Denmark finally passes law outlawing bestiality

In a move that some Danish officials have found embarrassing, Denmark has approved a law banning sex with animalsIn a 91-75 vote Tuesday, Danish lawmakers approved banning sex with animals. Five abstained from voting.See also:

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Denmark Moves to Ban Animal Sex Due to Rise in Bestiality Tourism

Banning sex with animals seems like a pretty obvious move in any civilized society, but it took a rise in bestiality tourism for Denmark to make a move.Norway, Sweden and Germany have outlawed bestiality in the past three years,

Denmark moves one step closer to banning bestiality

Denmark, which is battling underground animal sex tourism, moved a step closer to banning bestiality on Tuesday.The parliament held the first reading of a proposal that would ban the practice. The proposal was first introduced last October.See also: Have emotional support animals gone too far?

Denmark finally passes law outlawing bestiality

In a move that some Danish officials have found embarrassing, Denmark has approved a law banning sex with animalsIn a 91-75 vote Tuesday, Danish lawmakers approved banning sex with animals. Five abstained from voting.See also:

Denmark zoo dissects lion in front of hundreds

A Denmark zoo dissected a young male lion, which was culled earlier this year, in front of an audience of hundreds on ThursdayThe crowd, which included scores of school children as it coincided with a public holiday in Denmark,

Resistance to 'Last Resort' Antibiotic Discovered in Denmark

Last month, researchers at South China Agricultural University in Guangzhouin made an alarming discovery : a gene that causes bacteria to become resistant to colistin, a so-called “last resort” antibiotic. Now,

A Redesigned Zoo Where Humans Stay Hidden Could Be Better For Animals

Even the most zoo-friendly amongst us probably harbor mixed feelings about the undeniable psychological and physical toll that captivity takes on animals. The Danish architects at Bjarke Ingels Group think they've designed a better way. A Zootopia, if you will,

You Can Only Wish Your Spirit Animal Was This Adorable

Running around without your spiritual power animal is insane. You wouldn't leave the house without your Mojo or Je ne sais quoi, so why are you going to try to face life's treacheries without a trusty sidekick? I mean, look at Edward Norton in Fight Club—as soon as he found his power penguin,

Mischievous penguins almost succeed at a daring escape

Those Penguins of Madagascar were really onto something.A group of penguins at the Odense Zoo in Odense, Denmark almost had a daring escape from their enclosure. Unfortunately, a combination of a meddling zookeeper and the fact that they reached a dead end kept them from tasting sweet freedom.

Lego's Amazing New HQ Is Finally Underway (And You Can Build Your Own)

Lego maniacs have another pilgrimage destination to add to their list: The brand's new "experience center" broke ground in Billund, Denmark yesterday. As you'd expect, the building itself looks like it's constructed from a pile of Legos. And thanks to a new Lego Architecture kit,

Danish zoo says lion dissection will be educational for children

A Danish zoo's plan to publicly dissect a lion has been mostly well-received in the country, an attitude decidedly different from the international outrage over a different zoo's dissection of a giraffe named Marius in early 2014Odense Zoo, about 105 miles west of Copenhagen,

Original Tamagotchi review: The reboot of the '90s classic is still addictive

Original Tamagotchi$19.99View ProductThe GoodChoose from either classic colors (Gen 1) or new colors (Gen 2) • Includes original addictive gameplay • Small size makes it super-portableThe BadNon-backlit display is antiquated • Battery isn't rechargableThe Bottom LineOther than some color updates,

Fed-up moms respond to 'Can I cook a turkey in the microwave?'

The "How do you microwave a turkey?" prank is breaking our mothers' hearts.With Thanksgiving just around the corner, young people are pranking their poor mothers by asking them for advice on one of the greatest sins against the holiday season: microwaved turkey.SEE ALSO:

Get a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership on sale for $40 at Amazon, the cheapest we've seen all ye

One of the good things about shopping for a gamer on Black Friday: it's really easy to find some stocking stuffers. This could include games, a basic headset, extra cables, or even a gift card.

Save $50 on Apple AirPods with Apple purchases — the Black Friday deal we've been waiting for

U.S. Cellular just got a nice head start on their Black Friday game, and we're thinking it's the perfect time to finally splurge on a new Apple device. Through Nov. 26, you can get $50 off the Apple AirPods with the purchase of any new iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

This self-driving billboard and vending machine is so dystopian

If San Francisco's robot security guards faced backlash for simply standing around, an autonomous tech company's latest self-driving idea doesn't stand a chance.This week PerceptIn, a Chinese robotics company with Silicon Valley offices, introduced the DragonFly Intelligent Advertising Vehicle,

Here's how to sell your old iPad in the easiest way possible

The new iPad Pros have been in the market for a little while, and if you're eyeing one, you may be wondering how much you can get by reselling your current iPad.Here's how to get the most for that device with a trade-in.SEE ALSO: You spent $999 on an iPhone X. Here's how much you can get for it.

Oprah's Favorite Things list will get you through the holiday shopping mania — Mashable Deals

It's that time of the year again! Here are Oprah's picks for the perfect holiday gift. Read more about the list here and shop all of the deals on Amazon here.Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness.

Two strangers jump to rescue man in wheelchair who fell onto subway tracks

A man in a motorized wheelchair was saved by two passers-by, after he fell off a subway platform in Washington, D.C, according to local reports.The 54-year-old man drove his wheelchair off the platform and onto the tracks at the U Street station Tuesday, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel confirmed to D.C.

Oklahoma admits earthquakes are linked to oil waste wells

The Oklahoma Geological Survey said Tuesday it is "very likely" that most of the state's recent earthquakes were triggered by the subsurface injection of wastewater from oil and natural gas drilling operations.

In its earnings, Facebook will have to answer questions about video ads

Most analysts are now falling over themselves for Facebook.Facebook is "cranking on innovation," an analyst at Cowen wrote in a note last month. It has "unmatched targeting potential and very potent monetization formats," explained an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald. For that reason,


来自设计师Chih Wei Lai等人的设计,LED文字指挥棒(Swing Baton)是一款好用的交警指挥设 […]




“改名部”应该是微软各大部门中最繁忙的一个,为了替微软旗下各大产品更名,他们可算是绞尽了脑汁。根据微软与诺基亚 […]

Scientists Can Now Cut HIV Out of Human DNA

HIV is a sneaky virus. Its MO involves integrating its own genes into your DNA, so that even as antiretrovirals hold everything in check, HIV lurks quietly inside your cells.

ADI将在Avnet X-fest 2014期间带领设计师驶入快车道

ADI将演示软件定义无线电平台、传感器融合参考设计和 GSPS 数据转换器与 Xilinx® FPGA设计平台的兼容性 北京2014年9月10日电 /美通社/ -- Analog Devices, Inc.

壕无人性 BMW公布史上最贵喷漆售价6万

德国高级汽车制造商 BMW 最近发布了一款名为 Individual Pure Metal Silver(纯正金属银)的个性化车身喷漆,是其品牌史上230多种喷漆中最昂贵的一种。  

Kick off the new year with killer job hunt tips from our #BizChats Twitter chat

You made it to 2015. Congrats!The beginning of every new year is accompanied with high hopes, new expectations and opportunities for a fresh start. But job searching can be a job in itself; recent graduates and seasoned employees alike face stiff competition in the job market,





Microsoft Will Never Give Up On Mobile

When Microsoft announced its wrenching $7.6 billion write-down last week, it was easy to presume that the company was giving up on mobile. At the very least, the financial avalanche sent a strong signal that Windows phone in its current guise has failed in a major way. Read More

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