Pointed 'Key & Peele' sketch slams police brutality

This might be Key and Peele's most political sketch yetIn "Negrotown," main characters Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key imagine a utopia for black people where "you can walk the street without getting stopped, harassed or beat.

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Pointed 'Key & Peele' sketch slams police brutality

This might be Key and Peele's most political sketch yetIn "Negrotown," main characters Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key imagine a utopia for black people where "you can walk the street without getting stopped, harassed or beat.

The 10 best gifts for new and old 'Doctor Who' fans

Doctor Who fans are especially hard to shop for.Like many franchises, Doctor Who has a plethora of official and unofficial material that directly relates to the show — Blu-rays, comics, books, audio adventures, and more — but in the case of Doctor Who, there's just so much of it.

Facial recognition tech spreads to car rentals

Why take out your wallet and photo ID if a camera and software program can scan your face, verify your identity, and send you on your way in 30 seconds?That's what Hertz rental cars is asking with its new partnership with Clear,

102-year-old woman may just be the oldest skydiver ever

This badass lady didn't let her age stand in the way of a thrill. Irene O'Shea became what seems to be the oldest person to skydive at 102 years old and 194 days. The previous oldest skydiver, according to news reports, was Kenneth Meyer, who landed a jump in 2017 at 102 years and 172 days. 

Facebook is still trying to find new places to put ads

It might seem like there's already tons of ads on Facebook, but the company is still searching for new places to put more of them. The latest method that's materializing is in search results, where Facebook is now experimenting with ads, the company confirmed. SEE ALSO:

Cosmonauts brought a knife to a spacewalk

Let's be honest, spacewalks, as a whole, can be pretty boring to watch. Yes, it's one of the most dangerous things an astronaut or cosmonaut can do in space: floating out into the void with just a relatively thin spacesuit to protect them.But at the end of the day,

Puma is reissuing a 1986 fitness-tracking 'smart shoe'

The nostalgia carousel keeps going round and round, and brands have happily hopped on for the ride.Puma announced Monday that it would reissue a little-known shoe with a technical twist from 1986: the RS-Computer Shoe. The shoe, then and now,

At the Google hearing, Congress proves they still have no idea how the internet works

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s long-awaited Congressional hearing took place on Tuesday.Pichai testified before Congress on Google+ data breaches, the controversial Chinese-censorship friendly search product, and perceived anti-conservative bias. But,

Join Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon for an 'Odd Couple' Google Hangout

You may want to skip the late-night cello playing Wednesday evening because you'll want to be well-rested for Thursday night, when Mashable is joined by The Odd Couple stars Thomas Lennon and Matthew Perry for a Twitter chat and Google HangoutThe fun kicks off at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.

4 times it's perfectly OK to demand, 'Would you ask a man that?'

Hold up. Are you going to quiz a woman about her work, life or ambitions? Before you start popping those questions, here is something to consider: Would you ask a man the same questions? See also: Are you guilty of these 12 microaggressions?The catchphrase is a simple reminder that women,

Tesla brags about setting a new record for cars sold

Tesla FTW.The electric car company manufactured 11,160 vehicles for the quarter, about 1,000 a week, and sold 10,045 Model S cars to customers, setting another new record for the young company.



【iOS】在页面中展示gif动图 - EverNight

1 - (void)viewDidLoad 2 { 3 [super viewDidLoad]; 4 // Do any additional setup after loading the view. 5 6 //1:使用第三方库 7 NSData *d...

Apple opens up Beats section of online store

Following its acquisition of Beats, Cupertino has opened up a dedicated section of its online store featuring Beats headphones, speakers and accessories.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/08/apple-opens-up-beats-section-of-online-store/

爱康国宾财报:2014财年Q1爱康国宾营收6020万美元 同比增长43.3%



经常有朋友问如何才能做出好的设计作品?其实这并不是一个那么容易回答的问题,一个优秀的设计师除了具备良好的绘画功 […]

The best kisses of 2014

2014 was filled with enough powerful, poignant and sweet embraces to kiss this year goodbye. Here are the best in photos. Read more...More about Pics, Lists, Photography, Love, and Watercooler

在 Apple Watch 争夺注意力,BuzzFeed 玩的还是老把戏

Apple Watch 正式发布前,《赫芬顿邮报》受众研究中心负责人 Jack Riley 完成了他作为尼曼学者的研究报告:《注意力的新战场:手腕》。

The Narrative Clip 2 Camera Is Up For Pre-Order At $199

Narrative, the startup whose cameras are built to surreptitiously capture moments throughout a person’s day, has put its second-generation camera up for pre-order on its website. Read More




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