OneDrive's 2015 roadmap highlights offline support, iOS, Android, and a Windows 10 universal app

This week at Ignite 2015, Microsoft showed off a roadmap of OneDrive’s plan for the remainder of 2015 and it includes offline support for iOS, Android, and a universal Windows 10 app. The roadmap can be found below but we’ve highlighted a few noteworthy items.

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OneDrive's 2015 roadmap highlights offline support, iOS, Android, and a Windows 10 universal app

This week at Ignite 2015, Microsoft showed off a roadmap of OneDrive’s plan for the remainder of 2015 and it includes offline support for iOS, Android, and a universal Windows 10 app. The roadmap can be found below but we’ve highlighted a few noteworthy items.

Microsoft giving unlimited storage to some OneDrive for Business subscribers

Microsoft giveth and Microsoft taketh away. Hot on the heels of much controversy, apologies, and retractions around the storage that Microsoft provides to consumer OneDrive users, Microsoft is making some changes for the business...

Battle of the cloud storage: OneDrive vs. iCloud vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Utilizing the cloud is a powerful idea that the vast majority of consumers are still completely unfamiliar with, even in an age where it becomes more relevant every day. In a recent survey by Business Insider,

Microsoft VP talks about OneDrive ‘placeholders’ vs ‘selective sync’ in Windows 10

Just when users had begrudgingly accepted Microsoft’s terms with OneDrive’s less-than-ideal integration with Windows 10, it looks like the company may be gearing up to throw users another curveball. Re-appointed head of Microsoft’s coalesced...

Windows 10 how-to: Access your OneDrive music collection with Groove Music

Something that a lot of people probably don’t know about Microsoft’s Groove Music (previously Xbox Music) is that it can play music from OneDrive. Storing music on OneDrive lets you keep your music in the cloud...The post Windows 10 how-to:

159,818 total apps in the Windows Store and the top Windows 8.1 apps as of May 11th

It's Sunday, May 11th, and its time to take a look at the Windows Store, which is home to both Windows 8.1 and Windows RT apps. Let's take a look at the total app count, which apps are at the top of the charts, and highlight some new apps for our readers. Lets begin!

OneDrive for Business clients now available for Apple Mac and iOS

Apple users who love Microsoft services are in for a treat today, mainly business customers as OneDrive for Business is now available for both Mac and iOS devices.Over the past few months,

OneDrive for Business gets sync management capabilities to limit sync to domains

Microsoft announced a new sync management capability for OneDrive for Business that allows a company’s Office 365 administrators to limit file syncing to specific domains.By allowing this control over which domains files can sync to,

Microsoft Azure hit with major service outage affecting OneDrive, Microsoft Blogs, Microsoft Band, a

Take charge of your learning experience with the Binder app for Windows 8.1

A new app has made its debut in the Windows Store and it helps you view, organize, annotate, and share your digital documents with ease. The app is free and is a perfect companion for a student who owns a Windows 8.1 device.

Microsoft’s got a new Edge- and it’s made of Chromium (Hands-on video)

An early build of Microsoft’s upcoming Chromium-based Edge browser has recently leaked online. This browser, which despite carrying the same name as it’s predecessor, will be built from a completely different foundation, and therefore,

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser leaks online, here’s where you can install it

As has been widely reported, Microsoft has been busy working on rebuilding its Microsoft Edge web browser under Chromium, the backend that powers the likes of Google Chrome, and soon, Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 news recap: Surface app now lets you know when warranty ends, Firefox adds Windows Hello

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Windows 10 Surface app now tells users when their warranty ends To make it easier for Surface device owners to know when their warranty expires,

Microsoft news recap: 2 new data centres planned for Sweden, advertisers can target LinkedIn audienc

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft plans two new data centres in Sweden Microsoft is reportedly planning to build 2 new data centres in Sweden,

First look of Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge browser suggests it’s getting ready for prime time soo

As Microsoft rebuilds its Edge browser on Chromium, The Verge has secured a first look at an early version that Microsoft is testing internally. Unlike the early builds, where Edge looked annoyingly similar to Chrome, this version makes it look and feel like an app on Windows.

Redesigned Outlook icon starts rolling out on Android devices

Microsoft's Outlook app on Android is now getting the same redesigned icon that first appeared on iOS devices earlier this week.

Windows 10 build 18362 ships to Slow Ring Insiders, Creative X-Fi bug looks to be fixed as 19H1 near

The preview build 18362 is now available on the Slow Ring, just two days after it first shipped to Fast Ring Insiders.

Forza Horizon 2 Alpinestars Car Pack now available on Xbox One

According to Xbox Wire, the Alpinestar Car Pack is the newest Car Pack now available for Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox One. The Alpinestar Car Pack features 5 featured vehicles, plus a free car for the month of May, 

Dropbox will soon allow iOS users to create Office documents from within the app

Last November, Dropbox and Microsoft partnered to offer users with an easy way to save their Office documents on the cloud storage service, with Dropbox integrated within Microsoft Office apps. The integration between the two services was said to make its way to mobile apps as well,

The Xbox One may become a DVR by the end of the year

With the death of Windows Media Center comes the death of another way to record television. But not all hope is lost. According to Paul Thurrott, the Xbox One is set to gain the ability to DVR television.“Microsoft’s solution for this need will apparently be the Xbox One,







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