Starbucks' 'cookie straw' will further sweeten your caffeinated sips

Here's an idea that does not suckStarbucks — the foremost purveyor in creative ways to consume sugar instead of actual coffee — is debuting a "cookie straw," just in time to enjoy alongside the S'mores FrappuccinoSee also:

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Starbucks' 'cookie straw' will further sweeten your caffeinated sips

Here's an idea that does not suckStarbucks — the foremost purveyor in creative ways to consume sugar instead of actual coffee — is debuting a "cookie straw," just in time to enjoy alongside the S'mores FrappuccinoSee also:

Angry Starbucks manager flips out on customer over a cookie straw

We can cross "spelling your name wrong" off the list of worst things that can happen to you at Starbucks.Customer Ruby Chen came into the Elmhurst Starbucks location in Queens, New York and ordered a frappucino and a cookie straw. After placing her order, things started to go awry.See also:

Starbucks now has Mini Frappuccinos because less is more

Your dentist is going to love this.Apparently, America loves the Frappuccino because Starbucks has been spending a lot of effort reimagining ways for caffeine addicts to get a brain freeze.See also:

All the best signs from Women's March events around the world

The Women's March is back for its third year, and despite several layers of controversy surrounding the march's leadership, highly attended events were still held across the world.In Dec. 2018,

Teens in MAGA hats sparked outrage after crashing the Indigenous Peoples March

A group of young Donald Trump supporters has come under fire after ambushing and taunting a group of Native Americans at the Indigenous Peoples March on Friday.On Jan. 18, Washington, D.C. hosted both the Indigenous Peoples March and the anti-abortion March For Life.

Facebook could face 'record-setting' fine from FTC

Facebook could soon set a new record — just not the good kind.The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly considering a "record-setting" fine for the social network, as the result of its investigation into Facebook's privacy practices following the Cambridge Analytica scandal,

Jasmin Paris becomes first woman to win the grueling 268-mile Montane Spine Race

Jasmin Paris, a British ultrarunner, just made history by completely smashing the course record for the Montane Spine Race. And she did it while continuing to express milk for her 14-month-old child.With a time of 83 hours and 12 minutes, Paris not only became the first woman to ever win the race,

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made perfect use of this 20-year-old video game meme

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the super-rich to pay a heavier share of taxes.The newly elected Congresswoman's proposal that any earnings higher than $10 million carry a 70 percent tax rate has been widely popular.

7 ways to meaningfully honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Too often, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is seen as a day off — and little else.Aside from grade school lessons painting a vague picture of King's life and activism, the majority of us, especially white people, remain detached from his impact. King is a historical name we've learned to recognize,

Boo, the precious internet-famous Pomeranian, is dead at age 12

It's a sad, sad day for fans of the "world's cutest dog."On Friday, the owners of Boo the Pomeranian announced on social media that Boo died in his sleep at the age of 12. The precious and beloved pup has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram,

Iowa capitol building evacuated because of some burnt Easy Mac

Politicians in Iowa were reminded of the consequences of microwaving macaroni and cheese on Monday.Shortly after 11 a.m. local time, an emergency smoke alarm in the Iowa State Capitol building sounded, and the source of the smoke was traced back to a microwave oven behind the senate chamber,

This selfie-snapping streaker is a bigger football fan then you

This is what a true fan looks like.A mega-enthusiastic football lover delighted fellow fans when he stripped down to his underwear and sprinted his way across a soccer pitch in London on Saturday. The Southport F.C. fan bolted across the pitch at Welling United F.C.

The first transgender celebrity in America and her remarkable life

Dec. 1, 1952"EX-GI BECOMES BLONDE BEAUTY: Operations Transform Bronx Youth. George Jorgensen Jr. son of a Bronx carpenter served in the Army for two years and was given honorable discharge in 1946. Now George is no more. After six operations,


庭院灯的美观和安全一样重要,这样便可让你夜晚也能欣赏庭园美景,同时无须担心踩到坑。然而当你拥有一个四足智能庭院灯,夜晚随身跟随时,你还需要点亮庭院里所有的灯么? 这是 Alvaro Cassinelli最近的天才创作。



Uber Now Offers Child Car Seats For Passengers With Kids In NYC For A $10 Surcharge

On-demand ride service Uber continues to test out new products and services in New York City. Just a few weeks after making a courier service available there, the company is now launching a product for passengers who need to get their children around town.

[视频]高通偏爱Moto E为其发布视频广告

一家处理器厂商为采用其处理器的手机做广告非常罕见,高通应该是为数不多中的一家,更甚的是,高通并非为高端机型做广告,而是为一款低端手机做宣传,该手机为 Moto E。

Node.js邮件发送组件- Nodemailer 1.0发布

近日,Nodemailer 1.0发布,此版本包括许多新特性,稳定性也得到了提高,第一次不支持向后兼容。该版本对整个代码进行了重构,降低了代码复杂度,使代码更加简单,更加易于维护。 By 李士窑



Color Run跑什么?玩儿什么?

瞎扯一些关于Color Run的东西,最近跟朋友经常都会谈到90后的经济,体育经济这类的话题。同时也会聊到如何吸引眼球这类的东西,此文就全当是茶余饭后的娱乐消遣,大家看着玩儿吧。

[视频]全球LG G3用户抱怨麦克风开裂问题

近日在全球范围内都不断有LG G3用户抱怨麦克风开裂的问题。不过T-Mobile用户表示麦克风位置出现了非常明显贯穿机身前后的裂痕,开裂导致的塑料移位增加了用户插入MicroUSB线缆的难度。




2011 年 10 月 6 日,苹果公司宣布史蒂夫・乔布斯 (Steve Jobs) 去世,享年 65 岁。《连线》杂志在当天发布的悼念文章中这样写到:“他是这个星球上最受人仰慕的企业家,或许也是有史以来最受仰慕的企业家。

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