Baltimore Orioles to play Chicago White Sox in an empty stadium

The Baltimore Orioles will play the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday in a stadium full of empty seats, the team has announced, after a night of lawlessness left more than 100 vehicles burning in the streets and hundreds of rioters in the city's jails.See also:

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Airbnb Acquires Multi-City Trip Planning Service Vamo, Will Shut Down Product

Airbnb is acquiring Vamo, a service that helps in the process of booking trips with stops in multiple cities, and shutting the product down. Airbnb might not use Vamo, but the company’s appetite for a team like Vamo CEO Ari Steinberg’s makes sense.

NASA, IBM Team For Worldwide Space App Hackathon

What happens when NASA gets together with IBM’s Bluemix cloud services and sponsors a worldwide hackathon? They hope to challenge participants to build apps that help solve issues around space exploration and earthly problems too. The ambitious event, called The Space App Challenge,

Microsoft teams up with DataKind Labs to improve traffic safety

Today, Microsoft announced that it is partnering with DataKind, a nonprofit organization dedicated to using data science to further humanitarian goals. In collaboration with Microsft, DataKind Labs is running a program called Vision Zero – Vision Zero was...

Alibaba Teams Up With China’s Largest Telecom To Sell Smartphones To Rural Customers

Alibaba has partnered with China’s biggest telecom operator to sell low-cost smartphones to people in rural areas for prices as low as 299 RMB ($48). The deal with China Telecom, which has 186 million users, is part of a two-pronged strategy for the e-commerce giant,

Ignite, U.K.’s North Eastern Incubator, Plots Route To London And Manchester

The tech-powered pull of the U.K. capital city has convinced regional accelerator Ignite to put down some roots. The Newcastle-based incubator today announcing plans to expand to London and Manchester over the next two years, while also remaining committed to its North East base. Read More

Oklahoma City, Jacksonville And Tampa Invited To Explore Google Fiber

Forget that Google Fiber went down in Kansas City during the World Series last night, the service is speedy as all hell.Today, the Fiber team announced the exploration of 3 new locations: Oklahoma City, Jacksonville and Tampa: We’re inviting Oklahoma City, OK, Jacksonville, FL and Tampa, FL,

TechCrunch Meetup In The City Of Seoul, April 16th

Get your Gangnam face on! We’re bringing our world-famous TechCrunch Pitch-Off event to South Korea, namely, on Seoul on April 16th, 2015. Details on the venue and location will be released in due course. Apply here to pitch. Presented by Campus Seoul, a Google Space,

Fab Lays Off One-Third Of Staff From New York City Office

The day of reckoning has come for Fab’s New York City office, where it is expected to have widespread layoffs due to yet another change in the company’s business model. The layoffs will affect about a third of the company’s global staff, but will be limited to New York staff.

Good Eggs Will Shut Down All Operations Outside San Francisco, Lay Off Nearly 140 Employees

Organic food delivery startup Good Eggs just announced that it will be closing its operations in Los Angeles, New York City and New Orleans — every city where it has a presence, except for San Francisco.As a result, the company is also announcing that it’s laying off nearly 140 employees,

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Take The Safe Road To Austin

Whether they’re actually fully safe or not yet for your own joyriding, Google’s self-driving cars are pretty damn cool. It looks like people other than Googlers and journalists will get to take a look, as the company has shared that Austin, TX is next to get a visit. Why Austin? – BBQ.

Everything coming to HBO Max in June 2020

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Hulu and chill? Amazon and chill? Vudu and chill??","image":"

All the best deals from Bose's summer sale

TL;DR: Save on headphones, speakers, sound systems, and more in the Bose summer sale. We know you probably have more important things going on right now, but the world of consumer technology is continuing to spin, and that means sales.The latest brand to drop the discounts is Bose,

Arizona sues Google for tracking users' location even when they turned tracking off

Google is in trouble over location tracking. According to a report by the Washington Post, the state of Arizona sued Google on Wednesday for allegedly collecting data about users' whereabouts even if they had turned off location tracking. 

Campaigner Ruth Hunt on straight-washing and erasure of LGBTQ history

This article has been published to coincide with an episode of Mashable's new podcast, History Becomes Her. Listen here.Ruth Hunt is one of Britain’s leading LGBTQ campaigners.

Seth Meyers uses 'The Shining' to parody Trump family lockdown

Ever wondered what life might be like for the Trumps under lockdown in the White House in Washington D.C.?Seth Meyers' Late Night team has an idea.But while the animated sketch above might look a bit like The Simpsons,

Here’s how to create your Facebook Avatar in a few simple steps

From Apple's Memoji to Snapchat's Bitmoji, avatars have become a super common way to express our emotions. Rather than sending the standard emoji, a cartoon version of yourself gets the point across way better.And now, a similar form of expression is available on Facebook. Simply known as avatars,

Which TV show deserves another season?

Welcome to Pop Culture Throwdown, a weekly column where Mashable's Entertainment team tackles the big questions in life, like what Star Wars movie is best and which superhero would win in a fight.This week, we asked each other (and all of you, on Twitter): What TV show deserves another season?

Learn how to travel on a budget in our next #TravelTalks

Spring is here and summer is approaching quickly, which means one thing: vaction timeTraveling can be expensive, though, so whether you're planning a quick getaway or a lengthier vacation, you want to get the most bang for your buck(s).See also:

What to expect from Microsoft Build 2015

With the upcoming Windows 10 completely revamping (and backpedaling) the entire Windows experience, this year's Microsoft developers conference should be called Re-Build 2015. Ba-dum-tsh. Seriously, though. This is definitely a rebuilding year for Microsoft,

Indonesian firing squad executes 8 drug convicts, ignoring global outcry

Indonesia executed eight prisoners — including two Australians and five other foreigners — early Wednesday morning, reports said, despite international pleas to spare the lives of the drug convicts.The two Australians, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, both in their early 30s,



Apple TV也将支持 Continuity,深度集成 Mac 和 iOS?

目前的 Apple TV 在2010年秋天发布,苹果还发布了 AirPlay 技术。简单的说,AirPlay 允许用户将 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch 或 Mac 电脑上的电影、音乐或照片无线投射在 Apple TV 的大屏幕上。AirPlay 的工作非常流畅,所有深受很多用户喜欢。

Photos of NATO fighters intercepting fully armed Russian jets

Fully armed NATO and Russian aircraft keep having encounters as the tension between both powers increase. These photos were taken yesterday by RAF Eurofighters over Baltic airspace. They intercepted four SU-27 Flanker fighters and a Tupolev Tu22 Backfire bombers, among others.Read more...

美国多位女星私密照遭泄露 iCloud遭质疑


Office 365 monthly subscriptions come to iPad, new themes option

iPad users will now be able to sign up to a monthly Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home subscription from their tablet. Users can now upgrade their subscription directly from the device.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

『重构--改善既有代码的设计』读书笔记----Extract Class - Ricky.K




Watching this guy jump down into the thick unknown fog made me scream

The whole time I was watching this video of Marshall Miller base jumping into Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, I was screaming inside. You see the entire jump from his perspective, as he looks down and around and can't see anything but fog and yet he still makes the jump. And as he's falling down,



Jeb Bush thinks Supergirl is hot and we're all uncomfortable with that

That awkward moment when you're asked about superheroes and you give the biggest bro response ever.During an interview with the Libre Forum in Las Vegas, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was asked about his favorite superheroes.

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