6 things Android Wear smartwatches can do that the Apple Watch can't

The "fight of the century" between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. might have been a decidedly snoozy one, but there's another battle coming up worthy of your attention: Apple Watch versus Android Wear.With the Apple Watch finally on consumer wrists,

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不要 Apple Watch 独美,Google 给 Android Wear 带来新特性

此 AW 非彼 AW。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 · Beats of Bits |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博 ·微信订阅

不喜欢 Apple Watch?要不换 Android Wear 来配你的 iPhone 吧

从此简称 Android Wear 和 Apple Watch 为 AW 的人终于走到了同一个世界。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。

對抗 Apple Watch 來襲 Google 將為 Android Wear 加入 iOS 支援

和 Pebble 等智能手錶不同,Android Wear 暫時只對應 Android 手機,不過隨著 Apple Watch 即將上市,Google 亦開始準備迎擊。如果傳聞屬實,Android Wear 手錶將會在不久後加入支援 iOS 的行列。

Get the Best Apple Watch Features on Android Wear

The long wait for the Apple Watch is almost over, but wait one second—you don’t necessarily have to rush out and spend $349 (or more ) to get some of its most useful features on your wrist.

Android Wear Presents Timely Competition For Apple Watch

With 38 different watches available, Apple has called its Watch the most personalized device it has ever created. But there’s still a chance for a competitor, like Google Android Wear,

Apple Watch 还是 Android Wear?10 条选购指南

Apple Watch 还是 Android Wear?是不是还在为选购哪一款智能手表而感到烦恼?别担心,10条良心选购指南来帮助你做出更好的选择。

Wi-Fi And Gestures Could Soon Help Android Wear Match Some Apple Watch Advantages

Android Wear is reportedly getting some updates that will help it to mirror or offer alternatives to some of the big wearable advantages Apple has made available on the new Apple Watch, including input and connectivity tweaks.

Android Wear能否在Apple Watch前占得先机?

早在7月初,随着首批两款由Android智能手表,LG G Watch和三星Gear Live的发布,Android Wear也就此宣告问世。在过去的数月,我们已经看到了Android Wear的一些重大变化,包括数款新智能手表诞生,一次重大软件更新。

Newer Android Wear Watches Now Work On iOS

More than a year after the launch of the first Android Wear watches, Google is now finally bringing iOS support to its smartwatch platform with the launch of its Android Wear mobile app in Apple’s App Store today. This probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise,

智能手表这一役:Android Wear 抢跑,但没跑远

研究机构 Canalys 昨天公布了 2014 年 Android Wear 设备的出货量:超过 72 万台。在 Twitter 上有人评论道:“超过?难道不应该是仅仅?

This new species of brittle star lived 435 million years ago

Scientists say the fossilized remains of a brittle star that lived 435 million years ago belong to a new species. The fossil was named Crepidosoma doyleii, after the paleontologist who discovered it. Eamon Doyle was a Ph.D.

Woman has perfect response when asked about incoming snow storm

Some people get a little nutty when there's a winter storm looming. Not Shirley Nash. During a report on an upcoming snowstorm a reporter for WCCB out of Charlotte, North Carolina interviewed the local resident about her plans for the snowy weekend.

Tom Petty’s death caused by ‘accidental overdose,' family confirms

Tom Petty's family confirmed the musician's death was caused by an accidental drug overdose in a statement on Friday.News broke on Oct. 2 last year that the iconic guitarist had suffered from cardiac arrest in the early morning hours in his home in Malibu.

Nasty women (and men) to crowdsource 'marching orders' ahead of midterm elections

This weekend marks a year since millions of nasty women (and men) marched in protest following the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. March On, a new organization branching out from the Women's March movement, wants to take a "bottom up" approach to the resistance.SEE ALSO:

Tide Pod craze shows there's such a thing as bad publicity

It's the year 2018 and every advancement in our society has been stifled by the consumption of Tide Pods. The desire to eat a laundry pod—specifically Tide's detergent product, packaged in plastic dissolvable packets—has taken over the internet for better or for worse.

'Get Out' director Jordan Peele says he's done with the acting game

Well Get Out fans, we've got some bad news — and some good news.First, let's start with the bad news: In a preview for his CBS Sunday Morning interview with Tracy Smith, the comedian and Get Out director announced he was done with acting."That’s the idea...Daniel Day-Lewis and I are both out,

Someone just created a custom site to make browsing Netflix easier

Here's some great news just in time for the weekend: someone's created a site that makes browsing through Netflix so much easier.Reddit user CrazedEli, aka Ville Salminen, announced his creation Flixable on the r/television subreddit Friday.

I tried to get Kylie Jenner lips and all I got was this mouth hickey

Of all the reasons to work from home, I never expected "I don't want to explain this bruise on my upper lip" to be one of them.Around the time news broke that Kylie Jenner, 17, enhances her lips with a doctor's help, I was volunteering to get my lips vacuumed.

Enlighten yourself with these true facts from Jimmy Fallon and Jane Fonda

Experts say the best way to keep your brain sharp over time is to keep learning. Jimmy Fallon and Jane Fonda want to help you with that.On Thursday's Tonight Show, Fallon and Fonda listed off several "true facts" — nonsensical declarations that are completely false and, occasionally,

Man plans to skydive from 25,000 feet... without a parachute

Felix Baumgartner made history in October 2012 when he parachuted to Earth from an altitude of 22 miles. Skydiver Luke Aikins, who helped make that jump possible, is planning to perform a feat that's perhaps even more dangerous: jumping from a height of 25,

8 Classic Film Moments to Remember Harold Ramis

Famed actor, film writer and director Harold Ramis died Monday at the age of 69. Ramis passed away in his Chicago home due to complications from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, his agency confirmed to Mashable.Ramis is best remembered for penning the '80s hit Ghostbusters,

Apple App Store Tops 75 Billion Downloads

Apple users have now downloaded more than 75 billion apps to date, the company announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference on MondayThat's up from 50 billion app downloads almost exactly a year ago. To put that another way,

Apple 大力支持的同性恋骄傲游行 (Pride Parade) 是个怎样的活动?

多图预警。做个 Twitter 的搬运工,请叫我雷(ban)锋(zhuan)吧(de) :)Inclusion inspires innovation.Tim Cook 用标志性的 Apple 式英文,率领 5000 苹果员工及家属,参加了 Pride Parade。于是,苹果 CEO 毅然成为了合影帝。

Why FireChat's Latest Update Is a Big Deal

FireChat, the clever app that lets people talk to each other without using cell reception, just got an update that gives its users fixed handles. That might not mean a damn thing to you, which is understandable. FireChat doesn't have the name recognition of Snapchat.

Phi node 是如何实现它的功能的?

由于目标指令集多半不支持“Phi”的概念,编译器里通常会有一个pass是“resolution”,把Phi node给resolve为move,经过了resolution之后再生成具体的目标代码。经过Phi resolution的IR就退出了SSA形式。

港人 iPhone / iPad 用家喜訊 ! iAcces 輸入法 9 月登陸 App Store

iAcces 這個名字,相信有一般歷史的 iPhone 用家都應該聽過。它的速成、廣東話輸入法曾經成了筆者把 iPhone Jailbreak 的一大原因,再加上官方輸入法多年來未有改善,iAccess 這個輸入法其實才是港人所需要的東西。


现在,JavaScript框架已成为Web项目开发不可或缺的一部分。但谷歌工程师Joe Gregorio认为不需要更多JS框架了。后JS框架时代的基本思路是,开发人员应该使用HTML+CSS+JS的功能构建Widgets。

A Therapeutic Robot Teddy Bear Will Play With Kids in the Hospital

Here’s Huggable—Teddy Ruxpin for the new millennium. It’s a talking blue teddy bot designed to interact with and comfort hospitalized children. Read more...

Little baby weasel rescued by mom after falling behind siblings

Sometimes following — er, scampering — in mom's footsteps can be a little tricky.One baby weasel (identified as a ferret in the video title) found itself in a dilemma, when it lost its mother and presumably siblings after they disappeared over a rock wall. Fortunately,

Box Earnings Preview: Levie’s Machine Goes Up Against The Street For Round Two

Tomorrow is the best day of the quarter. Why? Because Box will report its financial performance and everyone has a hot take on Aaron Levie’s enterprise collaboration firm. I may be guilty of that as well. Since its IPO, Box has reported earnings a single time. It didn’t go particularly well,

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