Windows Phone's new 6discover app gets record response time from Snapchat lawyers

Famed Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn teased his new app a few days ago on Twitter. He pushed it through the Windows Phone Store a couple of days ago. Yesterday Rudy’s app hit the Windows Store for general distribution. 24 hours later, he’s being asked by Snapchat’s lawyers to take it down.

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Windows Phone's new 6discover app gets record response time from Snapchat lawyers

Famed Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn teased his new app a few days ago on Twitter. He pushed it through the Windows Phone Store a couple of days ago. Yesterday Rudy’s app hit the Windows Store for general distribution. 24 hours later, he’s being asked by Snapchat’s lawyers to take it down.

Rudy Huyn“躺枪”:微软下架WP Store中的非官方Snapchat客户端

11月份的时候,Snapchat官方博客的一篇公告显示,Snapchat决定打击其他非官方的客户端。近日,微软 […]

Introducing Rudy Huyn's 6discover, a Snapchat Discover app for Windows Phone

We’ve waited, and now it’s here. Rudy Huyn has released his latest app in the 6app series; 6discover, a Snapchat Discover app for Windows Phone.With 6discover, users will be able to discover news stories from popular sources like MTV, CNN, Cosmopolitan, the Food Network, National Geographic,

Rudy Huyn说:6snap不会再回来了

Windows Phone著名开发者Rudy Huyn近日在Twitter上表示,自己开发的Snapchat第 […]

Rudy Huyn offers Snapchat the source code for 6snap so they can make an official app

Rudy Huyn offered Snapchat the source code for his third-party app, 6snap, revealed in a tweet today. 6snap and other third-party Snapchat clients were removed from the Windows Phone Store on December 20th, further frustrating Windows Phone owners that no official Snapchat app has been released.

Snapchat wins again: Rudy Huyn's 6discover soon to be pulled for content infringement

A sad state of affairs: Snapchat won't let 6Snap return to the Windows Phone Store

It all started December 20th of 2014. News broke about 6Snap and other third party Snapchat apps for Windows Phone vanishing from the Windows Phone Store. No formal explanation was given at the time.Rudy Huyn, the popular Windows Phone developer behind 6Snap,

Snapchat shuns Windows Phone users, removes "'Support My Incompatible Device" feedback form

Much to the irritation of Windows Phone users, Snapchat removed the "'Support My Incompatible Device" option from their feedback section. Reddit user Walliby made the Snapchat find and it is no secret that Snapchat is on the top of every Windows Phone user's hit list.

Snapchat on Windows Phone: "There are plans to make it available in the future"

We all know the storied love/hate relationship between Snapchat and Windows Phone by now, with app developer Rudy Huyn caught in the middle. With the publishing and subsequent removal of 6snap (an official third-party app from Huyn),

6snap and other third party Snapchat apps for Windows Phone vanish from the Store

Looks like 6snap, a popular Snapchat app, has been removed from the Windows Phone Store, along with several other third-party Snapchat apps. No formal explanation has been given from Snapchat at this time, however, Rudy Huyn, the developer behind 6snap,

All Windows 10 versions get a patch to fix issue with UK government websites

The new patches include a single fix for an issue that could prevent users to access some UK government websites using Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

Google, Intel, others cut ties with Huawei following US blacklisting, is Microsoft next?

The US’ recent blacklisting of Chinese technology giant Huawei, which the Trump administration is accusing of helping state espionnage is already having major repercussions on the tech industry.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider build 18362.116 to the Slow and Release Preview Rings

In what may be a first for a Windows 10 Insider release, Microsoft has taken time away from Sunday pancakes to release a new build. The Windows 10 May 19 update is currently in a bit of a holding pattern as the company tries valiently not to replicate the disaster that was the last major […]

Microsoft news recap: LinkedIn announces new recruitment features, Minecraft becomes the best sellin

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! LinkedIn announces new instant job alerts,

Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft Paint to get new accessibility features, Windows 10 Mobile gets an

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Microsoft’s Surface headphones are currently $100 off

The Surface Headphones are sitting pretty at $250 at the Microsoft Store,

Microsoft has sold 176 millions copies of Minecraft worldwide, now the best-selling video game of al

The announcement that 176 million copies of Minecraft making the game the best selling game of all time according to Wikipedia. 

The top 5 All-in-One Windows 8.1 computers to grace your home office

For those looking for a desktop computing solution that doesn’t take up too much real estate on your desk, an All-in-One (AIO) computer could be the perfect choice for you. Alternatively,

Microsoft highlights Windows 10 Maps for Phone, available in latest (10051) build

Microsoft shipped the latest preview for Windows 10 for Phones last week which included Maps for Windows 10, and in a blog post today its taken to highlighting the revamped features of the new mapping services for phones.Microsoft has been in the mapping game a long time,

Microsoft’s SharePoint Server Release hits a snag and gets pushed further into 2016

Microsoft is juggling a lot of open projects at the moment and some wonder if the company will be able to deliver on their self imposed release time frames. With Build only two weeks out,

温馨感人 Moto 360手表续航可超过两天半

安锋网 8 月 14 日消息,可穿戴设备目前最迫切需要解决的问题之一就是续航,目前市面上智能手表几乎没有一款的续航时间可以超过两天的,续航能力稍微好一点的也就是 Pebble。

Apple Confirms Special Event For September 9, Likely For iPhones

Apple has sent out invites to a special event it’s holding on September 9, where we will almost certainly get our first official look at the next iPhone. The invites follow a previous report from Re/code pegging Tuesday, September 9 as the date,


这是一个名叫《look up》的短片,在YouTube上短短10天之内就获得了超过1400万的点击。   短片讲述了一个关于爱情的伤感故事:一个沉迷手机的男孩,错过了一段一生挚爱。



Samsung Unveils First PCIe 3.0 x4-Based M.2 SSD, Delivering Speeds of Over 2GB/s

Deathspawner writes: Samsung's SM951 is an unassuming gumstick SSD — it has no skulls or other bling — but it's what's underneath that counts: PCIe 3.0 x4 support. With that support, Samsung is able to boast speeds of 2,150MB/s read and 1,550MB/s write.

All the Tech We've Used to Intercept Every Kind Of Communication

Spy cameras are probably the most axiomatic gadgets when we talk about intelligence-gathering techniques. But intercepting and decoding messages is just as important as taking pictures. Here's a look at all the devices spies have used to tap into voice, mail, phone, radio, morse,


Geenapp:日本iOS应用CPI全球最高 达2.63美元


娱乐防身两不误 Belkin iPhone 6乐高手机壳

提起乐高积木,我想那是不少朋友的童年回忆了,如今乐高正朝着多个领域发展,移动游戏、移动设备周边等等,在周边产品中,手机壳的受众群体可谓庞大,而乐高之前推出的 iPhone 5 手机壳也是受到了不少用户欢迎,配合相应的玩具做成支架很有一番情趣。

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon bust out their best mom moves once again

We loved it so much the first time Jimmy Fallon and FLOTUS reenacted mom dances through the years that the duo decided to give us an encore.Get ready for Fallon to dust off his pink cardigan and shake it with Michelle Obama as they demonstrate the "Shush and Tush,

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