Here are the legacy technologies that were removed in Microsoft Edge

For the past few months, Microsoft has been touting the lightweight design of its new browser, Edge. The browser project formerly known as Project Spartan has undergone some significant changes in order to keep up with modern browsing trends.

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Professor Kevin Fu Answers Your Questions About Medical Device Security

Almost a year ago you had a chance to ask professor Kevin Fu about medical device security. A number of events (including the collapse of his house) conspired to delay the answering of those questions. Professor Fu has finally found respite from calamity,

Mortal Kombat 11 is now live on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game consoles

Mortal Kombat 11 is now available to play on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. The game is the latest in the long-running fight game franchise and the second to launch on the Xbox One generation of consoles.

The future of Microsoft Sets remains unclear after a day of back and forth

Last Friday, a Microsoft Senior Program Manager working on Windows Console tweeted out what appeared to be confirmation that Microsoft Sets, a way to bring tabs to Windows features like File Explorer, Office apps, and Windows Console using elements of the Edge browser, was “no more.

Save up to $400 on select Surface Book 2 models for a limited time

For a limited time, the US Microsoft Store is offering up to $400 discounts on select Surface Book 2 models, and the sale includes the freshly-released 13-inch Surface Book 2 with a quad-core 8th gen Core i5 processor.

Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android gain secure sign-on features

Microsoft’s Edge development team is running on all cylinders as of late as it brings forth the latest Chromium-based web browser while also maintaining a healthy update cycle for its iOS and Android counterparts. As part of that healthy release window for Edge on iOS and Android,

Software Assurance subscribers can now offer Office 365 to employees as part of Home Use program

Microsoft’s latest move to expand the reach of its Home Use Program to now include support for Office 365 Home and Personal may be its Trojan Horse to increase its subscription numbers over the long term. Each quarter Microsoft rolls out its impressive Azure revenue numbers and its,

New account manager in Office on Windows will make it easy to switch between personal and work accou

Microsoft’s Office apps on Windows are getting a new Account Manager feature that will soon allow users to seamlessly switch between accounts.

Microsoft is still working on a tabbed experience for Windows, even though Microsoft Sets is “no mor

Microsoft first introduced a way to bring tabs to File Explorer and other parts of the Windows with Sets, a Windows Insider feature that first appeared in RS5 build 17618. It then disappeared in build 17704,

Windows Phone apps 'JobLens' and 'Internship Lens' shut down

The two Windows Phone apps, JobLens and Internship Lens, are being removed from the Windows Phone app store on the first of June. Both apps used augmented reality to display job openings and internships either within a map app or using their smartphone’s camera.

Windows 10 offers ten more reasons to spark enterprise adoption

For the past few months, market share numbers have reflected an apathy on the enterprise-level towards Windows 8, a belated move away from Windows XP, and a resigned adoption of Windows 7 in the corporate world. As Windows 10 looms on the horizon,

Microsoft took a strategic approach to designing the Microsoft Edge icon

WinBeta readers have spoken. AYE for the Microsoft Edge name, and NAY for the Microsoft Edge logo. With the combination that the software giant has chosen, it seems the company is trying to introduce something brand new into the market using a brand that doesn’t seem to be… brand new.

C#简易一元二次求解器 - superdisk

using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.ComponentModel;using System.Data;using System.Drawing;using System.Linq;using System.Text;u...



责备儿子沉迷网络父子起争执 冲动儿子竟自残


Microsoft Boosts OneDrive Storage For Corporate Clients From 25GB To 1TB Per User

In the cloud storage wars, capacity is a weapon, and one that is rapidly losing its dollar value. Put simply: Companies that offer cloud storage are scrambling to add value on top of stored gigabytes, as the marginal dollar price that can be charged for that storage is rapidly dropping to zero.

This Is SpaceX’s First Ever Manned Spacecraft, The Dragon V2

Not too long ago, the idea of a commercially-built craft that could carry people back and forth into to space was but a sci-fi pipedream.Tonight, SpaceX revealed a spacecraft built to do just that. Read More

云计算之路-阿里云上:“黑色1秒”最新线索——w3tp与w3dt - 博客园团队


This Could Be Our First Look at Mozilla's Chromecast Competitor

Ever since Chromecast and Roku hit the market, rumor has said that Mozilla was working on a more open, tinkerer-friendly type of streaming dongle. This week, Mozilla developer Christian Heilmann tweeted a photo that sure looks like a nearly-finalized product,

千呼萬喚?Viber 終於推出視像通話功能

Viber 這個服務一直只在語音通話和即時通訊上面發展,雖然也累積了一定的用家數目,不過始終未能有太大的突破。最近他們終於加入視像通話服務,加入競爭更激烈的市場。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 千呼萬喚?

Ingenious Design Lowers the Water Under a Bridge to Let Tall Ships Pass

Most bridges are compromises: Cars want to speed low and straight across the water, but but boats want to pass under them. So we wind up with either tall bridges (expensive) or moveable bridges (clunky and awkward).

微软的iMessage服务:Skype直接整合入Windows 10

微软直接将即时通讯软件Skype整合到Windows 10系统中,这最终的结果看起来就像是苹果的iMessage服务。

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