Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone just got Live Tile support

The Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone gives admins the ability to stay connected to their Office 365 service on the move, allowing them to manage users, read messages, check out the service health status, and lots more. This app is definitely a companion for any Office 365 administrator.

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Microsoft improves Office 365 communications tools and announces new Service Communications API

In a recent post on the official Office Blogs, Microsoft reiterates their promise to maintain a 99.9% uptime with their Office 365 service and also provides some insight into steps they’ve taken to improve the user experience and alert users to any service issues that may occur.

You can now receive Office 365 service communications in Microsoft System Center

Microsoft has rolled out a new feature to Office 365's admin experience, by adding the ability to receive service communications in Microsoft System Center. For those that did not know, Microsoft System Center is an integrated management platform that helps you manage data center, client devices,

Office 365 usage is "skyrocketing", passing Google apps and catching Salesforce, security services r

A number of enterprise resource providers have found that Office 365 has raced ahead of Google Apps in terms of usage. The rapid growth of Office 365 among enterprise users shows hope for Microsoft's cloud first, mobile first vision.

Thales awarded £3.8m contract for home office security service

Work on-going between the pair since 2008 on Public Key Infrastructure Shared Service work looks set to continue - at least until 2015's "shared signing service" comes on-stream.Read more:

Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone just got Live Tile support

The Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone gives admins the ability to stay connected to their Office 365 service on the move, allowing them to manage users, read messages, check out the service health status, and lots more. This app is definitely a companion for any Office 365 administrator.

City and County of San Francisco makes the move to Office 365 for cloud email service

Microsoft announces public preview of Office 365 Import Service to help migrate email archives

In an attempt to make large email migrations easier, Microsoft is launching the Office 365 Import Service, which aims to speed up the process of importing PST files into Exchange Online mailboxes. "We are thrilled to announce the public preview of the new Office 365 Import Service,

Microsoft announces Azure ExpressRoute availability, Office 365 users will receive service in late 2

In many lines of business, having total control over the inflow and outflow of data is essential to maintaining security. As such, having the means to do this quickly and easily is of particular interest to many.Enter Azure ExpressRoute,

Skype for Business services preview in Office 365 expanded

A post from the Skype for Business Team today announces the expansion of the preview program for Skype for Business services in Office 365 launched earlier this year. Specifically, the expansion will see business...

New email filtering service Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection now available for Office 365

Microsoft has just released their new email filtering service, Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for multi-tenant Government and Office 365 commercial customers. Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection protects systems from unknown malware and viruses,

Bamboo Ink Plus announced, a new stylus alternative for Windows 10 users

Wacom today announced the Bamboo Ink Plus, a new stylus for Windows 10 pen-compatible devices. The Bamboo Ink Plus stylus features full support for all Windows Ink functionality and also includes the ability to launch apps with a push of the button.

There are no plans for an Xbox Project Scarlett version of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game

With Cyberpunk 2077 due for release during the same calendar year as the next Xbox console (which is currently going by the temporary codename of Xbox Project Scarlett),

Cities Skylines’ Industries expansion is now live for Xbox One gamers

The Industries expansion for the Cities Skylines video game is now live for all Xbox One owners. This new bit of downloadable content (DLC) costs $14.99 and adds a variety of business and factory content to the main game such as customizable supply chains, new building types, cargo mechanics,

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal gets its own app icon style upgrade

Microsoft’s recently announced Windows Terminal app will soon be getting a new app icon in the style of Microsoft’s fresh design aesthetic that was revealed last year. The icon (shown above) was tweeted out by Kayla Cinnamon, a project manager at Microsoft,

Microsoft releases new series of patches for Windows 10 users

If Microsoft released new “Patch Tuesday” updates for all supported versions of Windows 10 just a week ago, a new series of optional patches are now available for Windows 10 users.

Microsoft releases Windows Server vNext Preview Build 18917 and Windows Admin Center Preview 1906

Microsoft has just announced the release of Windows Server vNext Preview Build 18917, along with Windows Admin Center Preview 1906.

WhatsApp app for Windows Phone may disappear from the Microsoft Store after July 1

WhatsApp is dropping support for Windows phones this year, and the mobile app may disappear from the Microsoft Store as soon as next month.

Retro-inspired Sci-Fi game 'Project Root' now available on Xbox One

A new shooter, Project Root, has launched on Xbox One and should be available in most regions by the time you read this. The game is inspired by classic shoot ‘em ups with a retro-inspired Sci-Fi setting and gameplay style,

Minecraft update introduces female characters, brings Achievement parity to Xbox 360 owners

It’s taken Mojang six years but this week they’re finally adding the ability for gamers to play as a female character in all console versions of Minecraft with the addition of a special “Alex” skin which boasts thinner arms and a ponytail.

Shovel Knight launches on Xbox One with BattleToads, new exciting features coming soon

Feels like ages since Shovel Knight was first announced for the Xbox One but the 8-bit inspired platformer has finally arrived on the console and brings with it, what many assume to be, the first of many Xbox One BattleToads appearances.

This Mirror Takes Your 'Selfies' and Posts Them on Twitter

As was proven in the most popular selfie ever, Ellen DeGeneres' celeb-filled Oscar photo, a very limiting factor when taking a selfie is the length of your handThat problem is moot with S.E.L.F.I.E. or "The Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine,

Save On The Cameras You Want With These Bundles

Amazon is running several camera/accessory combo discounts through April 26th, so if you're looking to replace your current gear, you should definitely take notice. Selection ranges from point and shoots to the amazing Sony A7 line.Read more...

JavaScript NodeList和Array - 嘿煤贵

原文引用脚本之家作者:Jeff Wong,谢谢大神提供资源在Web前端编程中,我们通常会通过document.getElementsByTagName或者document.getElementsByClassName的方法取出一组相同标签的dom元素。如下 var anchors = documen...



水球遊戲之王誕生!一次可做37顆球的Bunch O Balloons

在台灣,頂多在園遊會這類場合才會需要製作大量水球,不過在美國來說,隨便一個夏日午后都是小朋友們瘋狂玩水球的好日子,扔水球雖然清涼又過癮,但是事前準備工作總是相當無趣,而且投資報酬率極低,辛苦綁了幾個小時的水球可能不到十分鐘就清空了,美國一位爸爸 Josh Malone 覺得應該可以有更好的解決方法,他花了幾年的時間研發快速水球套件「Bunch O Balloons」,不僅可同時灌水、還能一個 MOVE 就把所有水球綁緊緊,製作效率無人能出其右,堪稱「史上最強後援補給」,絕對是稱霸整個社區的阿!

国行版Lumia 930或将于8月25日正式开售

威智网 8 月 20 日消息,微软/诺基亚今天在官方微博上发布了一条神秘的消息,声称“8 月 25 日,洗耳恭听”,这似乎意味着当天将有值得关注的事件发生。

手机无线充电技术进入购物中心 宝龙首开先河

上海2014年9月23日电 /美通社/ -- 手机无线充电技术,作为一项在全球极为前沿的突破性新兴科技,已率先登陆上海。近日,由宝龙地产(HK.


通过精细化运营或许能够对产品的后续运营以及发展提供更好的运营依据参照,那么就来看看我们的精细化APP运营要注意 […]

Lua利用cjson读写json - KAME

#前言本文结合本人的实际使用经验和代码示例,介绍如何在Lua中对json进行encode和decode。我这里采用的是Lua CJson库,是一个高性能的JSON解析器和编码器,其性能比纯Lua库要高10~20倍。



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