Shih Tzu wishes human would stop trying to make fetch happen

Dougie just wanted to kick back on some patio furniture and soak up the sun, but his human couldn't take a hint and kept trying to interest him in a game of fetchThe blasé Shih Tzu's paws don't move as his eyes follow the ball as it's repeatedly hurled at him, as if they're saying,

Shih Tzu wishes human would stop trying to make fetch happen

Dougie just wanted to kick back on some patio furniture and soak up the sun, but his human couldn't take a hint and kept trying to interest him in a game of fetchThe blasé Shih Tzu's paws don't move as his eyes follow the ball as it's repeatedly hurled at him, as if they're saying,

Human trolls his dog with lion haircut

He is dog. Hear him roar.An adorable pup named Stains was given a distinctive "lion cut" at the groomer, which gave his owner an endless supply of entertainment.It's okay, Stains, you're still beautiful on the inside.

James Corden, Jennifer Hudson doing car karaoke will give you life

Someone get James Corden and Jennifer Hudson a TV deal for a buddy sitcom involving soulful car rides and fast food pit stops ASAPThe singer and actress dropped by The Late Late Show on Monday and Corden took her for a round of car karaoke. Needless to say,

Jimmy Kimmel swears he's not behind Dennis Quaid's viral rant

After video surfaced of Dennis Quaid's expletive-laden rant on Tuesday, many suggested that late night host Jimmy Kimmel might have been the force behind the freakout.It's not exactly a far stretch of the imagination,

Justin Bieber ruins 'I Really Like You' with star-studded lip sync

Is nothing sacred anymore?Justin Bieber teamed up with Ariana Grande, Kendell Jenner and more famous people to mouth along to Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You." He added in a fake pregnancy scare and called it a cover (even though it's clearly a lip sync).

Why smut fics are so popular in the LGBTQ community

August 8 is International Female Orgasm Day, and we're celebrating with an entire week dedicated to exploring the business and pleasure of porn.If watching porn isn't for you, consider reading some smutty fanfiction. Isa, a fanfiction writer who preferred not to share their last name,

See the grim demise of Canada’s last ice shelf

The Arctic is unraveling.This rapidly warming region — now heating up three times faster than the global average — has a new casualty. Last week, the Canadian Ice Service said the nation's last fully intact ice shelf (the large ends of glaciers that float over the ocean) had collapsed. The shelf,

Facebook's new policy bans blackface and some Jewish stereotypes

Facebook is broadening its definition of hate speech.On Tuesday, Facebook released its latest Community Standards Enforcement Report,

Joe Biden built up the VP hype and then just... tweeted it out

Everybody freaked out about who it would be, then he just..tweeted it out. We're talking, of course, about former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden picking California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate in the 2020 presidential election after weeks of hype.Biden,

Apple's WatchOS 7 beta is now available for download

Apple Watch owners can now try out the first public beta for watchOS 7. On Monday, Apple made the software available over the company’s Beta Software Program. This marks the first time the company has released a beta for watchOS to consumers. Previously,

'Halo Infinite' delayed until 2021, Xbox Series X set for November

Microsoft is moving ahead with plans to launch the Xbox Series X in November even as one of the next generation console's biggest launch titles slips to 2021.

Mia Khalifa auctions glasses from her adult films to support Lebanon

While sports commentator Mia Khalifa was only in the porn industry for three months, her impact has lasted years. In recent months, she's used her massive platform for activism, such as being transparent about the perils of doing mainstream porn. Now,

The next space race will be 3D printed

The private sector space industry took another step toward revolutionizing the way satellites are constructed and launched on Tuesday, when the U.S.

Apple's ResearchKit is now open to app developers and medical researchers

Apple is opening its ResearchKit platform to developers and researchers who can use the tool to learn more about patient diseases and conditions, like Parkinson's and diabetes.The company announced ResearchKit in March, which collects data from patients via the iPhone.

16 honest quotes about body image from famous women

The only magic number is the one that makes you happy.From pop music powerhouses like Pink to comedy queens like Mindy Kaling, women in the media have always had to deal with critics who want to focus on their appearance rather than their talent.See also:

Court Halts Aereo Service in Utah

Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.'s television network won a court order halting Barry Diller-backed Aereo Inc.'s online-TV service in Utah while the U.S. Supreme Court weighs whether it infringes broadcasters' copyrights.U.S. District Judge Dale A.

成都大妈戴耳机跳广场舞 静音模式体验“默舞”


独家揭秘YotaPhone2供应链 三星可否携AMOLED面板绝处逢生

CINNO Research产业链调研证实,除了已经印证得知的YotaPhone2正面搭载的5.0英寸1920x1080 FHD AMOLED显示屏是由三星显示器(Samsung)提供,背面4.

The Plan to Save Louisiana's Coast Costs More Than the Manhattan Project

Louisiana is sinking, faster than you might think. Every hour, it loses more than a football field-sized chunk of land to the ocean. Or, to use ProPublica's more evocative words, it's like "a layer cake made of Jell-O, floating in a swirling Jacuzzi of steadily warming, rising water.



Overkill 3 out now on Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 version coming soon

Overkill 3, a popular Android and iOS third-person shooter, made its way to Windows Phone today. The game will soon be released for Windows 8.1 sometime soon. Overkill 3 is a great game that brings elements of console-gaming to Windows Phone with over 50 levels across 10 unique environments.



These Photos Will Make You Want to Drop Everything and Explore the World

Nicholas Roemmelt’s photography is enough to make any person whose day job involves a computer and a desk question his or her life choices. In addition to shooting just plain stunning photos of nature,

Drone of the Day: Hunter

Ancient by information age standards, Hunter is an Army drone that’s been in use since the Kosovo War in 1999. At 2,000 pounds, it’s neither sleek nor personal, more of a family car that’s hardy enough to have abundant cup holders than a hot rod.


GraphView是一款中间件软件,方便用户使用关系数据库 SQL Server 或 Azure SQL Database 高效地管理和处理大规模图数据。日前,微软亚洲研究院正式对外公布,GraphView 将正式通过 GitHub 平台开源。

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