Build 2015 Day 2 keynote focuses on media content, watch it on-demand here

Build 2015 Day 2 focused on media content. Yesterday, during Microsoft's opening keynote for Build, the company focused on their 'bridging' strategy for developers. There was talk about new app environments, developer friendly approaches, and much more.With that out of the way,

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Windows 10 Settings app starts showing new Web Browsing section to non-Insiders

Microsoft has been experimenting with a new Web browsing section in the Settings header earlier this year, and it seems that non-Insiders are now starting to see it.

Microsoft Lists app is now generally available in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Microsoft Lists, the new Microsoft 365 project management and collaboration tool. The Lists app is now available to commercial, education, and government subscribers, the company announced yesterday.

Microsoft expands presence in Ireland with 200 new jobs and an Engineering Hub

Microsoft has a storied history with the country of Ireland, the company’s most notable entanglement with the area came as a 2014 legal battle over user privacy.

Minecraft Dungeons’ second season pass will unlock the game’s next 4 DLC expansions

Minecraft Dungeons’ upcoming downloadable content (DLC), Howling Peaks, has officially been given the December 9th launch date and will release alongside a completely new season pass. While the original season pass for the dungeon crawler includes all of the DLC released up until now,

Fortnite may be getting some Star Wars or Mandalorian video game content in December

Fortnite’s current Marvel-themed season, Nexus War, is set to end on December 1st at 4 PM ET with the arrival of the monstrous Galactus to the Battle Royale island and a massive event that will likely see several changes to the map as the focus on Marvel ends and the next season,

Microsoft releases new 20H2 build for Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels

Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels can download today a new patch for the Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2). This is the cumulative update build 19042.662 (KB4586853), which brings a long list of fixes related to the touch keyboard, the Xbox Game Bar, USB 3.0 hubs,

Microsoft Planner tasks will soon surface relevant files to add as attachments

Microsoft Planner is about to get a “File recommendations” feature that will let users choose recommended files to add as attachments to their tasks. The update will start rolling out in early January 2021, as noted in the most recent update to the company’s roadmap.

Windows 10 launch on track for this summer, for desktop only at first

In January, Terry Myerson said "it's all Windows" but nonetheless, Windows 10 on the desktop will be launching this summer as previously announced, but launches for Windows Phone, for Xbox, and for HoloLens won't be following the same schedule,

Why Continuum is the best thing to happen to Windows 10

One thing has been clear since Satya Nadella took the reins at Microsoft over a year ago: the old Microsoft is dead. Crippled by internal divisions and stagnation, which were somewhat inevitable given the size of its monopoly over the PC market, Microsoft in 2013 was losing ground,

Microsoft on HoloLens hardware: Comfort, sound, and performance are vital factors

Since the introduction of the HoloLens at Microsoft’s Windows 10 January event, the software giant has been slowly revealing more and more details of the device and how it works to bring holograms to life, blurring the boundaries between the virtual and the real world.Today,

苔藓浴室防滑脚垫设计 新鲜创意乐享生活

Silk Road Goes Global: An Interactive Map of the Online Drug Market

Once known as a modern trade route from Asia to Africa and Europe, the name "Silk Road" has been redefined in modern times for its association with a popular online black market that sells drugs and other contrabandFor two-and-a-half years starting in January 2011,

AppleCare员工获得最新OS X 10.9.3测试版 正式版在即

AppleCare 员工今天获得了最新 OS X Mavericks 10.9.3测试版,新版系统编译号为13D62,比之前的 AppleCare 员工测试版编译号13D59更新了两次.目前苹果向开发者发布的 OS X Mavericks 10.9.3测试版编译号为13D55.

可用手机遥控的SSD移动硬盘亮相 价格不够亲民



中古彼时的人们,喜好幻想美好未来。现时今日的人们,又开始钟意复古趣味。 设计师Alessandro Zambe […]

John Constantine's LinkedIn Profile Touts His Demonology Expertise Ahead of Premiere

Looking to hire a demonologist with a rock background? Look no further than John Constantine.The self-proclaimed "master of the dark arts" has taken a page from the post-college guide to employment and set up a LinkedIn page, in which he touts his, ahem, points of expertise. This, of course,

django “如何”系列4:如何编写自定义模板标签和过滤器 - 2BiTT

django的模板系统自带了一系列的内建标签和过滤器,一般情况下可以满足你的要求,如果觉得需更精准的模板标签或者过滤器,你可以自己编写模板标签和过滤器,然后使用{% load %}标签使用他们。



Tyler Bosmeny:YC 创业第19课之,销售如漏斗

YC 与斯坦福联手开设的创业课程「怎样创立一家创业公司」第 19 课。

Spiders Dosed With Graphene Can Spin Stronger Silk

Spider silk is one of the world’s strongest natural materials . Graphene is a super material with many amazing uses . So, oddly, scientists decided to combine the two by spraying spiders with the carbon-based wonder material—and the results were surprisingly impressive.Read more...

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