 月 4 日消息,微软今天在台北国际电脑展会(Computex expo)上展示了多款 OEM 硬件设备,其中包括三款全新 Windows Phone 智能手机,这些产品分别来自美国 Blu、Yezz Billy 以及德国 Prestigio 三家供应商。  





两代入门机成像对比:Lumia 630 / Lumia 525

Lumia 630 是微软在今年四月 Build 大会上发布的一款入门级 WP 8.1 手机,该设备目前已在全球范围上市。作为低端 Lumia 系列的最新迭代产品,Lumia 630 在相机性能上是否相对前代产品有所突破?


希尔顿精心挑选南部酒店瑰宝加入独具特色的全球精选酒店 弗吉尼亚州麦克莱恩市--(美国商业资讯)--希尔顿全球(Hilton Worldwide)今天欢迎教堂山富兰克林酒店(Franklin Hotel Chapel Hill)加盟其不断成长的全球品牌Curio-希尔顿精选酒店(Curio – A Collection by Hilton)。

U2's Bono: It's not clear I'll ever play guitar again

U2's Bono says he's not sure he'll ever play guitar again and he has no one to blame but himself for the cycling accident in Central Park that left him hospitalized for monthsOn Jan. 1, the singer posted a detailed, A-to-Z-styled intimation of everything that's been going on since the accident.



Everyone's talking about cold brew: Iced coffee startup Wandering Bear shows us why

Matt Bachmann and Ben Gordon met over coffee — literally. The two spotted one another while in class at Columbia Business School. “We were both carrying mason jars, both making cold brew as hobbyists and iced coffee lovers.

Microsoft: Windows 10 is already on 14 million computers

Mere 24 hours after the launch, Windows 10 is already installed on more than 14 million computers, Microsoft has announced in a blog postThe number could have been even bigger,


上海2015年9月10日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年9月,欧捷电梯部件有限公司(宣布其位于中国上海的制造厂已获得ANSI / ESD S20.20认证,其静电防护管理体系成功通过审查。

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