Months later, the battle to pry public beaches from the private, lawless control of venture capitali

Months later, the battle to pry public beaches from the private, lawless control of venture capitalist Vinod Khosla continues. But San Francisco Magazine reports that even though Khosla still has the will (and money) to fight an eternal legal battle, he remains his only supporter:Read more...

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Months later, the battle to pry public beaches from the private, lawless control of venture capitali

Months later, the battle to pry public beaches from the private, lawless control of venture capitalist Vinod Khosla continues. But San Francisco Magazine reports that even though Khosla still has the will (and money) to fight an eternal legal battle, he remains his only supporter:Read more...

Khosla VC Rabois Looks To Make Homes Easy To Sell In A Few Clicks

Keith Rabois, the former Square and PayPal executive who is now handling much of Khosla Ventures’ consumer investments, has a new side gig. He’s co-founding a company under the codename Homerun that will make it easy to sell entire homes in a few clicks.

Google Co-Founders Talk Regulation, Innovation, And More In Fireside Chat With Vinod Khosla

Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page sat down for a rare long-form interview with renowned technology venture capitalist Vinod Khosla at Khosla Ventures’ latest annual summit, and the video from the event was posted on YouTube this past week.

Vinod Khosla Doesn’t Like Eggs, But Loves Machine Learning

Today at Disrupt SF, TechCrunch founder and alum Michael Arrington interviewed venture capitalist Vinod Khosla in a conversation that covered a number of topics including egg substitutes, animal cruelty, city design, Uber,

FarmLogs CEO Jesse Vollmar Will Talk About The AgTech Revolution At Disrupt SF 2015

The World Bank says that farmers need to produce 50% more food to feed the 9 billion people who will inhabit the earth by 2050. While farmers are facing higher demand, they have fewer resources to work with thanks to a growing water crisis and the availability of arable land.

Custom Apparel Platform Teespring Acquires London-Based Fabrily To Expand Internationally

Fast-growing custom apparel startup Teespring, which is backed by nearly $57 million from Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures and others, is making a move to expand its footprint globally through the strategic acquisition of European apparel platform Fabrily. Headquartered in London,

Cleantech’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

After years of largesse where billions of dollars were spent on startup clean technology companies, the venture investors active in the industry seem to be embracing a new model of capital efficiency when it comes to financing.

The Case For Intelligent Failure To Invent The Future

The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. In the past, experts with spreadsheets and econometric models or social scientists with subscale studies and linear models may have been useful. These so-called experts extrapolated from what came before, but as the rate of change has increased,

Pixar Alum-Led ToyTalk Teams Up With Mattel To Let Kids Chat With “Thomas The Tank Engine” And Frien

Though some adults still feel awkward about having conversations with their smartphone’s mobile assistant, like Siri, kids today seem to have no qualms about chattering with our virtual helpers. My daughter, for example, thinks of Siri as just another of iPad’s toys.

Silicon Valley’s Dilemma Over Credentials

Silicon Valley has been heavily derided by the media these past few months, on everything from Google executives forcing senior citizens out of their homes and founders accused of sexually harassing women to startups stealing reservations and parking spots.

The Extremely Shitty Way One Man Learned He'd Been Fired From Twitter

This morning, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced he’s laying off 336 employees, but would do so “with the utmost respect for each and every person.” Also this morning, Twitter engineer Bart Teeuwisse woke up, checked his phone,

No One Wants to Admit It, but Reddit Can't Be Saved

It’s looking more and more like Ellen Pao was, in some sense, set up to fail by her male board of directors. Her predecessor Yishan Wong says it. A top Reddit engineer said it right after quitting . It might sound conspiratorial if it weren’t about this particular site.http://gawker.

Burning Man Riddled with Brutal Pest Infestation 

Burning Man, favorite summertime gathering place for Silicon Valley’s VC-funded shirtless mollybros , is combating a large-scale pest infestation at Blackrock City, Nevada. Crawling over every surface of the pop-up desert city—biting,

Did Reddit's Former CEO Just Reveal a "Long Con" to Sabotage the Site?

After Reddit’s surrender to white supremacy this week, users and observers alike have been trying to figure out how exactly we got to this nadir. How could something so popular get so much wrong, over and over again? A new post by Reddit’s ex-chief suggests it’s all been an inside job.http://gawker.

'Everything Really Hit Rock Bottom': How Nasty Gal's Culture Went Nasty

“Be a nice person at work,” Sophia Amoruso writes in her 2014 book #GIRLBOSS, a combination memoir and self-help book for hungry millennial feminists looking to get ahead in life and business. “If you are a total terror to work with, no one will want to keep you around.

Inspiring: A Full 0.56% of Facebook's 2013 Hires Were Black

Love Facebook or hate Facebook, you’ve got to respect the company’s commitment to inspiring everyone else in America to do worse. Read more...

All the Trash Verizon Now Owns

AOL Desktop for PC 9.7

Vice Is the Tech Bubble

Vice Media, a company that sells cool kids to corporations for marketing purposes and does good journalism on the side, is a legitimately profitable business. Makes a lot of cash. But is Vice really worth one jillion skillion bazillion dollars? Hmm...Read more...

VC Justifies Investing in Blue Bottle Coffee By Calling It a Movement

If there's anyone more precious than a coffee snob, it's the tech investors who plowed $45.7 million into Blue Bottle Coffee, which Slate calls the Apple to Starbucks' Microsoft.Read more...

The Billion-Dollar Battle for Snapchat

How long does a Snapchat photo last? Ten seconds. How long does the partnership behind the country's hottest app stay together? Not much longer.Read more...

稳扎稳打: “后乔布斯时代”下的库克和苹果

蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)于2011年8月正式接替乔布斯出任苹果公司的CEO,乔布斯曾经表示库克是他招来的最优秀的员工,而一向以低调著称的库克没有让已经仙逝的乔 布斯失望,在他的管理之下,苹果实现了令人难以置信的全面增长,其中员工数量翻了三番,年营业收入翻了三倍多,净利润增长了九倍,苹果股价上涨近 50%,甚至一度成为全球市值最高的公司。  

Purported Registry Tweak Allows Windows 8.1 Users To Snag Update 1 Before Its Public Release

We aren’t supposed to get our mitts on Windows 8.1 Update 1 for more than a month yet, but it seems that a simple registry tweak is letting folks not only get their hands on the new code, but also get it straight from the source: Microsoft via Windows Update.

Music app for Windows 8.1 update offers improved management of music and playlists

Just recently, Microsoft rolled out an update to the Video app for Windows 8.1. Not to be outdone, Microsoft has also rolled out an update for the Music app for Windows 8.1, adding improved management of music and playlists.

Palo Alto Networks Buys Cyber Security Company Cyvera For $200M

Security company Palo Alto Networks has bought Cyvera, a cyber security company out of Israel. The deal is worth $200 million. The acquisition is expected to close during the second half of 2014. Cyvera had raised $13 million from Battery Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Prof. Ehud Weinstein and Dr.

Here's a simple way to disable the home button on your Surface Pro 3

The home button on the Surface Pro 3 can turn out to be annoying, since there's a possibility that you may touch it while using the device as a tablet. Although it's not a widespread problem, there's a way to disable it temporarily.

[视频]三防版索尼Xperia M2 Aqua正式发布

日前索尼多款型号通过俄罗斯相关部门认证,其中“D2403”被认为是三防版Xperia M2,而今天索尼官方正式将该机命名为Xperia M2 Aqua。

Nevo 联网智能手表:将极简主义发挥到极致

下面将介绍的这款由亿觅推出的 nevo 智能手表,继承传统手表的设计美学,同时加入了智能元素,让智能手表更加贴近生活、人文的体验,而不单纯只是科技。



“阳光动力”太阳能飞机受热捧 团队开始寻求中国资金


Exhausted dad sings the song of his people: 'Shut up and go to sleep'

When you're down on sleep, that's when the ridiculous ideas start popping into your head.After two sleepless nights, singer and father Reed Verdesoto decided to vent some of his frustration with an anthem for parents all over the world, appropriately title, "Shut Up and Go to Sleep,

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